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March 14, 2014

Amanda & Eric Save date session

Just a quick session with Amanda & Eric for their save date card.  I was laughing hard with those super cute two and Eric should entertaining!!


Amanda_B01 Amanda_B02 Amanda_B03 Amanda_B04 Amanda_B05 Amanda_B06 Amanda_B07 Amanda_B08

March 11, 2014

Harper and Casey Engaged!

As soon as the crazy snow and rain stopped, I got to spend time with Harper and Casey, and they are just so delightful and crazy good-looking! So excited to be part of their big day! Here is the love story of those beautiful two!

Casey and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in 2005, shortly after graduating high school. We started dating very soon after and were together for 3 years. We then moved other directions. Casey was going to school in Missoula, MT and I was heading to graduate school across the state.

Two years later, in 2010, we both found ourselves back in Spokane and back in each other’s lives. We decided that we didn’t want to be without each other, so we happily resumed our relationship. Later that year, Casey deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months, serving in the military. Through skype, email and good ol’fashioned letter writing we kept our relationship strong. 

In the fall of 2012, I moved in with Casey where our family grew with the addition of a couple cats, a dog, and a small flock of chickens!  In 2013 Casey proposed in Manito Park, where his parents got married over 30 years ago. I happily accepted and we can’t wait to start our journey as a married couple!


Harper_B12 Harper_B11 Harper_B10 Harper_B09 Harper_B08 Harper_B07 Harper_B06 Harper_B05 Harper_B04 Harper_B03 Harper_B02 Harper_B01

March 7, 2014

Charlotte & Erik Engaged!

Charlotte and I were tricked into dating by a mutual friend in the Fall of 2009. The friend told me that Charlotte had a crush on me, and told Charlotte that I had a crush on her. Knowing only that the other had exceptional taste, we each decided that one date couldn’t hurt. So we spent a little time together. Then we spent more time together. Then some more.

 I was managing a political campaign when I met Charlotte, and my job ended with the election soon after. Faced with moving back to my hometown to look for work, Charlotte took a big chance on me by inviting this unemployed guy six years her junior to move in with her.

 I repaid that faith by immediately enrolling in law school and becoming largely unavailable for the next three years. If you’re unfamiliar with the effect of law school on a relationship, a friend of mine analogized it to riding a tandem bike: your relationship is going to get where it was going anyway, just faster. Luckily for me, it only made our relationship stronger, as I grew to realize that I could depend on Charlotte when I needed her most.

With law school and the bar exam now behind us, it has been wonderful rediscovering our relationship. Just like when we first started dating, we have the opportunity to spend actual quality time together. And to our delight, we never get sick of each other; all we want to do is spend more time together. I look forward to doing just that for the rest of our lives.

charlo_B01 charlo_B02 charlo_B03 charlo_B04 charlo_B05 charlo_B06 charlo_B07 charlo_B08 charlo_B09 charlo_B10 charlo_B11 charlo_B12 charlo_B13

January 9, 2014

Spokane winter engagement-Katie & Jeremiah

I can’t say I love the ice cold temperature, but I am in love with these two!

Katie_B01 Katie_B02 Katie_B03 Katie_B04 Katie_B05 Katie_B06 Katie_B07 Katie_B08 Katie_B09 Katie_B10 Katie_B11 Katie_B12 Katie_B13 Katie_B14 Katie_B15


October 30, 2013

Alyssa & Jorden Engaged!

Jordan and I met about eight years ago in Mr. Clark’s math class at Mead High School. One of us had a huge crush on the other, but the feeling wasn’t exactly reciprocated.  I cannot say which was which, as that person feels really bad about it – now that we are about to get married! Fast forward a couple years, and we were put in the same math class again. This time, we BOTH hit it off, and started dating a couple months into the school year! We have been together for six years now.

Jordan and I went to different, but local universities (to stay close) and worked hard to juggle school, jobs, track, internships and each other. Whether it was heading out to Cheney for lunch between classes or driving to Gonzaga for coffee before an 8 a.m. class – we made it work.

Jordan had always said we wouldn’t get engaged until we were both finished with college, so in June of 2013 the excuses were running slim. Just a few short weeks following graduation, the time had FINALLY come. He popped the question outside Cedars Floating Restaurant in Coeur d’Alene, where we had dinner five years prior for my Senior Prom.

We could not be more excited for our big day in May of 2014!


Alyssa_B01 Alyssa_B02 Alyssa_B03 Alyssa_B04 Alyssa_B05 Alyssa_B06 Alyssa_B07 Alyssa_B08 Alyssa_B09 Alyssa_B10 Alyssa_B11 Alyssa_B12 Alyssa_B13

October 24, 2013

Stacie & Andy Engaged! Long Beach CA

Story of a love-struck groom:

From across the country, Stacie traveled to New York pursuing an education in Speech-Language Pathology. However, little did she know, she would not only gain an education from the books she studied, but from the life she would live in Syracuse. All it took was her making some mutual friends for our paths to cross and in no time at all, she would walk right through my front door.

I knew meeting Stacie would add a new friend in my life, although, I could have never imagined that I was getting to know my future wife.  As she walked through my front door, her beauty instantly struck me. Although, she remained quiet, I could tell she was enjoying herself as we drank wine and laughed with our friends. After our initial meeting, I longed for another chance to get to know her.

Sure enough, I had the chance to get to know her better shortly after, on a trip to the mountains. Although separated at first on the big mountain, fate would bring us together by chance as she stumbled head over heels to me not just in her feelings (little did I know) but literally as she fell off the chair lift. Like a knight in shining armor, I swooped in to save the day as I joined her side by side on the next few runs. By the end of it all, I found out later that all I needed to get her attention was a quick snack at the waffle hut. I knew it was love when she said, “I knew I liked you.” after swallowing whole her entire waffle in what seemed like one bite.

As the months wore on, I knew that her and I would become inseparable once we made our feelings known to each other. At first both of us had trouble expressing how we felt, but after taking a chance, we found those words came effortlessly. And before I knew it, I told her I was ready to travel any distance to make sure she would always be by my side.  As fate would further have it, we traveled to California to embark on new adventures. I have loved every moment since and can’t wait to see what’s ahead for us with her by my side as my wife.


Stacie_B03 Stacie_B04 Stacie_E039 Stacie_E059
Stacie_B06 Stacie_B07 Stacie_B08 Stacie_B09 Stacie_B10 Stacie_B11 Stacie_B12 Stacie_B13 Stacie_B14 Stacie_B15 Stacie_B16 Stacie_B17 Stacie_B18 Stacie_B19 Stacie_B20

Kelly & Wylie Egaged!!

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Story from my beautiful bride Kelly:


A date on New Year’s Eve? I was surprised when Wylie called and asked me to go out a second time. You see at the age of twenty nine, I had my guard up and my expectations low regarding the subject of men and love. The truth of the matter was I had never truly been head over heels in love and assumed that it wasn’t in the cards for me. Our first date had been a blind date and it had gone as well as a blind date can go, the awkward pauses didn’t last too long. Wylie was shy, very shy and I’m not much of an extrovert myself, so the fact that he called me again caught me off guard. But my cousin had wisely advised me to go out with him again if he asked and see if I could get past his bashful exterior.

As we wandered through the downtown crowds on New Year’s Eve, I over compensated for his quiet nature by talking too much. I couldn’t tell if he was having fun or not but on more than one occasion I found him glancing at my hands as we watched the different performances that evening. As we waited for the fireworks in the freezing night air, I thought I would give him a break waiting for the stroke of midnight. I told him I was freezing and instead of him moving a little closer, he proudly announced that he had hand warmer packets. Neat.

Regardless I had fun, as I did in the next two dates that followed but Wylie remained shy and reserved. I was confused as to why he kept calling. After the fourth date, I texted him inquiring, if he was having fun spending time with me, he texted back, “Yes”. And then followed with “I like you so much, I don’t know how to tell you”. With that and an invitation to dinner at his house, everything began to change. Over a long winter walk, homemade lasagna, and pie, I started to see Wylie clearly. The shyness melted away and I found a warm, loyal, kind, thoughtful, patient, and funny man. In the weeks that followed I remained a little skeptical but with every question, and every date, he gained my respect and trust.

On Valentine’s Day, we made it exclusive. Every day since then I realize how blessed I am to have him in my life. I can’t wait to marry him in May of 2014.

Kelly_B01 Kelly_B02 Kelly_B03 Kelly_B04 Kelly_B05 Kelly_B06 Kelly_B07 Kelly_B08 Kelly_B09 Kelly_B10 Kelly_B11 Kelly_B12 Kelly_B13

October 12, 2013

Charli & Spencer Engaged!

The love story from Charli’s baby sister!

It’s difficult to tell a story about how two people fell in love, more difficult yet when you’re as close to those two as I am. The journey of wedding planning may have just started the moment Spencer put the ring on my sister, Charli’s, finger, but the relationship is one that I’ve been lucky enough to grow up watching.

Charli and Spencer weren’t just high school sweethearts. It began even before that, when Spencer sat kitty-corner to Charli in the sixth grade and started thinking of her as ‘that cute girl.’

Both bride and groom have a stubborn streak in them (okay, when it comes to the bride it may be a bit more than a streak) so of course it couldn’t be as simple as, “I like you, you like me.” Instead, we all endured years of the two of them dancing around one another, until high school when they finally decided to give a relationship a chance. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I’m pretty confident neither have regretted that decision.

Taking a groom as easy going as Spencer and adding a bride who’s always finding new projects and constantly ready to go and do makes for an incredibly adventurous relationship. From traveling together to help build water lines in Puebla, Mexico to cruising around the Caribbean, it’s hard to imagine two people better suited for each other’s personalities.

While most of us were still bumbling along trying to figure things out, Charli and Spencer were already buying their first house and settling into adulthood. Then came the question all of us were dying to know… When is he going to propose?

If I had it my way the two of them would already be married with a few babies, but luckily they’re both a bit more sensible than that and gave themselves a chance to grow together and start their lives together.

Needless to say, last winter when Spencer told me he’d been looking at rings I was on cloud nine. Then even more so when I watched him make my sister’s dream ring a reality. And true to Spencer’s nature, he wasn’t rushing himself into the proposal. Our conversations for the next few months revolved around me begging Spencer to propose already and Spencer giving me his signature, ‘don’t worry about it’ shrug.

Finally, on a morning in April I got the call. Well, multiple calls. My mom, my Grams, and of course the just proposed to bride. We spent the morning on numerous three way conversations while I grilled Charli for every detail about the Seattle proposal when Spencer pulled Charli on a stage during the Can-Can and made me the happiest sister in the world. And now, in July of 2014, I’ll get to stand next to Charli and play Maid of Honor to a wedding that I know I’ll never forget.


0T3A0006 0T3A0046Charli_B01 Charli_B02 Charli_B03 Charli_B04 Charli_B05 Charli_B06 Charli_B07 Charli_B08 Charli_B10 Charli_B11 Charli_B12 Charli_B13

October 7, 2013

Annie & Aaron Engaged!

Are not they so alive and adorable?! When Annie show up with almost no make up and massy hair, I know I have found the bride I’ve dreaming for. They are…something funky, something cool, something that is so different!! Here is where they are in a place called home! Green Bluff!
Annie_b01 Annie_b02 Annie_b03 Annie_b04 Annie_b05 Annie_b06 Annie_b07 Annie_b08 Annie_b09 Annie_b10 Annie_b11 Annie_b12 Annie_b13 Annie_b14 Annie_b15 Annie_b16 Annie_b17 Annie_b18 Annie_b19 Annie_b20 Annie_b21 Annie_b22
Aaron and I are your semi-typical high school musical sweethearts, without the cool hair and choreographed dance moves. When we met, I was 15 he was 17 and we were the most competitive students in our PE class at University High School. I immediately sought  him as someone to test my athletic prowess while he was subtly trying to catch my eye from across our attendance spots (and breaking my finger in a basketball game during the process). That spring semester ended with an epic water fight and no exchange of phone numbers.
Summer went by and we didn’t see each other until we ended up both being “Crimson Crew Leaders” at orientation for the incoming freshman class. Before orientation the leaders were required to attend a weekend retreat. It was there ,during a rainy pick up soccer game, that I realized that the handsome, athletic senior boy on the other team was the same boy in my PE class just a few months earlier whom also happened to be the kicker on the high school’s football team and captain of the soccer team. Being on the women’s soccer team, I began to watch out for Aaron in the hallways and during his football games.
It wasn’t until the long awaited, stressful homecoming season and a few hallway encounters later that it seemed Aaron could be the first boy I would maybe, possibly, if I had to, go to the dance with. But it wasn’t until he showed up unexpectedly at my house with a rose in his hand, that I couldn’t deny my attraction towards him.
 The dance was on October 2nd 2009 and on October 17th after a Spokane Chief’s victory, he became the first (and only) boy I would refer to as “boyfriend” and asked if he could accompany my family and I to church the next day… The rest of our story has been one of a constant journey of growth, love, trust and commitment to one another and our relationships with God. I am honored to be marrying my absolute best friend of four years next July.


September 30, 2013

Katie & Derek Engaged!

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As your typical WSU college sweethearts, we don’t have an overly romantic or movie scripted love story.  Our whole story swings back to a date that I went on my Sophomore year of college.  This date, however, was not with Derek but with his best friend.  Anthony is your typical college athlete; loud, crazy, and good with the ladies.  I went on a date with Anthony and decided that we were better off as friends—this is now a friendship that I am forever grateful for.  It was the friendship with Anthony that lead to a summer in Pullman which is when I first caught notice of Derek.  In fact, I clearly remember sitting on the porch of what the boys called the “Palace” and looking in at Derek who was cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  He was shirtless, dancing around to some reggae, and throwing food around.  I had always thought Derek was cute and a really good guy (and that he looked really good in his baseball pants) but I had never seen him in that light.  Over some Bush light, I asked Anthony if he would hook me up with Derek.  Anthony laughed and told me that I wouldn’t want to get in anything with him as all he cared about is baseball.


Derek and I continued to hangout over the rest of summer session (mostly as friends) and then he took off to the Cape for the rest of the summer for baseball.  When we both returned to school in the fall, there was still some definite chemistry.  I finally got the courage to ask Derek “what we were” which I instantly regretted after Derek made it clear that he wanted nothing more than to be friends.  Sad and somewhat frustrated, I decided to move on with my life and go to a party without him and have some fun with my friends.  This may have been strategic, however, we went to a party right next door to the “palace”.  I believe I was flirting with another guy when Derek walked.  When he saw what was going on, he wisped me away and continued to tell me that he had made a mistake and that he wanted to be together.  Trying to play hard-to-get, I tried to play it off like it wouldn’t be that easy.  The rest is history from here…


The rest of college was spent together.  I forced Derek to sit through halftimes of basketball and football to watch me dance our newest dance and I spent snowy, cold spring days in the bleachers watching him play baseball.  Pullman will always be a special place for both of us—we not only share a mutual love for the Cougs but it is where we met and fell in love.  We both graduated and moved to Seattle in hopes of finding good jobs and pursuing our dreams.  Derek is currently climbing his way through the minor league system for the Colorado Rockies and I am working as a Product Specialist for Zillow.  We spend our free time with good friends and rarely miss a Cougar football Saturday.


This Spring, Derek decided to make things more official.  At spring training, Derek got down on a knee in front of both of our families and our closest mutual friend, Anthony (and his family).  We are both blessed to have each other, our families, and our friends who are all mutually supportive.  Derek just got back from 6 months of being away for baseball, and now we are anxiously awaiting the big day (February 1st)!

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