Spokane Engagement-Laura & Dan

They are so so sweet and fun! I have a great time.


Spokane Family-Averill Family

I have known Lizzy’s family for years, so I photographed everyone in the family for few times. I loved Anthony is such alive boy. I was also very excited to meet Brooklyn for the first time, and frond myself can’t stop making funny faces to make her laugh. She is a doll!!  When she laughs that light up my heart!

Spokane Wedding-Elizabeth & Keith

I went to a lot of ceremonies, but this was the first that felt like a comedy show. People dressed up nicely, sat in the beautiful Ballroom, but laughed hard with tears. All because we got the cutest bride and groom that were totally entertaining.  Before Keith even knew Elizabeth, he won the heart of her mother.  What else better than to get the full support from your future mother-in-law! Here they are merging their lives together!

Spokane Engagement-Amanda & John

I think I found a prefect match! I mean a prefect bride and groom that match my style. How alive! Amanda & John. I often tell my bride and groom to be beautiful is great, but to be alive is essential.  Amanda has such a vivid personality and sun shining smile with John who is cool and clam. I just loved them. So much fun to see them together. I truly can’t wait to photograph them again!

Bahamas Wedding first view-Kelle & Tristan

To make yourself beautiful, first, go to a stunning island, and hang out with 22 gorgeous people. And then drink the most delicious bahamian drinks, and daydream in the bluest water while angle fish kiss your toes. And end by photographing the absolutely breathtaking bride and groom. Sum up all the ingredients, and life is beautiful. Here they are, Kelle & Tristan.  When Debbie invited me to the Bahamas, I kinda dropped my jaw, and was over-joyed.  When I reached the Abacos, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I was speechless by the blue water and white sand.  And when I got to know the kindest families and funniest friends, I gave my heart to them. And then the most incredible moment was to witness the beautiful love between Kelle and Tristan, brought tears to my eyes.  Can I say I love them?Can I say I am so lucky to be part of them?  I feel so very beautiful because of them.