Coeur d’Alene Wedding-Nicole and Jim

Wedding: Mountain View Congregational Church, Kellogg
Reception and Catering: Coeur d’Alene Resort, Hagadone Event Center
Cake: Cakes by Stefanie
Decorations: The Brides talented aunt
DJ and Lighting: Big Show Mobile Entertainment
Photo Booth: Flat 4 Photography
Videography: Alpha Video Services
Jim and I met in September 2005 while at a beach outing for the College group Campus Crusade for Christ. There was an instant connection for us and after I told him that I liked to do laundry he joking asked me if I would marry him… Who knew that he would be asking me for real less than six years later? Fast Forward and on January 11th, 2011 at 1:11 AM in the morning (1-1-11 at 1:11, which happens to be my birthday) Jim is out on my front lawn with Christmas Lights spelling out “will you marry me?”. I had learned over the previous years that he wasn’t just asking me so that I would clean his laundry but because we had a love that would last and I said Yes! We loved celebrating our wedding with our families and friends and we’re looking forward to making our new house a home with our two dogs!

12 thoughts on “Coeur d’Alene Wedding-Nicole and Jim

  1. Lovely; fun; natural; playful; classy; and I whimpered seeing your Dad with a teary eye as he danced with his daughter; great that you included your story of how you two met – I appreciated that and now know a little more about you – now I want to see the photo of the lights on your yard spelling out “will you marry me?” . . . can’t wait to see you and Jim; am so looking foward to your next big day on August 18.

  2. Ifong, you were such a delight to work with!! The wedding party loved you and they couldn’t wait to see these pictures! I am looking forward to seeing the rest of them!! Thank you for making my daughters wedding day so memorable and less stressful!!

  3. I really love the cleaver locations your chose for the pictures, especially the contrast between the orange doors and the blue dresses!

  4. Beautiful photos! Nicole, your aunt did a stellar job with the decorations. But, I think my favorites are the photos of your dance with your father.

  5. So sweet! The pictures of you and your Dad, Nicole, are precious! Made me tear up. You both look wonderful. Love all the colors! The picture with the orange doors contrasted with the blue dresses is so cool!

  6. Love the combination of backdrops and how well you captured the bride’s true personality….also loved the b/w and color….awesome job!

  7. Frame 16 is my favorite that has the orange doors as well! You can see the joy in each and every picture of this day for all involved. Nicole’s bouquet is also priceless. How gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful pictures!! I enjoyed this day so much and after looking through these pictures it is truly amazing how you have captured the the emotions and fun of this incredible wedding!!! Awesome!

  9. Great pictures! My favorite is the last one, especially knowing the effort it took to stay balanced and not fall in! (Even though Jim and Andrew decided to go for a little swim later on…)

  10. Beautiful, fun, creative photos! Looks like everyone had a blast 🙂 The one that catches me the most is the one of all the guys in b/w near the building. They’re all nicely posed, and it’s an interesting effect. All of them are great though. Very tough to pick a favorite!

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