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May 15, 2014

Lauren and Tyler Engaged! Fun and Funky!

Tyler and I have an exceptionally cliché story. We first met at St. Aloysius Church in September of 2010, where he was the Organist and I was the Sunday School teacher. I knew immediately that we would wind up dating, but he was a bit oblivious at first.

We both studied in the Engineering school at Gonzaga University (class of 2014!), so we ran into each other quite frequently. He finally asked me out in November, after thinking that I was purposefully running into him around campus (a claim I will continue to refute).

Four years, 158 credit hours, a proposal, and a graduation later, here we are! We can’t wait to start the next chapter.

Lauren_B01 Lauren_B02 Lauren_B03 Lauren_B04 Lauren_B05 Lauren_B06 Lauren_B07 Lauren_B08 Lauren_B09 Lauren_B10 Lauren_B11 Lauren_B12 Lauren_B13 Lauren_B14 Lauren_B15 Lauren_B16 Lauren_B17 Lauren_B18 Lauren_B19 Lauren_B20 Lauren_B21

February 18, 2014

Katie & Derek at Davenport Hotel, Spokane wedding

Wedding & Reception: Davenport Hotel

Catering: Davenport Hotel

Florist: Davenport Hotel

Hair: Jazz hair Salon

Make up: Shasta Hankins

D.J: Amp’d entertainment

Amazing uplighting & Smoke effect : Amp’d entertainment

Videographer: Grace Media

Cake: Groom’s family


Katie_B01 Katie_B02 Katie_B03 Katie_B04 Katie_B05 Katie_B06 Katie_B07 Katie_B08 Katie_B09 Katie_B10 Katie_B11 Katie_B12 Katie_B13 Katie_B14 Katie_B15 Katie_B16 Katie_B17 Katie_B18 Katie_B19 Katie_B20 Katie_B21 Katie_B22 Katie_B23 Katie_B24 Katie_B25 Katie_B26 Katie_B27 Katie_B28 Katie_B29 Katie_B30 Katie_B31 Katie_B32 Katie_B33 Katie_B34 Katie_B35 Katie_B36 Katie_B37 Katie_B38 Katie_B39 Katie_B40 Katie_B41 Katie_B42 Katie_B43 Katie_B44 Katie_B45 Katie_B46 Katie_B47 Katie_B48 Katie_B49 Katie_B50 Katie_B51 Katie_B52 Katie_B53 Katie_B54 Katie_B55 Katie_B56 Katie_B57 Katie_B58 Katie_B59 Katie_B60 Katie_B61 Katie_B62 Katie_B63 Katie_B64 Katie_B65 Katie_B66 Katie_B67 Katie_B68 Katie_B69 Katie_B70 Katie_B71 Katie_B72 Katie_B73 Katie_B74 Katie_B75 Katie_B76 Katie_B77 Katie_B78 Katie_B79 Katie_B80 Katie_B81 Katie_B82 Katie_B83 Katie_B84 Katie_B85 Katie_B86 Katie_B87

January 10, 2014

Weddings of 2013

2013 was an incredible year. It is so hard for me to express how much I have appreciated the people I met, worked with, and photographed this year. Thank you form the bottom of my heart. So many of you have become my friends, and so many of you continuously include me as the next chapters of your lives begin. Love you all! Thank you! Thank you!


2013_B001 2013_B002 2013_B003 2013_B004 2013_B005 2013_B006 2013_B007 2013_B008 2013_B009 2013_B010 2013_B011 2013_B012 2013_B013 2013_B014 2013_B015 2013_B016 2013_B017 2013_B018 2013_B019 2013_B020 2013_B021 2013_B022 2013_B023 2013_B024 2013_B025 2013_B026 2013_B027 2013_B028 2013_B029 2013_B030 2013_B031 2013_B032 2013_B033 2013_B034 2013_B035 2013_B036 2013_B037 2013_B038 2013_B039 2013_B040 2013_B041 2013_B042 2013_B043 2013_B044 2013_B045 2013_B046 2013_B047 2013_B048 2013_B049 2013_B050 2013_B051 2013_B052 2013_B053 2013_B054 2013_B055 2013_B056 2013_B057 2013_B058 2013_B059 2013_B060 2013_B061 2013_B062 2013_B063 2013_B064 2013_B065 2013_B066 2013_B067 2013_B068 2013_B069 2013_B070 2013_B071 2013_B072 2013_B073 2013_B074 2013_B075 2013_B076 2013_B077 2013_B078 2013_B079 2013_B080 2013_B081 2013_B082 2013_B083 2013_B084 2013_B085 2013_B086 2013_B087 2013_B088 2013_B089 2013_B090 2013_B091 2013_B092 2013_B093 2013_B094 2013_B095 2013_B096 2013_B097 2013_B098 2013_B099 2013_B100 2013_B101 2013_B102 2013_B103 2013_B104 2013_B105 2013_B106 2013_B107 2013_B108 2013_B109 2013_B110 2013_B111 2013_B112 2013_B113 2013_B114 2013_B115 2013_B116 2013_B117 2013_B118 2013_B119 2013_B120 2013_B121 2013_B122 2013_B123 2013_B124 2013_B125 2013_B126 2013_B127 2013_B128 2013_B129 2013_B130 2013_B131 2013_B132 2013_B133 2013_B134 2013_B135 2013_B136 2013_B137 2013_B138 2013_B139 2013_B140 2013_B141 2013_B142 2013_B143 2013_B144 2013_B145 2013_B146 2013_B147 2013_B148 2013_B149 2013_B150 2013_B151 2013_B152 2013_B153 2013_B154 2013_B155 2013_B156 2013_B157 2013_B158 2013_B159 2013_B160 2013_B161 2013_B162 2013_B163 2013_B164 2013_B165 2013_B166 2013_B167 2013_B168 2013_B169 2013_B170 2013_B171 2013_B172 2013_B173 2013_B174 2013_B175 2013_B176 2013_B177 2013_B178 2013_B179 2013_B180 2013_B181 2013_B182 2013_B183 2013_B184 2013_B185 2013_B186 2013_B187 2013_B188 2013_B189 2013_B190


November 14, 2013

Jessica & Aaron at Mountain gate Country Club, Los Angeles, CA

Wedding: Mountain gate country club

Wedding planner: Wish wonder Dream

Photographer: Ifong Chen

Videographer: Zomei Videography

Rental: Imperial Party Rental

Florist: Wenfloral

Wedding Cake: Hansen

Reception lighting: Pacific Event

Jessica_B01 Jessica_B02 Jessica_B03 Jessica_B04 Jessica_B05 Jessica_B06 Jessica_B07 Jessica_B08 Jessica_B09 Jessica_B10 Jessica_B11 Jessica_B12 Jessica_B13 Jessica_B14 Jessica_B15 Jessica_B16 Jessica_B17 Jessica_B18 Jessica_B19 Jessica_B20 Jessica_B21 Jessica_B22 Jessica_B23 Jessica_B24 Jessica_B25 Jessica_B26 Jessica_B27 Jessica_B28 Jessica_B29 Jessica_B30 Jessica_B31 Jessica_B32 Jessica_B33 Jessica_B34 Jessica_B35 Jessica_B36 Jessica_B37 Jessica_B38 Jessica_B39 Jessica_B40 Jessica_B41 Jessica_B42 Jessica_B43 Jessica_B44 Jessica_B45 Jessica_B46 Jessica_B47 Jessica_B48 Jessica_B49 Jessica_B50 Jessica_B51 Jessica_B52 Jessica_B53 Jessica_B54 Jessica_B55 Jessica_B56 Jessica_B57 Jessica_B58 Jessica_B59 Jessica_B60 Jessica_B61 Jessica_B62 Jessica_B63 Jessica_B64 Jessica_B65 Jessica_B66

October 30, 2013

Alexandra & Andrew at St Aloysius Church and Manito Country Club, Spokane Washington

Florist: Evergreen Florist

Photographer: Ifong Chen Photography

Bride’s gown: Marcella’s Bridal
Bridal party hair: Elite Salon
Bridal party makeup: Shasta Hankins Freelance Makeup
Wedding cake: Cakes by Mary Duray
Ceremony and cocktail hour music: Spokane String Quartet
Dinner and dancing music: Kathleen Cavender Band
Printing: Ditto’s Digital Solutions
Videographer and dance floor lighting: AMP’D Entertainment
Reception: Manito Golf & Country Club

Alex_B01 Alex_B02 Alex_B03 Alex_B04 Alex_B05 Alex_B06 Alex_B07 Alex_B08 Alex_B09 Alex_B10 Alex_B11 Alex_B12 Alex_B13 Alex_B14 Alex_B15 Alex_B16 Alex_B17 Alex_B18 Alex_B19 Alex_B20 Alex_B21 Alex_B22 Alex_B23 Alex_B24 Alex_B25 Alex_B26 Alex_B27 Alex_B28 Alex_B29 Alex_B30 Alex_B31 Alex_B32 Alex_B33 Alex_B34 Alex_B35 Alex_B36 Alex_B37 Alex_B38 Alex_B39 Alex_B40 Alex_B41 Alex_B42 Alex_B43 Alex_B44 Alex_B45 Alex_B46 Alex_B47 Alex_B48 Alex_B49 Alex_B50 Alex_B51 Alex_B52 Alex_B53

Alyssa & Jorden Engaged!

Jordan and I met about eight years ago in Mr. Clark’s math class at Mead High School. One of us had a huge crush on the other, but the feeling wasn’t exactly reciprocated.  I cannot say which was which, as that person feels really bad about it – now that we are about to get married! Fast forward a couple years, and we were put in the same math class again. This time, we BOTH hit it off, and started dating a couple months into the school year! We have been together for six years now.

Jordan and I went to different, but local universities (to stay close) and worked hard to juggle school, jobs, track, internships and each other. Whether it was heading out to Cheney for lunch between classes or driving to Gonzaga for coffee before an 8 a.m. class – we made it work.

Jordan had always said we wouldn’t get engaged until we were both finished with college, so in June of 2013 the excuses were running slim. Just a few short weeks following graduation, the time had FINALLY come. He popped the question outside Cedars Floating Restaurant in Coeur d’Alene, where we had dinner five years prior for my Senior Prom.

We could not be more excited for our big day in May of 2014!


Alyssa_B01 Alyssa_B02 Alyssa_B03 Alyssa_B04 Alyssa_B05 Alyssa_B06 Alyssa_B07 Alyssa_B08 Alyssa_B09 Alyssa_B10 Alyssa_B11 Alyssa_B12 Alyssa_B13

September 30, 2013

Jamie & Chris at Hagadone event center at CDA

Beau K florist- flowers, centerpieces and decor
The attic- dessert table and lounge area
Erin Blackburn- desserts
Hagadone event center- venue
Rox music- DJ
Event rents- linens, chairs, tables
Hair – Alexa Lugviel and Janet Carpenter
Our story:
After 7 years together, Chris and I were very excited to make it official. Our families joined us for a beautiful Catholic ceremony on September 20 at the Immaculate Heart Retreat Center. The next day we renewed our vows and celebrated with our family and friends at the Hagadone Event Center in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.  I have never smiled so much or danced so hard. Chris and I both agree it was the best day of our lives… so far! Thank you to all of our guests for making it such a special night.

Jamie_B01 Jamie_B02 Jamie_B03 Jamie_B04 Jamie_B05 Jamie_B06 Jamie_B07 Jamie_B08 Jamie_B09 Jamie_B10 Jamie_B11 Jamie_B12 Jamie_B13 Jamie_B14 Jamie_B15 Jamie_B16 Jamie_B17 Jamie_B18 Jamie_B19 Jamie_B20 Jamie_B21 Jamie_B22 Jamie_B23 Jamie_B24 Jamie_B25 Jamie_B26 Jamie_B27 Jamie_B28 Jamie_B29 Jamie_B30 Jamie_B31 Jamie_B32 Jamie_B33 Jamie_B34 Jamie_B35 Jamie_B36 Jamie_B37 Jamie_B38 Jamie_B39 Jamie_B40 Jamie_B41 Jamie_B42 Jamie_B43 Jamie_B44 Jamie_B45 Jamie_B46 Jamie_B47 Jamie_B48 Jamie_B49 Jamie_B50 Jamie_B51 Jamie_B52 Jamie_B53 Jamie_B54 Jamie_B55 Jamie_B56 Jamie_B57 Jamie_B58 Jamie_B59 Jamie_B60 Jamie_B61 Jamie_B62 Jamie_B63 Jamie_B64 Jamie_B65 Jamie_B66 Jamie_B67 Jamie_B68 Jamie_B69 Jamie_B70 Jamie_B71 Jamie_B72 Jamie_B73 Jamie_B74 Jamie_B75 Jamie_B76 Jamie_B77 Jamie_B78 Jamie_B79 Jamie_B80 Jamie_B81 Jamie_B82 Jamie_B83 Jamie_B84 Jamie_B85 Jamie_B86 Jamie_B87 Jamie_B88 Jamie_B89 Jamie_B90

September 26, 2013

Ashley & Luke Engaged!

  • Luke and I were introduced in 2006 at a WSU-Oregon football game in Pullman. At that time I was dating his friend, and he was engaged. We hit it off right away as friends and had always stayed in touch.The next year was nothing but a total whirl wind for me…in 2007, I had gotten married, had a baby and lost my husband in a tragic work accident. I was left to raise my 4 month old son Coltan alone.  Around that same time Luke’s engagement fell through weeks before the wedding. Luke was mourning the loss of his friend and would check in periodically and make sure Coltan & I were okay. Even before I was anywhere near ready to start dating again I was always so impressed with Luke and his loyalty to his friends and family.  Neither of us knew it yet but unexpected life events had brought new possibilities. As I went on with life as a single mom, I had literally no interest in dating. Luke and I communicated regularly and as time went on our friendship grew stronger and stronger. I had always gotten a kick out of Lukes adventures as a care free single guy and he always enjoyed updates and photos of Coltan. He was always protective and at times I could tell he was worried about how I was holding up.  The years passed and after a lot of long phone calls and many visits our friendship evolved into more. I began to realize how safe & comforted I felt with Luke. I also loved how I didn’t have to explain the long road Coltan & I had been on the past few years. Luke had always been there for us along the way. We share the same values and beliefs on what family and life are all about. I came to a point where we both knew we were ready to be together, everything about “us” felt right. Everything just fell perfectly into place.  Once we decided to be together there was no hesitation or looking back. We just became this little family right away and the three of us just fell completely in love. We had talked about it and we always knew we would get married eventually… but we never thought we’d end up getting pregnant before we were able to tie the knot. In November 2012, as we were welcoming our baby girl into the world Luke surprised me with a ring (I was shocked because I was not expecting it in between contractions) and asked if I’d make it official and marry him.  We are over the moon happy and so in love with our little family. We can not wait to share our love with our friends and family next summer!


Ash_E02 Ash_E03 Ash_E04 Ash_E05 Ash_E06 Ash_E07 Ash_E08 Ash_E09 Ash_E10 Ash_E11 Ash_E12

September 13, 2013

Caitlin & Jon at Loon Lake

Design Events (tent/lanterns/cocktail tables)
Event Rents (dishes/linen/dancefloor)
Classic Vintage Rentals (tables)
Shasta Hankins (make up)
Lindsay Duvanich (hair)
Matt Green (videography)
Ifong Chen (photography)
Lance, Big Show Mobile Entertainment (DJ)
Beacon Hill Events (catering)
Diana, Agape Events (planning)
Special Touch Florist
Just American Dessert
Alright, I know this has got to be one of the longest posts, but I am head over heels for this wedding. It was pouring rain from noon to 5 p.m. during all the photo shoots. I thought there is no way I could pull it out with the weather. But we did it!!  We did it all together as a prefect team! Not only the setting is stunning, Caitlin and Jon are so much fun and Caitlin’s dad Mark had made everyone cry and laugh the whole day long. Diana from Agape Event did an incredible job running everything smoothly. Oh, don’t even forget about dancing. My goodness, it had the best dance ever…I could go on and on, but here are some images to show the amazing day!!
Cat_B01 Cat_B02 Cat_B03 Cat_B04 Cat_B05 Cat_B06 Cat_B07 Cat_B08 Cat_B09 Cat_B10 Cat_B11 Cat_B12 Cat_B13 Cat_B14 Cat_B15 Cat_B16 Cat_B17 Cat_B18 Cat_B19 Cat_B20 Cat_B21 Cat_B22 Cat_B23 Cat_B24 Cat_B25 Cat_B26 Cat_B27 Cat_B28 Cat_B29 Cat_B30 Cat_B31 Cat_B32 Cat_B33 Cat_B34 Cat_B35 Cat_B36 Cat_B37 Cat_B38 Cat_B39 Cat_B40 Cat_B41 Cat_B42 Cat_B43 Cat_B44 Cat_B45 Cat_B46 Cat_B47 Cat_B48 Cat_B49 Cat_B50 Cat_B51 Cat_B52 Cat_B53 Cat_B54 Cat_B55 Cat_B56 Cat_B57 Cat_B58 Cat_B59 Cat_B60 Cat_B61 Cat_B62 Cat_B63 Cat_B64 Cat_B65 Cat_B66 Cat_B67 Cat_B68 Cat_B69 Cat_B70 Cat_B71 Cat_B72 Cat_B73 Cat_B74 Cat_B75 Cat_B76 Cat_B77 Cat_B78 Cat_B79 Cat_B80 Cat_B81 Cat_B82 Cat_B83 Cat_B84 Cat_B85 Cat_B86 Cat_B87 Cat_B88 Cat_B89 Cat_B90edding

September 12, 2013

Jenny & Ryan at Bozarth Mansion

Wedding: Bozarth Mansion

Catering: Groom’s mother

Rental: Event Rents

Make up: Shasta Hankins

Cake: Sweet Frosting


Jen_B01 Jen_B02 Jen_B03 Jen_B04 Jen_B05 Jen_B06 Jen_B07 Jen_B08 Jen_B09 Jen_B10 Jen_B11 Jen_B12 Jen_B13 Jen_B14 Jen_B15 Jen_B16 Jen_B17 Jen_B18 Jen_B19 Jen_B20 Jen_B21 Jen_B22 Jen_B23 Jen_B24 Jen_B25 Jen_B26 Jen_B27 Jen_B28 Jen_B29 Jen_B30 Jen_B31 Jen_B32 Jen_B33 Jen_B34 Jen_B35 Jen_B36 Jen_B37 Jen_B38 Jen_B39 Jen_B40 Jen_B41 Jen_B42 Jen_B43 Jen_B44 Jen_B45






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