Shannon and Ty family

I have been photograph Shannon and Ty for many times through out few years and still I am in impressed with how beautiful this family is! The children just adorable! Big thanks to Belle victoria garden for letting me use their amazing place.



Alexia & Cory Engagement-Spokane WA

Cory and I met when we were both in high school, I went to Newport and Cory went to Priest River. Being a couple of goof balls and sharing a love for competition it wasn’t long before we became good friends. We tried dating when we were 15 but the timing just wasn’t right for us. I graduated high school and went on to college and Cory prepared for going on his mission for his church. A couple of years later Cory and I started communicating again and we both knew that we had grown feelings for each other; little did I know at that time that Cory had been waiting for me all along. My timing proved to be a problem being that Cory was heading to Hungary for two years for his church. If we were going to make this work it was going to be emotionally taxing on both of us. So every Monday morning I would stay up until 3am just so I could email him in Europe and we would send each other letters every week. Then after two long years of waiting, my Prince Charming returned from Europe and we made our relationship official. Now two and a half years later while visiting with my Mom, Cory asked the question that changed my life. I am so blessed to be able to marry my best friend and my soul mate.  We can’t wait for our fairy tale dream wedding in June at the Belle Victorian Gardens.


Jessica & Kevin Wedding-St Joseph Church, WA

Wedding: St. Joseph Church

Reception: Sons of Norway

Catering: Mamma Mia

This is one of funny moment that I was pulling hair out trying to find spots to take Jessica and Kevin for cool shots, and here is…their back yard.  With such a beautiful setting plus alive bride and groom, I had a hard time to get out of their home and ready for church. Special thanks to Janie and David Rumbergar for this is the second wedding of the family that I am so honored to photograph.

Meghan & Kevin Wedding-Spokane Club, Spokane WA

Photographer: Ifong Chen
Dress: Vera Wang for David’s Bridal
Suit: Brook’s Brother’s
Florist: Evergreen Florist
Venue and Catering: Spokane Club
DJ: DJ Kowax
Hair: Diva’s Studio
Makeup: The Makeup Studio
Cake: Just American Desserts

Our story:
Meghan and Kevin met on a night out with a mutual friend….Kevin was the shy, silent type and Meghan, was, well, everything but…. she made him dance with her to, of all songs, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Meghan left a few days later to go back to school in Boston, but they kept in touch and when she moved back to Spokane, several months later, they began to see each other on a regular basis.
Fast forward 5 years later, Meghan and Kevin are still inseparable, Kevin is slightly less shy and silent and Meghan, as always is still a talkative, energetic, giggly girl. They’re excited to be newly married and are so grateful to have started off with such a supportive group of friends and family around them.

Tanya & Mark Wedding-jacklin arts center Post Falls ID

Venue: The Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center

Catering: Ferrante’s Italian Marketplace

Photographer: Ifong Chen

Music: AMP’d Entertainment- Justin Haas

Make-Up: Shasta Hankins

Hair: Douglas McCoy

Desserts: Sister of the Groom

Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier

Venue Décor: the Attic Vintage Rental

Flowers: Beau K Florist

 Our Story:

Military members Mark and Tanya were stationed in Spokane together for nearly a year before they met on a deployment in a location more than half-way around the world.  Their serendipitous bus stop encounter and subsequent relationship are proof that everything happens for a reason and that sometimes love will find you in the most unexpected places. 

Mark and Tanya bring new meaning to the idea of selfless love.  Spending the majority of their relationship and now new marriage living in separate states, they rely on their ability to communicate effectively, wait patiently, and laugh often.  You will rarely see the two without a smile on their faces when they are around each other.  Their marriage shows the triumph of desire over discomfort and that all good things are worth waiting for.

The two are so grateful for the love and support of such an amazing group of friends and family. 

“We are so excited to start this new adventure together and are looking forward to what the future has in store.  So far, we’ve been very blessed.”

–      Mark & Tanya

I love all my brides, but I have to say Tanya is different.  Not only is she so beautiful (as Claudia Schiffer 🙂 but the grace and kindness in her made her even more lovable.  I am so appreciative and honored that I was able to be part of this unforgettable event and get to know this beautiful woman, best bridesmaids, best bride’s mother, all the beautiful families and friends. Here’s some images to tell the day. Love sure is a wonderful thing to Celebrate! Ifong


Our friend has beautiful kids. Here are some images I took when they were over. I love how down to earth and simply kids always are


Mikayla and Andrew Wedding-Clayton WA

Our wedding story:
Andrew and I met a little over 8 years ago. We were friends out of a mutual friend and both of us were green right out of high school. After knowing Andrew for a couple of years I mustered up the courage to do more than just a little flirting and actually tell him I had a “crush” on him. He shut me down! I was floored. I had never been shut down before, in fact, to this day he’s still the only man to have ever shut me down. We were friends so we stayed in close contact throughout the years. I moved to Portland for school and he moved to Everett for work.

 After graduation I moved back to Spokane planning on staying here for a brief amount of time before heading out to find a career. The same mutual friend we had 6 years prior happened to call me up shortly after I moved back and mentioned that he was having a little get together… he also mentioned Andrew was going to be there. I was in! From that night on we didn’t leave each others sides.
Last December Andrew bought a house and I moved in. We knew things were pretty set at this point it was just a matter of timing. On January 20th of this year he surprised me with a trip to Portland and the Oregon coast. After 10 grueling hours in the car through  an outrageous ice storm we were finally there, little did I know he was about to propose. Without hesitation I said “yes!”
By the end of February I had my dream dress, a date, and no clue where to go from there with only 7 months to plan. The dress fit perfect so no alterations were needed and slowly but surely with the help of so many family members and friends the wedding started to fall into place.
The local Deer Park florist was happy to do just a few simple bouquets. A very generous farmer, who didn’t know me from Adam, offered up some of his crop for me to use as centerpieces. We decided on using the family farm for the venue, which couldn’t have turned out any better. From there people flocked to help with planning and setting up.
My mother-in-law, whose a master with a sewing machine, made our table runners and helped with decor. My dad found some amazing vintage items that we could use for decor and photos. A few family friends volunteered to cook an amazing meal. The best man and maid of honor couldn’t have done more to help out. And my mom was a saint! Without her I couldn’t have made this happen. She was on top of everything I was either too stressed to figure out or just kept putting off for a later time. It was truly my fairytale wedding. Eight years after Andrew had shut me down we’re married and embarking on an adventure that we can write together from here on out.
Looking back on it now it’s probably a good thing he shut me down. We wouldn’t have worked way back when. We were able to grow individually and experience other relationships that allow us to love and appreciate each other the way we do now. Andrew is everything this world means to me. He is a good leader, strong in faith, and overflowing with love. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I’ve heard a lot of love stories in my time, and although I’ve given you just a snippet of the beginning of ours, the love story I’m looking forward to the most is the rest of ours.