Cave B Winery Wedding-Amy & Jim

Wind was about 60 miles pre hour… Amy’s hair was in the air flying. Jim was calm as usual, bridesmaid’s skirts blew high up with screaming, dark clouds ran in. Temperature dropped.  All the things that could happen…happened!   But their love conquered all! We were witnessing the heartwarming wedding while we chattered our teeth against coldness and hard wind in the amazing Cave B Winery. Amy decided that she was going to marry Jim 18 years ago at age 12.  I guess she is the type of woman that means what she says, and does what she means.  Every guests shared part of the cute love history of how Amy & Jim had missed each each other and found each other years later.  Call me Miss romantic. I love them, and I love this movie-like true love story!!


Spokane Wedding-When Miss Happy Meets Mr. Happy-Holly & Ray

I have never seen anyone that happy before.  I mean incredibly happy. Maybe because the mother of the bride owns Happy Cake CO.?  I was refreshed by how alive they both are. I looked at them and thought ….wow.  Holly,  an energy ball, and Ray, a goof ball. Together, they laugh and laugh. Some people are just made for each other. The magic of happiness was filled in the room, and leaked out to the street and the city. Everyone was dreaming with the smile on their face. I was blessed to be there, and packed my heart full of happiness to go.

Spokane Wedding-Details

I just can’t help , but always excited when the brides are paying attention to the details. Yes, every little things matters. Here are one of wedding that I loved so much all because of details makes the wedding like old beautiful poem. The color. the flower, the creative thoughts, I just can’t wait to feel them all this year! Thanks Alisa, for making such amazing wedding .

The words that could make me cry-Amy & Jim

Most of all I am just humbled and honored that Jim has chosen to spend his life with me.  He is the most amazing man I have ever met and I fall in love with him every day over and over again.  I am ridiculously excited that I get to marry him in 16 days!!” I got such a long email from Amy about her soon coming wedding, but was almost tearing up with those words that she wrote from the heart. How often that we take for granted that we have someone we love.  Should we ask ourself when was the last time we felt the feeling of falling in love every day over and over again?

A Story of Friend

I would like to invite everyone to send me a story of friendship. Your friend who is a delight, a support, and who inspires your life. I want to hear your story, and I will tell you mine in next few weeks. I will choose one story that make me cry, and give a free photograph session. Please, send me your story to with one image of you and your friend by 4/10/2010!  I will also post the winners story and the photograph session on my blog. Can’t wait!

Vegas bridal session-Amber

I feel lucky? Do you?  I believe few important ingredients in life that makes all different are love, friends…   I am very isolating with my work, who would not, when you spend over 10-14 hours in front of computer in the dark basement. Plus my Asian look and funny English, so making friends is like finding treasures in a yard sale. I have less than hand full of friends that I would thank God every day for having them.  They just make you feel…meaningful. I have been so blessed by knowing Amber. A very simple beautiful person with warm spirit.  I will look at her and wonder how God make people so different. Here is my session with Amber in Vegas three days ago. It was windy and cool, and as usual I completely torture her. She was running on the busy highway, and sitting on the broken oily cars with hot sun. Tell you what you think. Alright!