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October 27, 2010

Spokane Engagement session-Natalee & Eric

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It is a wonderful session with Natalee & Eric.  They are alive, fun, and seriously good looking. I love how they just go 100% with everything I want them to do.  Look! How beautiful they are!!



Spokane Engagement Session-Chantel & Brandon

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Chantel is such a  vivid, colorful, passionate person, and..yes, plus the super red high-heel that sums up to one word-WOW! Brandon on the other hand is calm and down to earth. With their beautiful metallic bule antique car. What can I say…I am in love with them!!

October 26, 2010

Spokane Wedding-Mikki & Clayton

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Ceremony: St. Paul’s Church

Reception: The Davenport

Diner: The Davenport

Makeup: Julie at the Makeup Studio

DJ: Ramsin

Flower Designer: Dawn Green

Cup cake: Sweet Dream

I just totally loved this wedding.  Mikki is just absolutely beautiful, and Clayton was just hilarious with all his funny faces.  It was a beautiful day with a lot of fun.  Crazy as usual.  I truly enjoy them!  Cheers for the wonderful life ahead of your!!

October 25, 2010

Spokane Engagement Session-Sheena & Steve

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Sheena had amazing yellow shoes! I love when my bride brings something cool to show off their personalities. It was such a fun session with Sheena and Steve. Here are some great shots of them.



October 19, 2010

Spokane Engagement-Sara and Jake

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It was fun to hand out with Sara & Jake  in a beautiful afternoon.  I watched them closely to find a best way to photograph them, and amazed by how happy and relax they are. They are just so right for each other. I hope my images has show how the truly motions.

Spokane Davenport Wedding-Marianne & Chris -Part 1

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Wedding: Davenport Hotel

Dinner: Davenport Catering

Make up: Julie at Make Up Studio

D.j: Ramsum

Florist: Just Rose florist

They are incredibly in love! Marianne has always wanted to marry a man named Christopher. Here is the perfect man, named Christopher, who is kind, funny and full of character. Marianne said to Chris “where have you been all my life?” They finally found each other and with laughter and tears had this beautiful wedding.

Portland Art Museum Wedding-Andrea & Charlie

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I had an amazing chance to photograph Andrea and Charlie at the Portland Art Museum. The day before the wedding, I arrived, and the beautiful city was wrapped around in the warm sun.  But at the day of wedding, it was raining with no good light. I had to quickly turn my plan to a different direction. Good thing about Portland is, there is so many beautiful hotels around town, and with gorgeous Andrea and Charlie, everything was done nicely. Here is STUNNING Andrea and Charlie!!  And we totally loved loved the best man, Kelly. Who jumped in the pictures.

October 13, 2010

Davenport Hotel Wedding-Katie and Colin

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Wedding Location: Davenport

Dinner: Davenport Catering

Hair: Highlight Sallon

Makeup: Julie at the Makeup Studio

DJ: Chris Anderson

After seven years of going out, they finally walked down the isle.  I heard Katie saw during their vows, that she would love him even if she had to hike seven miles up the mountain and down without food and water.  Behind my camera, I had laughter and tears mixed together.  I love the way they love each other.  Here’s some beautiful images of my beautiful bride and groom.

October 11, 2010

Bozarth Mansion Spokane-Katie & Greg

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Wedding : Bozarth Mansion

Dress: Marcella Bridal-wonderful hand made dress

Florist: Evergreen florist-beautiful job

Katie is such a easy going bride, that pretty much everything I asked, she just smiled and said  “Ya! Sure!” As for choice of the husband, she sure also picked up the super layback Greg.  Two together is wonderful. No fuss at all.  Simple and beautiful.  I love the family, and I love the mother of bride!




October 5, 2010

Spokane Engagement session-Janelle & Jacob

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I really have all the wonderful and beautiful brides & grooms from Spokane. Janelle and Jacob are one of them!. I was booked by Janelle’s mother Kristy without meeting Janelle first.  Kristy was very beautiful and was a big part of putting together Janelle’s wedding. I was curious what kind of personalities Janelle and Jacob had and was so impressed by how wonderful and fun and incredibly good looking they are!!  They are nothing but packed full of deep love for each other! I am so very excited and can’t wait to photograph them again.

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