Spokane Wedding-Dana & RJ

Wedding: St. Aloysius Church

Reception and catering: Hayden Lake Country Club

Florist: Art of Flower

Cake: Happy Cake Co.

It was an amazing wedding with beautiful Dana and RJ. Love the families! And the open dance just incredible!


Whitefish Lake Wedding-Lena & John

I just love this wedding!  I love the family, how kind they are.  The sweetest bride.  All the beautiful, elegant details.  The fun boat ride.  The amazing scenery.  I had so much fun, and am so glad I was able to be there.  Here are some images from this amazing day.

The love story from the bride:

John and I met about one month or so after I started working at McConnell AFB in Wichita, Kansas. I remember seeing a tall, attractive man smile at me as he walked past a doorway in the kitchen of a squadron barbecue that I attended in the fall 2009. The next week I saw the same guy while I was at Smash Burger for lunch — with the other docs from the clinic. We chatted a bit, and he agreed to invite me next weekend so that I could meet other people from our mutual squadron the 350th (Air Refueling Squadron). That weekend John nonchalantly walked into Mort’s unaccompanied and met me. I was out with a few new people that I had dinner with earlier. John sat down at the end of the table next to me, and we started talking. It was like no one else was around except the two of us. Next thing I know, the others at the table were ready to go home. John asked me if I wanted to get another drink. I said yes, of course! While walking down the streets of Old Town, he asked if he could take me to dinner. I said yes again, without even thinking about how I told myself I was going to take a break from dating.  John proposed on New Year’s Eve while we were hanging out with my family for the holiday celebration. I said yes, as soon as I saw the diamond ring he was dangling on a piece of ribbon. Now here we are, almost two years later, ready to take the plunge and begin our future together!


Deer Park Wedding- Sheena & Steve

Wedding: Belle Victoria Garden Wedding

Catering: Feast

The most laid back wedding!! Sheena and Steve made this event not only beautiful, but fun and personal.  I love how they take their time and enjoy every minutes of the day!

A short Story from the bride:

Outdoor weddings can be risky since you never know what the weather might do. Thankfully for Steve and Sheena, 4 wonderful years of dating was followed up with the most wonderful wedding day. Surrounded by family and friends, they were able to begin their new lives together against the gorgeous backdrop at the Belle Victorian Gardens. The ceremony went off perfectly and should be a true sign of all that is to come.

Deer Park New Born session_Baby Jake

It was a beautiful morning, Jake came by with his mommy and daddy. Jack was so sleepy, I did not get a chance to say “Hi”.  He had sweet milky baby smell and a fat belly. I was just falling for him. I could stare at him for hours and could not stop smiling and wondering how much happiness a little baby could bring in to the world. Here is few shots of cutey pie Jake and his mom and dad.

Spokane Engagement session-Sheena and Eric

It was a one of morning that after a long prayer, I got to spend some most relaxing time with two amazing people: Sheena and Eric! They are not only beautiful, but the deep love, respect and appreciation for each other is refreshing. I am inspired and the sweet soft feelings has filled me thought out the whole week.