Spokane Wedding: Angel and Brian

Wedding Locations: High Country Orchard

Catering: High Country Orchard


Wedding Planner: Lori Tetuault

Florist: BeauK Florist

Dress: Marcella

Beautiful bride and groom, gourmet food, gorgeous location. All add up to a fantastic wedding.


23 thoughts on “Spokane Wedding: Angel and Brian

  1. Oh my gosh! Ifong, you are amazing! You really captured, not only the love that Brian and Angel share, but you totally got their joy and silliness as well! You highlighted the beauty of the setting along with what is important to Brian & Angel–the people in their lives. Including Koda!
    Barbara Davies

  2. Ifong, you are an amazing artist. Can’t wait to see more spectacular photos of my handsome son and his beautiful bride!

  3. The photos are incredible! Angel and Brian you 2 look like models! I love all of them and the urban ones are super cool!

  4. honey, we had an awesome time @ your wedding. The pictures are so beautiful, and story tale like. What wonderful memories you will have! Love you both!

  5. Ifong, you did an amazing job of capturing Angel and Brian on their special day. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication.

  6. These pictures are full of personality and joy…not the stuffy classic types of photos staged by stuffy photographers. Beautiful and full of real life!

  7. all of these pictures are so beautiful!!!! what wonderful pictures to have with so many precious memories! truly a talented photographer… and such wonderful subjects to photograph!!!

  8. fyi, this site has been recently taking pinterest.com by storm. a lot of people love the photography and want to “pin” or “repin” to use as examples for their own weddings!

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