Caitlin & Antonio-Spokane Wedding




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Brynne & Jon-Cave B Winery Wedding

The Wedding: Cave B Winery

The catering: Amazing Cave B Catering

The Beer: brewed by Groom himself

The strong wind carried everyone’s hair in the air. Sun in and out of incredible clouds. Cave B Winery could not be more unique at with own beauty and Brynne & john could not be more relaxed on this day and embraced every beautiful moments. Here are few images to show their heartfelt love for each other!!

Bryan_B01 Bryan_B02 Bryan_B03 Bryan_B04 Bryan_B05 Bryan_B06 Bryan_B07 Bryan_B08 Bryan_B09 Bryan_B10 Bryan_B11 Bryan_B12 Bryan_B13 Bryan_B14 Bryan_B15 Bryan_B16 Bryan_B17 Bryan_B18 Bryan_B19 Bryan_B20 Bryan_B21 Bryan_B22 Bryan_B23 Bryan_B24 Bryan_B25 Bryan_B26 Bryan_B27

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Sara & Tim-A touch of country wedding, Rockford WA

The story of Tim and Sara:

“Timara” is fairly simple. We sat next to each other in biology class at the University of Washington after being introduced by a mutual friend. Tim likes to recollect that it was Sara who couldn’t keep her eyes off his red hair, beautiful calves, and sky blue eyes. She would distract him in class with smiley faces on his note pages and she knew she had caught his eye when he, in return, would provide her some of his seemingly endless supply of Hot Tamales. With a year of flirting and interspersed dates, Tim knew he had sealed the deal when Sara accidently sent a text to him that was meant for her friend stating “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I really like him”. Pretty great for a guy to receive as you can imagine. Dates and hanging out became a regular event ever since then. However, Sara did have requirements:

#. Tim had to have a desire to travel – which led to their cross continental emails from Nicaragua to Priest Lake, Peru to Africa, and then closer from Seattle/Boise/Montana/Michigan to Spokane (much more feasible). They were even able to take some of those travels together going California, Arizona, Victoria, Priest Lake Id, and Orlando.
#. Tim had to be outdoorsy – in which multiple hikes in the cascades, camping at the grand canyon, sailing, and random bike rides together resulted.
#. Tim had to be active – he started running for her. Now he has run a marathon with her. Enough said.
#. Tim had to cook – he usually does most of it….and the cleaning too.
#. Tim couldn’t be too crazy of a night owl – double digits is a success for bed time to him and Sara. Waking up early with a cup of coffee on the deck is the best start to a day.
#. Tim had to expect blonde babies in the future – False. Our dog, Marvolo, is a redhead and so will all future Hatlen babies.
#. Tim needed to understand that Sara didn’t want to be on the Kate and William train of 8 years of dating. He fulfilled that wish on May 26th over Memorial Weekend when he and Sara met half way at Flat Head Lake, MT for camping and hiking. She was completely oblivious the entire day, and even during the actual event, when Tim asked her during a picture break on the hike. They celebrated at a winery and then of course went to have pizza that night for dinner, her favorite food. Tim’s family secretly came to Spokane to carry on the celebration with Sara’s family the next day.

There is a lot more ahead for Timara. Sara is just completing her first year of medical school and Tim is finishing his medical education. He expects to work and pay for Sara to complete school as a general internist, then it is on to retirement and leisure as she becomes the breadwinner and he stays at home relaxing leisurely.

Tim01 Tim02 Tim03 Tim04 Tim05 Tim06 Tim07 Tim08 Tim09 Tim10 Tim11 Tim12 Tim13 Tim14 Tim15 Tim16 Tim17 Tim18 Tim19 Tim20 Tim21 Tim22 Tim23 Tim24 Tim25 Tim26 Tim27 Tim28 Tim29 Tim30 Tim31 Tim32 Tim33 Tim34 Tim35 Tim36 Tim37 Tim38 Tim39 Tim40