Spokane Engagement Session- Nigel and Ashley

Nigel and Ashley are a very cute couple. Ashley was such a relaxing, sassy, adorable lady in front of the camera. Nigel was so sweet. The emotion between them was so beautiful that me and Pam would just melt. Amazing, incredible photo styling from Pam. Thank you Pam for this awesome work. I love working with you!

Photo styling by:  Pam Terpstra, Romancing The Stone

Here’s a little insight from Pam:

When I first talked to Ashley on the phone at her home in Seattle, I wanted to get to know her and who she was.  How did her and Nigel meet and what about them made their unique personality?  She was sweet and soft spoken and she explained that she was planning her dream fairytale wedding in grand style.  Nigel and Ashley have been together a number of years and had a car accident a year or so ago.  They were together in the car and both were injured.  Ashley explained that this experience only served to grow them together as a couple and helped them to see what was special in one another.  I decided as a stylist that it would be amazing to shoot their engagement photos as a prince and princess discovering their love for one another.  Nigel as the frog and in the wake of tragedy Ashley discovers that he is her true prince, thus the beginning of the fairytale.  It was so delightful to work and meet with the two of you, you truly have that special quality about you.  Your love for each other is definitely worn on your sleeve!

Pam Terpstra





Spokane Portrait session-Kevin

It was an incredible experience have a portrait session with Kevin. The first time I met Kevin, I was totally in love with his personality and his warm heart. He is so much fun being around. The entire session was filled with great laughs and I felt so fortunate just meeting with people like Kevin.

Message from Kevin:

At 55 years, divorced for thirteen years, my youngest of five children having completed his first year at college I felt a certain growth in freedom to look at new options in my life. This included international travel, studying Russian, finding myself in the gym three or four times a week. As an artist at heart, and from an early age, I also began to paint again and in the process discovered that my life could really be like a blank canvas.  I could create that painting, the life I wanted. The size of the canvas, the colors, and what went in the painting were all up to me.  It was like realizing that I had the power to create not only an actual painting on canvas, but the canvas of my life and  live it!

I started pursuing new options, new thoughts, and made new insights. I had not had any professional photographs of me other than one for business (which I did not care for) from years ago, and some wedding shots…time to change it up!

I researched local photographers, visited their websites and called three to discuss my objectives.  I did not want standard canned commercial shots.  It was very important to me that the photographer I selected had a strong sense of their own creativity that he or she could inject into the work of photographing me.  iFong was the clear choice, and I was very happy to have the opportunity to work with her.  As you can see looking at her portfolio of subjects, the creativity and quality of her work speaks for itself.

Spokane Wedding- Carrie and Jeremy



These two are a beautiful couple! They are some of the nicest people and I had so much fun with them.

Message from the bride:

Jeremy and I met December 4th, 2010 at a mutual friends wedding and immediately hit it off.  In the following weeks of getting to know each other, I knew he was the answer to my prayers and the man of my dreams.  Our children got along from the first day they met and our lives came together so perfectly and naturally.  Jeremy is such an amazing, kind, loving, Godly, caring, and patient man and I quickly fell deeply and completely in love with him.  We share a lot of the same beliefs, experiences, morals, parenting styles, likes and dislikes, again, we are just a perfect fit.  We are so blessed that our paths came together the way that they did – it has enhanced our and our childrens’ lives more than we had ever expected they would or even could be.  Jeremy and I look forward to the future together of making more memories, growing old and always completely loving each other.
Thank you so much for being a part of our most important day together and capturing those memories for us.  We truly consider you our friend.


Spokane Engagement Session-Elizabeth and Matt

What a fun session with Matt and Elizabeth. With these two, you can tell they share a very special love for one another.

Message from the couple:

When we woke up on Friday morning for the photo shoot, we didn’t know what to expect.  The forecast called for rain, but the afternoon was filled with sunshine.  We met as interns at the State Legislature, went on our first date at an AC/DC cover band concert, had an in-depth discussion about Star Trek (Original Series vs. Next Generation), and fell in love.  We’ve been together for over five years now—through good times and bad.  The road in front of us will both present obstacles and bring joy.  Knowing that we will have each other along the way makes us incredibly happy and thankful.  We’re very excited to begin a new chapter in our lives has husband and wife and to share the same with our friends and family.

Deer Park ten year renew vow- Kiersten & Tom

The Wedding Location: Belle Victoria Garden Weddings

The Wedding Stylist: Pam Terpstra, Romancing the Stone

The Wedding Hair: Heather Washborn

The Wedding Make Up: Shasta Hankins


Eyelash Artistry:  Leslee Bouttu

The Wedding Cake, Macaroons and Cake in the jar: Judy Rozier, Frosting

The Wedding Florist: Kara from Epiphany Floral

The Dresses: The finder’s Keeper and Carousel Vintage Clothing Store

Again this incredible lilic wedding styling was done by Pam Terpstra.

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