St. Aloysius Church Wedding-Jennie & Spencer

Wedding: St. Aloysius Church Spokane, WA

Reception: Lakeside event center, CDA

Dinner:Putting on the Ritz

Florist: Esther from Special Touch

I have always loved winter weddings for their simplicity and beauty. I had a wonderful time photographing  Jennie and Spencer on this blizzardy day. The temperature was low and the snow completely covered my camera, but the whole wedding party were just the nicest and funniest people to hang out with! Everyone was laughing with great energy. Jennie was sure a tough bride that stood outside with a thin dress, yet keep up with me without hesitation. Since they did not see each other before the ceremony, most of the bridal session had to be done at night.  I totally loved photographing the night shots with the snow before my bride frozen solid. Here is my beautiful Christmasy wedding.


Spokane Glover Mansion wedding–Smick & Shoemaker Wedding

It was just a wonderful wedding!! The bride and groom were just beautiful, families were full of love, and the winter could not be more perfect except my poor bride was turning blue with the wind. Here are some images that tell the amazing day!