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May 28, 2011

Pam Terpstra, the stylist for Rachel & Sam’s engagement shoot

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When I first talked to Rachel in Tennessee to get to know her a bit,  I found her voice to be warm sweet and tender.  She explained to me that her and Sam were from Washington State, him from Ephrata and her from Moses Lake.  They met on a golf course, were engaged on a golf course, and now will be married on a golf course.  I thought to myself that we definitely didn’t need an engagement shoot on a golf course, that would be overkill!  She explained that Sam was a singer, song writer trying to make his way in Nashville, and that she was a budding photographer.  She also explained that she wanted a country, vintage wedding feel to her big day.  She told me that they were very laid back, casual people.  I immediately envisioned a cabin in a field and a field of flowers somewhere.  I wanted to incorporate both personalities by the cameras and the music and guitar.  These two have amazing chemistry and it is evident that they are madly in love with each other.  It doesn’t hurt that they are also very easy on the eyes.  I hope that the images speak for themselves and that they truly enjoy the passion that they share between each other.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with the both of you.

Pam Terpstra

Belle Victorian Gardens

31317 N. Cedar Rd.

Deer Park, WA  99006



Deer Park Engagement Session-Rachel and Sam

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Stylist: Pam from Romancing the Stone

Really, sometimes to photograph a soft sweet poem is a mind refreshing experience.  That is the feeling of photographing Rachel and Sam. They are like poetry–soft, calming, and gentle. I love to live in the moment that they are in. I feel the feeling of loving. I know I don’t make to much sense here, but the images are writing a lovely poem that I had in mind when I spent the whole afternoon with them. Let me know if you feel the same.

Sam is a wonderful country signer who sings out loud, and that sure made me laugh. Rachel is an amazing photographer, and I am so appreciative to be her photographer. On top of everything, we had Pam from Belle Victorian Garden to style the whole session.  I just want to say “Thank you ! I love you Pam! You are a super duper woman! You are even trespassing on someone’s dandelion field just for us to get good shots. I adore you!”

May 26, 2011

The artist behind the theme-Alisa & The La Lune Events

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Starting this week, I am going to blog few people that I truly love in the wedding industry. Here is the first post about La Lune Event.

About La Lune Events:

La Lune Events is a boutique event planning and design company based in the beautiful Inland Northwest.

We are curious, intentionally creative, and excited to bring any vision to life. We’re prop stylists meet wedding planners. Event designers meet creative team. Friends meet industry professionals.

We’re all about that magic that occurs when events are truly reflective of the couple, family, or client who had that first spark of inspiration. When your friends are awestruck at how the details of your special day are so inexplicably “you.” When the details flow together and the day is as stress free as you had imagined.

Creativity. Style. Beauty. Function. In a nutshell-we produce events that delight and inspire. Our job is to make your planning process easier…and absolutely enjoyable.

Alisa Lewis is an event designer and prop stylist working in the Coeur d’Alene and Spokane region. Co-owner of La Lune Events, Alisa has been designing, styling, and coordinating events in the northwest for the past 6 years. La Lune Events was founded in 2010 with Jessica Roy, another talented stylist and coordinator with an exquisite eye for design.

Alisa was raised in Hayden, Idaho but currently resides in the Spokane Valley with her home-building husband, Kyle, and bull mastiff, Diesel. She is expecting their first child, a baby girl, near the end of May. Alisa and her husband are avid gardeners and enjoy growing a large enough garden to sustain them throughout the year. Alisa is also a talented chef and writes a cooking and gardening blog on the side.  She is inspired by anything handmade and dabbles in knitting, sewing, canning, and painting.

Her goal is to provide La Lune Events clients with the best experience possible. By working closely with the clients throughout the planning process, Alisa builds a personal relationship with each couple and family.  Alisa aims to meet all of her clients’ expectations and incorporate all of their inspirational details by providing them with industry expertise, cutting edge design elements, and awe-inspiring events.


Jessica & Alisa

Spokane High country orchard engagement session-Stacey & Shayne

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The Stylist: Alisa from La Lune Events 

Location: High Country Orchard

This was just such an amazing day with beautiful Stacy and Shayne in a spring blooming setting. It was fun and relaxing. The very very talented stylist and event planner Alisa set the whole picnic theme with cool antiques for this engagement session. I am speechless with everything and could not be more happier for how images turn out. Thank you Stacey for letting me to be part of your most wonderful event. I love you all!

From the bride:

Having shared an incredible journey together for the last seven years, we are so ready to say “Forever…I Do”. So what makes our world go round?… God, love, laughter, family, good friends, and being each other’s biggest supporter! Our most cherished words to each other are always “Stacey/Shayne I love you (S.I.L.Y)” We are ready to start a new chapter in our life with new and exciting adventures.

May 24, 2011

Spokane Wedding-Sammie & Blake

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Wedding: Kingdom Hall Church

Reception: Mukugawa

Florist: Just Roses

This is the second wedding I have photographed for the Lovato family! Tansy and Andy are the nicest parents that I have ever met. I loved the family so much, so when they called me again for Sammie’s wedding, I could not have been more happier! Sammie & Blake are just so cute and fun. The beautiful ceremony was held at Kingdom Hall and a great reception was at Mukugawa! I loved everything about it! Here are some images to show how wonderful the day was!

May 14, 2011

Clayton Baby Session-Natalie

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Laughter, spring wild flowers, soft pink face, and warm sunlight. Nothing is better than spending time with Cynthia and Natalie on this relaxing afternoon.

May 13, 2011

Spokane Engagement Session-Carrie and Jeremy

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Carrie is fun, loving, beautiful and could totally melt everyone who passes by her. Jeremy is kind, gentle, patient and sweet. The two together make me smile !  I had a wonderful time to hang out with them. They are so much fun to photograph and be friends with!

May 11, 2011

Spokane Baby session-Eva

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Beautiful baby Eva!

May 9, 2011

Spokane Maternity session-David and Norma

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Norma is so beautiful in her 9 month pregnancy! I had a wonderful chance to photograph her and David again. My beautiful bride and groom from 2009!

Spokane Glover Mansion Wedding-Amy & Derek

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Wedding & Catering : Glover Mansion

Make Up: Julie from Make Up Studio

Hair: Heather Washburn

D.J: Complete Music

There are some people you meet for the first time who feel like good old friends. Amy and Derek are such people, and I could not help but to love them as close friends. They are so cute and so fun and so sweet. The love between them is radiant.  At the reception, Amy had thanked me for being there. I had tears in my eyes. Thank you both for including me in your most beautiful day. Below the images there is a beautiful love story from Amy that you must read! Trust me! I cried reading it. Love you both so much!

Derek and I first met our senior year in high school, in choir class. Our choir teacher had all of us bring our voices together in unison by having us hold hands and listen to the people around us. Derek was standing next to me that day, and as he reached out for my hand a chain of events started to take place that would change our lives forever. Later that year Derek asked me to my very first dance and we left an imprint on each other that ended up always helping us find our way back to one another regardless of time and distance apart.

We never dated in high school, but years later after I started college and Derek began his military career a strange meeting brought us together briefly. Derek was home on leave from his first deployment to Iraq, and a few friends decided to take him to a downtown club for some much needed R&R. I was out that same night, trying to let go of the stress of college life. We saw each other from across the room, it had been years since we had last seen each other. Derek just stared at me like he had never seen a woman before! We laughed and talked and it was like no time had passed. A connection was there that both of us knew was real. We parted ways again, both hoping that somewhere in the future our paths would cross again. And when Derek came home from the war one of the first things he did was track down my number and ask me out on our very first date! We spent the next 2 and a half years falling in love. But once again we would be separated.

Our lives took different paths, his to Alabama for flight school and mine to nursing school. We spent the next couple of years growing and maturing, finding out who we really are. And one day Derek picked up the phone and called me. We haven’t stopped talking since. We spent a year cultivating a friendship and falling back in love over Skype and the telephone. After we both had graduated we moved to Renton Washington together and took the next step in our lives. Now here’s where the story gets really good!

A few months pass, and April 3, 2009 started off like my birthday’s normally do, ordinary. I was convinced the day was going to be horrible and something would inevitably happen that would ruin the day (as I believe that my birthdays are cursed and will usually end in disaster). I’m a registered nurse in the emergency department, and I checked my email to find that my new job (an ER which shall remain nameless) was getting even worse, finding a nasty email from a coworker hell bent on making my life miserable (this is of course an exaggeration, but it makes a better story that way). I spent the morning in tears missing my beloved old job at Holy Family ER in Spokane. Derek comforted me and made me laugh trying to lift my spirits “It’s your birthday, and I don’t want you crying today, Honey” he said.

Later that day, after the tears had finally dried, Derek took me to a fancy dinner at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. All through dinner all I could talk about was work and how mean they were to me and how I just wanted to be back at Holy Family. I steadily went through a psychoanalysis of everyone I worked with that I didn’t like. Derek acted like every word I said was the most interesting and important thing I had ever said. He was so attentive and caring, but I didn’t realize how nervous he was about something that was moments away.

We finished dinner and a few cocktails (which helped me chill out a little), and went for a walk on the observation deck. I was expecting a little stroll and then home. The night before I had begged and begged for Derek to give me my birthday present early (a beautiful silver locket), so I wasn’t even expecting anything in the form of a gift on my real birthday. 

As we circled Seattle, the lights shined up at us like diamonds. The air was crisp and cool, and just as I started to shiver Derek wrapped his arms around me and quietly said to me “You know I love you don’t you? You know that I’ll always be here for you no matter how hard things get?” I said “yes… of course I do”. Before I knew it Derek was down on one knee with a little box in the palm of his hand. A beautiful glow shined up at me from the box, it was like he was holding the sun. The diamonds sparkled, and it was just like in the movies when you see that gleaming stone and it is so bright it actually makes a sound (once again… an exaggeration, but you get the idea)! 

Now this is where things get fuzzy… I remember him opening the box and seeing the ring, and saying yes through my loud-ugly-cry tears, but I have no idea what he said! I’m sure it was “Amywill you marry me?” but my heart was pounding so hard I could barely hear anything but that! There were people around us watching, and a particular group of young men behind Derek were especially funny saying as he slipped the ring on my finger “Whoa man…this is intense”. Yes it is boys, you have no idea.

I cried all my carefully applied makeup off, and held Derek so tight! I never wanted to let go, and I still haven’t. All I could think after it happened was how silly I was for complaining about my job all through dinner when the most magical thing of my life was going to happen that night!! Derek couldn’t have been anymore understanding or sweet…per usual. I never believed in soul mates until Derek. Never thought I would get to have that. That all encompassing love that makes everything else in the world pale in comparison. But I was wrong. Normally that would really bother me, but in this instance…I’ve never been so glad to be so very, very wrong.

 A few weeks passed, and I had already begun the wedding planning, when one afternoon Derek received a phone call from a commanding officer. Derek was going to be deployed to Iraq… and soon. We both knew that we wanted to be married before the deployment. After all, the military doesn’t recognize fiancé’s, and if anything were to happen to Derek I needed to be notified and be at his side. We quickly hatched a plan, and decided that before he would be sent to war we would have a special vacation just for the two of us. Our destination: Jamaica, and on that trip we would get married. Just him and I, on a beach, saying yes for the rest of our lives. The big wedding would come one day, we always knew that. But this we wanted to be something special… just for us. He spent the next 3 months on training missions, and we barely saw each other. But on September 9th, 2009 we flew to Jamaica, and stood on a floating dock over the ocean and said “I Do”. 2 weeks later Derek left for a year long deployment to Iraq. Here we are newlyweds, and separated after only 2 weeks of marriage, never knowing if we will get to continue our love story. Derek and I had a saying, like most couples have songs. It is: “Real love stories don’t have endings”. This was not the end of our story, but just the next chapter.

It was the most difficult chapter to experience for both of us. We would go weeks without talking. Me never knowing if he was alive, him worrying about me and thinking of me all alone at home. I moved back across the state by myself trying to stay the strong Army wife, and the help of my family and friends was so wonderful. I came back to my beloved old job, but a piece of me was missing. Derek got home almost a full year after first leaving and now we finally get to have the wedding we had always dreamed of. A day where we can celebrate with our loved ones, a day where we can look to the future and know that at least for now, we are together and whole. One of the things that has kept us so strong as a unit is our laughter, and Derek never ceases to amaze me at how light hearted he can be even in the worst of times. Even when we don’t know what the next day will hold, Derek takes my hand and walks with me side by side, saying along the way “it’s ok, because we’re together now”. And everything is ok. We know there will be many deployments ahead, many nights where we both are worrying about each other, and days where we are apart but together in our hearts. But when you find something as special as what we have, you will walk through fire to hold onto it. Love has a new meaning for us both now.

        Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City): “Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”

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