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June 14, 2010

Ifong’s personal notes-the Sunday

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For my job, I photograph on weekends and edit, design, and meet throughout the week. During the summer time, I work 12-15 hours pre day, 7 days pre week.  A lot of time or say all the time, I feel I’m chasing my life. Everything seems crazy, hurry, busy and blurry by the end of summer. I have no memory of summer.  Today, I decided to take a day off to slow myself, and watch everything that is surrounding me.  My good Korean friends stopped by and cooked me a beautiful lunch, and we went to for a long walk, and picked decious spring wried feral head for dinner. Kids were laughing and running in the woods, sunlight went though the trees and between the shadow and the lights, they were almost like fairies.  Then we went visited our neighbor’s new baby goats. The air was soft and good. I love everything that is ordinary, but extraordinary. I know I can do better tomorrow because I stopped for today.


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  1. Oh, Ifong! These photos are beautiful! I love your little family and your neighbors’ little farm! So refreshing! Hope you enjoyed a restful day off! You deserve it and many more!

    Comment by Alisa — June 14, 2010 @ 2:42 pm | Reply

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