Elkins Resort Wedding-Liv & Chris, Priest Lake ID

Ceremony and reception venue:  Elkin’s Resort
Bride’s dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses: Alfred Sung, The Dessy Group
Groom and groomsmen attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Bride’s shoes: Betsey Johnson
Flowers:  Bee Haven Flower Farm, Bonners Ferry, ID
Mother of the bride dress:  Kay Unger, Nordstrom
Hair and make up:  cousin of the bride annekristinelingerie.com
Bride’s ring: family heirloom
Groom’s ring: Kinekt
Cakes by Tammi Thurston, mother of the groom and Elizabeth Bade, aunt of the bride
Love Story from Liv:

We met in Tanzania as members of the same Peace Corps training class and got to know each other during the 10 week training session. We spent a weekend together shadowing another volunteer before being sent to our separate village schools to begin teaching. Once we were at our schools, we visited each other frequently and traveled together around Tanzania and to Victoria Falls in Zambia while on vacation. We also planned several projects together at our schools, including a very successful HIV/AIDS conference with our students and students at the school for the deaf in Chris’s community.

When we returned to the US, we moved to Golden, Colorado and worked for a few years. Since we love to travel together, we took a trip to France and England in the summer of 2011. Chris proposed at a family cabin in the mountains around Utah. We went out snowshoeing and came upon a hill overlooking the winter wonderland. We sat down on a log to enjoy the view as the bright sunshine filtered through the snow-covered tree branches. Chris began playing in the snow with a stick and wrote “Will you marry me?” And of course I wrote “yes” in reply!

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Spokane, Washington Wedding-Glover Mansion- Kayla & Cole

Venue: Glover Mansion
Catering: Glover Mansion 
Florist: Evergreen Florist
Cupcakes: Sweet Frostings
Hair and Make-up: Style and the City
Wedding Dress: Celestial Selections
DJ: Entertainment Warehouse-Adam Blashill
Cole and Kayla met their sophomore year in math class at Lewis and Clark High School. They had many mutual friends and began to spend more time together. After a couple of months they became a couple. They stayed together as Cole and Kayla through High School and both attended Washington State University. 7 years after the first glance in math class, Cole proposed. A year after, they were finally married! They are excited to see what adventures lay ahead for them in life.
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Maternity-Emily & Steve

Emily looks to the past for inspiration.  She likes to be surrounded by history and style. She sings old songs to her baby and has prepared a nursery full of antique books, toys, and stuffed animals.  Steve likes the old but welcomes the new.  He holds Emily’s hand and walks her through the field, toward the trees and into the future.

Emily_MB01 Emily_MB02 Emily_MB03 Emily_MB04 Emily_MB05 Emily_MB06 Emily_MB07 Emily_MB08 Emily_MB09 Emily_MB10 Emily_MB11 Emily_MB12