Spokane Baby Session-OOOOOOh…It is baby!

Babies are the funniest stage in the human life. They cry, purr, eat and spit-up at the same time, kick, sleep, and wait, one more, they often touch things with their  mouth. No matt what they do, they make all people in the world say, “OOOOh! Look at them!…” Here are two cute cute babies that showed up in my studio doorway today. I have known their parents for a long time, and had such fun time hanging out with them. Thanks for coming Sophia & Nathalie! xxoo. By the way, don’t those little people smell so so good!


2 thoughts on “Spokane Baby Session-OOOOOOh…It is baby!

  1. Thank you ifong, for capturing our little angel so well. These memories will last us a lifetime now. From the few pictures posted so far, we can’t wait to see the rest of them. a MILLION thanks from the three of us to you!

  2. Oh my! Once again you have worked magic! You made the beautiful babies even more stunning! We had so much fun and Sophia loved you! Thank you Ifong!

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