Spokane Baby Session-Ella

I am just growing attached to Ella, as she was the cutest little thing I ever saw. Ella’s mom let me rock her to sleep, and that was the best thing out of the whole session. I LOVE babies!!


Featured Spokane Vendor-Beacon Hill Wedding location and Catering

Beacon Hill Catering and Events




As a wedding photographer, I have been to many wedding locations in and out of town. One of my favorite locations is Beacon Hill Events. Beacon Hill is located at 4848 E. Wellesley Rd. It is set in the quiet countryside among soft, green rolling hills. I’m deeply in love with the beautiful arbor, the green grass, and the old willow tree leaning over the clear pond. Often, after shooting a wedding, I would just sit and watch the incredible city nightlights and breath the sweet air from all the spring flowers and lisent to all the tress chatting in the mid summer night . I could not help but to get close to the people who work there; they are just down-to-earth beautiful people. It is a family owned business, and Pete and Ellie, the owners of Beacon Hill, with their warm hearts really make all events wonderful and different from the rest. The food is presented in such a simple, elegant way, and the flavors are natural and earthy. I think heaven is not too far away.

Meet Ellie Aaro one of owners of Beacon Hill Catering and Events