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January 17, 2010

St Aloysius & Lincoin Center Wedding-Moiya & Kris

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It was raining and gray, but We were out and laughing.  Moiya and Kris had a such energy that radiate everyone around them. Thank you for the E -Harmony. They have found each other online and the love is furiously lighted up the darkest day. I loved so much how Moiya laugh, so I tried few time when I got home…but it sounded like grandma’s cough.

January 13, 2010

The Davenport wedding of Year-Maggie & Tim

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I had the most beautiful and unforgettable  wedding this beginning of year. Maggie’s family put their souls in to create a such fun and exquisite event. I was laughing and tearing at same time though out the whole event. I love you Maggie & Tim. You both are Rocked!!

January 12, 2010


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I have a such fun to photograph my good friend Amber in the bridal show last weekend. The flowers are designed by the very amazing florist  EVER GREEN.

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