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July 10, 2017

Tami & Curtis at Trezzi Farm & Winery

When people ask me how Curtis and I met, I simply say “he works for my dad”. Then follows a doomful “oh.” – like they completely understand that you’re not supposed to date one of your dad’s employees.

We began like most other relationships, as just friends. We’d exchange brief hellos that led to hour long conversations when we were supposed to be working. So after talking at work for many months and unknowingly turning down multiple dates, Curtis got the courage to bluntly ask me out to dinner. Needless to say, the date went great. So great that I told him we shouldn’t see each other any more. He was, after all, my dad’s employee and that’s just asking for trouble…but there was just something about him that kept pulling me back in.

So we dated for a few months, broke the news to my dad that I had been seeing one of his guys, and the rest is history! Curtis is truly the best part of my life and I can’t wait to start our lives together.

Venue and Catering – Trezzi Farm & Winery
Videographer – Matt Green Films
Dress – Marcella’s Bridal
Makeup – Shasta Hankins
Hair – Studio Nicole / Nicole Parks
DJ – Amp’d / Billy Rask
Flowers – Special Touch Florist
Cake/Pies – White Box Pies
Wood Signs – FromHelloCo
Limo – Legacy Limousine


March 20, 2017

Aline & Vince wedding at Bowl and Pitcher state Park Spokane

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February 13, 2017

Holly & Andy Engaged!

When people asked us how we met, I sometimes jokingly tell them that we met in Paris – it just sounds more romantic that way. The truth is that we met on Eharmony.com. I’m not sure why meeting online has a bad connotation to it, because it really shouldn’t, especially in our case. Regardless of how a couple meets, I think the important thing is that they do eventually find each other – and what happens from that point on is where the romantic begins and a love story is made.

I distinctly remember the first time I saw Holly, even her picture. It was the day after Thanksgiving, 2014, but this particular Friday wasn’t black at all. I was sitting in the big recliner chair in the living room of my sister’s house, sipping on a cup of morning coffee. I opened my e-mail to find that I had a new message from EHarmony with a new “match”. I skeptically opened the e-mail. After looking over her profile, and reading what she had written about herself and what she was looking for in life, and in a partner, I was immediately interested. I know it sounds a little clichéd, but I truly had a special feeling about her from the very start. I connected with what she had written, and liked everything about her, even her name, “Holly”. It didn’t take me long to muster up the courage to send her a note. I remember my heart beating fast as I sent the message and crossed my fingers that she would respond.

To my delight, she responded quickly, and after a few e-mails back and forth and a phone conversation or two, we agreed to meet in person. Our first date went well, and despite an awkward goodbye on my part, she luckily agreed to see me again. At the end of our second date, I kissed her for the first time, and we laughed together as she told me that I looked just like Andersen Copper and she’d never kissed someone famous before. After that, date number three lead into date number four, and I quickly began to fall in love with this beautiful Spanish Teacher from Spokane. I remember visiting my family shortly after we had started dating and describing Holly to them. They’ve told me since then that it was very evident just how special Holly was to me, even at that time.

At the 4-month mark we started planning a trip to Italy together, knowing full well that it would be the first big test of our relationship. As Holly always says, if you really want to see if you’re meant to be with someone, take an international trip with them. We ended up having a magical time together.

Our relationship only continued to blossom and grow stronger with each coming day, and on a warm sunlit day this past October, while on a walk through the Rose Garden in Manito Park, I asked Holly if she would do me the greatest honor of my life; would she to marry me?

Holly is my best friend, confidant, and sole-mate. She supports me and makes me a better man every day. I trust and respect her deeply. She is smart and engaging, caring, and strong. The size of her heart is only matched by her breathtakingly beauty. We share similar values and have similar life goals. And as basic as it sounds, we simply enjoy spending time with one another. She is the love of my life, and I pinch myself every day just to remind me of how lucky I am to have her in my life.

I was recently asked when was the exact moment that you knew Holly was the right woman for you. I struggled to answer the question because I don’t think there was an exact moment. I truly had a special feeling about her from the very beginning, and I approached our relationship with an open heart. I therefore don’t think it was a singular moment of realization that she was the one for me, but a gradual deepening on my feelings for her. I’ve known for a longtime, from early on, that I loved her, and that she was the woman I would gladly choose, amongst all others, to spend the rest of my life with.

holly_b01 holly_b02 holly_b03 holly_b04 holly_b05 holly_b06 holly_b07 holly_b08 holly_b09 holly_b10 holly_b11 holly_b12 holly_b13

Caitlin & Kyle Wedding At The golf course of Black Rock

Caitlin and Kyle met in 1999 during their 6th grade year– when the three elementary schools in Pullman merged together for middle school. On Valentine’s Day of their 8th grade year, Kyle asked Caitlin to be his girlfriend with a bouquet of Dissmores roses and a white teddy bear. And the rest, they say, is history.

In February 2016, Kyle planned a weekend at her parent’s cabin on Coeur D’Alene lake, skiing with their friends from the Tri-Cities. On Friday evening as they were in route to the cabin, Caitlin received a message from their friends saying that they were not going to be able to make it to the cabin as a work obligation arose unexpectedly. Caitlin and Kyle decided to continue on to the cabin and make the best of the weekend. Kyle surprised Caitlin by proposing to her on their dock after a waffle breakfast and a walk in the rain with their dogs. Their friends who were supposed to be skiing with with them and helped plan the surprise arrived early afternoon to celebrate.

kait01 kait02 kait03 kait04 kait05 kait06 kait07 kait08 kait09 kait10 kait11 kait12 kait13 kait14 kait15 kait16 kait17 kait18 kait19 kait20 kait21 kait22 kait23 kait24 kait25 kait26 kait27 kait28 kait29 kait30 kait31 kait32 kait33 kait34 kait35 kait36 kait37 kait38 kait39 kait40 kait41 kait42 kait43 kait44 kait45 kait46 kait47 kait48 kait49 kait50 kait51 kait52 kait53 kait54 kait55 kait56 kait57 kait58 kait59 kait60 kait61 kait62 kait63

Jessica & Daniel Engaged!

Our love story has always begun and continues to run on extraordinary timing. We met originally in school, both sitting at the only left hand desks in the room. Slowly, our conversations grew longer as well as time spent together. In the Fall of 2012, our timing couldn’t have been more perfect as we both were taking classes at Washington State University, and living a cozy life of cheap college food and dates. When I attended nursing school up north, Daniel got a job an hour away to keep close. When Daniel accepted his first police officer position, I packed up my scrubs and stethoscope, and we moved to Pullman, the little town we had first met in. Both our jobs leave us on the night shift, playing board games and grocery shopping at 3AM. He is the best part of my life and I adore our every adventure together. We share the same sense of humor and delight in raising our beloved little cat, Phoebe. Though our timing may be set to a different tune throughout our lifetime, I will always be grateful for every second of every day that we have together.

jessica_b1 jessica_b2 jessica_b3 jessica_b4 jessica_b5 jessica_b6 jessica_b7 jessica_b8

January 10, 2017

A few images to remind the beautiful year of 2016

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Thank you so much 2016-I loved so much of this beautiful year!! Here are few to remind how precious life could be!

bj_14 ch_b20 ch_b42 christie0163 christie0172 christie0401 ifong_126 ifong_127 jed0283 jed0300 jeff_b33 jenn_b01 kalsey_b04 kalsey_b13 kalsey_b20 kalsey_b32 kalsey_b41 kalsey_b48 kate_b18 lexie_b19 lexie_b20 meg23 meg47 meg55 megan140 michelle_b15 rachael_b15 rachel_b0007 rachel_b0019 rachel_b0031 rachel_b0032 rachel_b0042 rebe_b06 rebe_b13 rebe_b16 rebe_b17 rebe_b20 rebe_b47 rebe_b49 rebekah1153 roni_b32 roni_b35 roni_b46 roni_b47 roni_b77 stacie_b12 stacie_b13 stacie_b32 stacie_b34 stacie_b53 stacie_b54 stacie_b55 summer0162 summer0221

Kelsey & James at Barrister Winery

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kalsey_b01 kalsey_b02 kalsey_b03 kalsey_b04 kalsey_b05 kalsey_b06 kalsey_b07 kalsey_b08 kalsey_b09 kalsey_b10 kalsey_b11 kalsey_b12 kalsey_b13 kalsey_b14 kalsey_b15 kalsey_b16 kalsey_b17 kalsey_b18 kalsey_b19 kalsey_b20 kalsey_b21 kalsey_b22 kalsey_b23 kalsey_b24 kalsey_b25 kalsey_b26 kalsey_b27 kalsey_b28 kalsey_b29 kalsey_b30 kalsey_b31 kalsey_b32 kalsey_b33 kalsey_b34 kalsey_b35 kalsey_b36 kalsey_b37 kalsey_b38 kalsey_b39 kalsey_b40 kalsey_b41 kalsey_b42 kalsey_b43 kalsey_b44 kalsey_b45 kalsey_b46 kalsey_b47 kalsey_b48 kalsey_b49 kalsey_b50 kalsey_b51 kalsey_b52 kalsey_b53 kalsey_b54 kalsey_b55 kalsey_b56 kalsey_b57 kalsey_b58 kalsey_b59 kalsey_b60 kalsey_b61

Kate & Adam at Manito Park & Barrister Winery

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kate_b01 kate_b02 kate_b03 kate_b04 kate_b05 kate_b06 kate_b07 kate_b08 kate_b09 kate_b10 kate_b11 kate_b12 kate_b13 kate_b14 kate_b15 kate_b16 kate_b17 kate_b18 kate_b19 kate_b20 kate_b21 kate_b22 kate_b23 kate_b24 kate_b25 kate_b26 kate_b27 kate_b28 kate_b29 kate_b30 kate_b31 kate_b32 kate_b33 kate_b34 kate_b35 kate_b36 kate_b37 kate_b38 kate_b39 kate_b40 kate_b41 kate_b42 kate_b43 kate_b44 kate_b45 kate_b46 kate_b47 kate_b48 kate_b49 kate_b50 kate_b51 kate_b52 kate_b53 kate_b54 kate_b55 kate_b56 kate_b57 kate_b58

January 5, 2017

O’Neill Family

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gina1 gina2 gina3 gina4 gina5 gina6 gina7 gina8 gina9

Jennifer & Ron at Davenport Hotel

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jenn_b01 jenn_b02 jen03 jen05 jenn_b05 jenn_b06 jenn_b07 jenn_b10 jenn_b12 jenn_b13 jen22jen23jenn_b18 jenn_b19 jenn_b20 jenn_b21 jenn_b22 jenn_b23 jenn_b24 jenn_b25 jenn_b26 jenn_b27 jenn_b30 jen26 jenn_b34 jenn_b36 jenn_b37 jenn_b38 jenn_b39 jenn_b40 jenn_b41 jenn_b42 jenn_b43 jenn_b44 jenn_b45 jenn_b46 jenn_b47 jenn_b48 jenn_b50 jenn_b52

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