Spokane Engagement Session-Natalie and Brandon

This is just one of a random beautiful morning that I got way more than I expected.  Natalie and Brando are just fun!  They laughed the whole session and I just so in love with them. They are no only beautiful, but the emotion and the way their appreciated each other just heartwarming. I can’t wait for their wedding!

The Love Story:

Our Story: We knew working out was good fur us, but we didn’t know it was this good!

The story of how our relationship worked out started with working out. Yes, I mean literally working out. Winter quarter at Eastern Washington University we both happened to be on the same workout schedule at the school gym. Monday through Friday seeing each other at the gym at 6 am every morning, we shared glances but never said anything to each other, until one fateful day we found ourselves in an awkward situation. That fateful day was an unlikely day, because we both decided to workout on a Saturday morning right when they opened, which neither of us usually did. We also had happened to show up 10 minutes before the doors to the gym opened, and were the only ones waiting. To break the awkward silence I, Natalie, started a conversation with Brandon, and from that moment we became good friends. From our conversation we discovered that our apartments where we stayed were right across from each other, so we started car pooling to the gym, which allowed us to get to know each other even more.

As time went on, I, Brandon, began to grow fond of Natalie. So I got the courage up to ask her on a date. She felt bad having to tell me she was already with someone. That saddened my heart, but I didn’t want to give up our friendship. I, Natalie had also felt that there was something special between us, some kind of connection, but brushed it off as being a crush and once I knew that Brandon had feelings for me we distanced ourselves but continued to be friends; talking once in a blue moon. Two years later we both found ourselves single and started hanging out again, and more frequently. Those same feelings came back again, and we realized that those feelings never had left. We started dating and shortly after became boyfriend and girlfriend. Both of us being such open people, we quickly discovered everything about each other in such a short time that it felt like we had been together for years. Knowing that we had exactly what we were looking  for in front of us this whole time we decided to tie the knot!


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