Spokane Portrait session-Kevin

It was an incredible experience have a portrait session with Kevin. The first time I met Kevin, I was totally in love with his personality and his warm heart. He is so much fun being around. The entire session was filled with great laughs and I felt so fortunate just meeting with people like Kevin.

Message from Kevin:

At 55 years, divorced for thirteen years, my youngest of five children having completed his first year at college I felt a certain growth in freedom to look at new options in my life. This included international travel, studying Russian, finding myself in the gym three or four times a week. As an artist at heart, and from an early age, I also began to paint again and in the process discovered that my life could really be like a blank canvas.  I could create that painting, the life I wanted. The size of the canvas, the colors, and what went in the painting were all up to me.  It was like realizing that I had the power to create not only an actual painting on canvas, but the canvas of my life and  live it!

I started pursuing new options, new thoughts, and made new insights. I had not had any professional photographs of me other than one for business (which I did not care for) from years ago, and some wedding shots…time to change it up!

I researched local photographers, visited their websites and called three to discuss my objectives.  I did not want standard canned commercial shots.  It was very important to me that the photographer I selected had a strong sense of their own creativity that he or she could inject into the work of photographing me.  iFong was the clear choice, and I was very happy to have the opportunity to work with her.  As you can see looking at her portfolio of subjects, the creativity and quality of her work speaks for itself.


7 thoughts on “Spokane Portrait session-Kevin

  1. Ifong you are so brilliant, I love how you capture the personality of each individual. Good luck with the next phase of your life Kevin!

    1. Hi Brenda,
      It was alot of fun as you must already know, to work with iFong. She is one of the most creative and technically skilled in her trade people that I know.
      Thanks for the well wishes on the adventure!
      Best regards to you!

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