When ordinary Ifong meets baby intelligent

I  think I am  an average person in many ways. So when I met Isa the first time, my jaw dropped on the ground and I was shocked for the next few days. Isa is a total gifted baby at age 2.  She is so smart that I have such a fun time to be around her and adore her like a grown up. Here is what her mom say about her and some cute images of the intelligent baby.

“When our little Isabella speaks, everyone around her listens.  She finds delight in conversation about our country, and other countries as well, memorizing where they are on a globe, as well as in relation to where she is.  Plagued with such empathetic torture over the oil spill in the gulf, and especially what it has done to the animals, she maintains that, “it’s just terrible…the ducks with the oil all over them makes them sick mommy, and makes me sad”.  When she dances or climbs, people can’t help but watch.  She raises the eyebrows of passers by, with her sweet chubby face, infectious laugh, and pretty little smile that embody her little girl ways.  But, Isa also perplexes the majority of onlookers as they listen to the on-slaught of complicated terms and abstract ideas she references.  She sees, she learns.  She hears, she learns.  She feels, she learns….. Little “Isa” perplexes the world, (including her parents) when she opens her pouty little toddler lips to recite the ABC’s in 3 different languages or does a near perfect pirouette, calling herself a ballerina.  Isabella’s unique.  Isabella’s sweet.  But while Isa, may be undeniably precocious, she is, first and foremost our goofy, silly, poopy-pants little girl.”


Spokane Wedding-Anna & Brown

It was just pouring rain the whole afternoon. I had my serious face and my brian crunched for solution. Anna was claim and relaxed, and Brown was just happy to be married.  Finally the rain ends, and we were able to be have the wedding outside. The wedding was simple and beautiful like Anna.  I had fun to get to know Brown and Anna. Wonderful couple!!

Priest Lake Wedding-Jessica & Jake

I was so very touched by how down to earth Jessica & Jake are.  I am so comfortable around them; I feel I can be myself.  I thought with how simple they are, it was going to be a simple wedding. When I got their I was speechless by all the amazing details around every corner. All the cute  flowers, cup cakes, the Green Lanterns, and then Jessica said, “I bought those colorful umbrellas just for you!!”  I had a smile on my face. I sure loved how Jessica took my advice to her heart.  As sweet people they are, here are some sweet images.

Hayden Lake Wedding-Kali & Ben

What a stunning sunny day on the lake! I have beautiful Kali & Ben to spend the afternoon together with.  Ben drove the golf cart with Kali in the front and I stood on the rail in the back. It feel like we were all 5 years-old again. We laughed and I got to know how fun Kali & Ben were underneath their gentalness.  I loved the day!

Ifong’s personal notes-the Sunday

For my job, I photograph on weekends and edit, design, and meet throughout the week. During the summer time, I work 12-15 hours pre day, 7 days pre week.  A lot of time or say all the time, I feel I’m chasing my life. Everything seems crazy, hurry, busy and blurry by the end of summer. I have no memory of summer.  Today, I decided to take a day off to slow myself, and watch everything that is surrounding me.  My good Korean friends stopped by and cooked me a beautiful lunch, and we went to for a long walk, and picked decious spring wried feral head for dinner. Kids were laughing and running in the woods, sunlight went though the trees and between the shadow and the lights, they were almost like fairies.  Then we went visited our neighbor’s new baby goats. The air was soft and good. I love everything that is ordinary, but extraordinary. I know I can do better tomorrow because I stopped for today.

Spokane Engagement Session-Katie & Greg

After a few times of the weather God out to get Katie…according to Katie, we finally went out for their engagement session. At first it was nice and sunny, and as soon as I started, it turned into a dark cloudy day.  I can’t believe it.  I guess Katie did carry the rain with her. I love how they are so in love with each other.  I love their fun personalities. Can’t wait to be part of their wedding!!

Spokane Wedding-Erin & Paul

Erin and Paul really wanted to have a great photo session.  They put a lot of though into it and were so willing to do anything I asked of them.  They had high spirits even though it was pouring rain every ten minutes.  They made it fun.  They made it great.  They made it happen.  I am so in love with the groomsmen and bridesmaids.  They treat you like part of the wedding.  They make you feel special.  Thanks Erin and Paul for including me in your most special day.  I was proud to be there.