Spokane Engagement Session- Nigel and Ashley

Nigel and Ashley are a very cute couple. Ashley was such a relaxing, sassy, adorable lady in front of the camera. Nigel was so sweet. The emotion between them was so beautiful that me and Pam would just melt. Amazing, incredible photo styling from Pam. Thank you Pam for this awesome work. I love working with you!

Photo styling by:  Pam Terpstra, Romancing The Stone

Here’s a little insight from Pam:

When I first talked to Ashley on the phone at her home in Seattle, I wanted to get to know her and who she was.  How did her and Nigel meet and what about them made their unique personality?  She was sweet and soft spoken and she explained that she was planning her dream fairytale wedding in grand style.  Nigel and Ashley have been together a number of years and had a car accident a year or so ago.  They were together in the car and both were injured.  Ashley explained that this experience only served to grow them together as a couple and helped them to see what was special in one another.  I decided as a stylist that it would be amazing to shoot their engagement photos as a prince and princess discovering their love for one another.  Nigel as the frog and in the wake of tragedy Ashley discovers that he is her true prince, thus the beginning of the fairytale.  It was so delightful to work and meet with the two of you, you truly have that special quality about you.  Your love for each other is definitely worn on your sleeve!

Pam Terpstra





3 thoughts on “Spokane Engagement Session- Nigel and Ashley

  1. Oh Ashley and Nigel you both are the sweetest and these images Ifong are outstanding! They represent your love to the tee. Thank-you for allowing me to style you up and have so much fun and laughter. Your wedding will be the fairytale that you dream of. AMAZING WORK IFONG!

  2. Absolutely beautiful set. I just love this theme… I have been following your photo blog for a year or so and figured I would finally leave a comment. Admiring your newest work brings me joy… I’m a follower for as long as you keep posting! Thanks so much~

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