Seattle Engagement-Kari & Chris

I have known Kari for about 5 years. I saw her at someone’s wedding that I was a second shooter for.  I was hoping so much she could be my model for a bridal shoot, but she moved out to NY.  Years went by. She asked me to be her photographer…I was so happy and feel like life is funny in some strange way.  It was raining hard at the beginning of the engagement shoot and rained even harder by the time we finished. We were all soaking, but that is the way Seattle is.   When Kari first met Chris, she was asking for a donation, and then Chris ask for her number. How cute is that!!  Loved them!!


Seattle Wedding-Erica & Derek

Sleepless in Seattle was my all time favorite movie.  I day dreamed about photographing a wedding in Seattle on the way to there.  I was very very excited to work with Erica & Derek.  They have been in love for years.  They are such a cute couple. The wedding is absolutely speechlessly beautiful, and the weather was amazingly sunny. I had a great time!

Spokane senior session-Roman

When I first met Roman I could tell he was a shy, sweet young man.   What a gentle  person. I immediate liked him and his family. I went to shoot the session with his mom & dad.  The funny, sweet, and lovely perents totally adored their son. I had laughed hard and was touched that dad was a personal stylist, and mom was a wonderful cheer leader!  They inspired me to want to be a parents like them, and want to create a greater relationship with my family. Roman sure bore though a long session. Here are some cool shots of Roman.

Ifong’s personal notes-A better life

Photography business is a highly competitive market. We are up against each other, and trying to outdo ourselves or others. I have always wanted to do a better job with my photographs. A lot of learning, lots trying, constant marketing, studio management, and so on. Then life gets carried away. I get lost in the giantic goals.  I recently moved away from Spokane about 40 minutes into the country.  I just want to go back to the most simple life style possible.  One day, I was asking myself why everyone tries harder at what they do as a career than trying to make their life better.  To to enjoy sitting in the warm sun, a cup of cool ice tea, listening to a French love song, smelling the fresh cut grass, a gentle touch of someone you love, and the inspiration of your kids running though the sunflower field.  If we all compete in this manner, our photography will be better because our lives are better.

Spokane Baby Session-Bella & Branon

This was the third time I have photographed Anne and Nick, the second time I have photographed Bella, and the first time got to meet Branon.  I feel time pass way, way faster than I anticipated. I was so amazed by how Bella became a beautiful little girl, such bright and funny little thing. Branon was good with me, letting me turn him however I wanted and keeping up with me for a long long session. What a great family. Thank you for including me in your life. Really thanks! That made me feel special!

Spokane Engagement Session-Mikki & Clayton

If  brides are all looking for good photographers to shoot their weddings, photographers are dying to find someone to share a view that is totally outside the box. Here I am! I found them! They are absolutly  completely creative!! My heart was beating fast and my face was full with smile. I wanted to scream to them to thank them that they found me to be their photographer!!! Clayton-the rock star of the day. I could not stop shooting him. Mikki-so amazing, beautiful, and fun.  I was going to write about their story and their personalities, but I’ll let my images show you that I am loving everything about them! Clayton, I have so many of your funky shots that are not posted, so you will be blown away by yourself!!

Spokane Baby Session-Lucas

It is so special that I get to share people’s life in the most beautiful ways-marriage and birth of their first child, second child, maybe many of them. When I met Janet and Tim two years ago, I had a great feeling that they were so right for each other, and I did share the amazing wedding with them.  I  have always loved how graceful and feminine  Janet is, and always excited how beautiful her children will be.  And here he is- the beautiful baby boy Lucas.  I just can’t help falling in love with this little guy, 8 days old-sweet little pea. Thank you Janet & Tim for letting me take part in your wonderful life!

Spokane baby session-Eya

I know she does not like to take pictures, but I can’t help to try to take some quick shots of Eya. Here they are; a total of 15 minutes. The Monkey Girl is what we always call her. Eya is about 5 years-old. She loves to sing.  Have you ever read a kids book, Harry and the Lady Next Door. It is about how a lady always sings higher and louder when the dog, Harry, tries so hard to stop her. I guess Eya is really the lady next door. Good thing I am not the dog Harry. Her singing sure makes me smile.