Spokane Engagement session-Aly and Marty

I love them!! They are just amazingly  beautiful, fun and energetic. Marty is the second son of the Kincaid family who I photographed back in 2008 as a groomsman for his brother. So when I knew I was going to be part of another wedding from the same family, incredible honor and excitement just filled my heart. On top of that, they are just wonderful to photograph. I am just there to capture. Are they so cool?!! Thanks Marty & Aly!


Taiwan-my home

It is 2 a.m, and I am awake during this odd hour. Between sleep, I thought I was still in Taiwan, and I could still heard my mother’s voice. I visited my mother for few weeks, and know that no matter how old I am and how many years I have been away, I am still like a small child needing my mother’s comfort. Taiwan is still loud and crowded, with a high density of people, vivid culture, and incredibly good food. The whole country is so alive.  I had chances to visit a lot of my relatives in different partsof Taiwan and spent a lot of time listening, talking and sharing  how time changed everyone.   Also I laughed, every few minutes I laughed hard. Thanks to my younger sister, she always has a gift to make me laugh so hard.  I am loved so much by so many people, and all of that makes me truly the person I am now. Thank you mother for being a such kind, loving, strong mother that has always held my hand and walked me though a lot of difficult times. I am packed full of energy from Taiwan and ready for this wonderful year with heart!

Spokan Barrist winery Wedding-Jill & Bret

Wedding: Mukougawa Chapel

Reception: Barrist Winery

Dinner: Beacon Hill events and Catering

Make Up: Make Up Studio

Florist: Michael at Beau K

D.J: Complete Music

O.K! Jill has totally put me in this “In-Love Mode.”  I am so in love with them!! She was elegant, beautiful, and easy going. The emotion between Jill and Bret was just melting everyone around them. They were just the easiest subjects to photograph and the coolest families to hang out with for this amazing day.  The elegant sit-down dinner was by Beacon Hill Catering and again the amazing flowers were designed by Michael at Beau K. Here are a few images to share!