Lindsay & Cameron at Lake Pend O’reille in Murphy Bay

From Lindsay:

I am still getting chocked up just thinking about the incredible week we just experienced with our friends and family. We honestly could not have dreamt of a more perfect day…


To be completely honest, I never really let myself think about my future wedding before I met Cam. As a wedding planner, you are always so engaged and excited for other people and sharing in their special day. I knew one thing; if I ever fell in love and was in charge of planning my own wedding, it would have to be at the lake. Luckily, Cam is as much of a lake person, if not more than me! My family is so incredibly blessed to have property on beautiful Lake Pend O’reille in Murphy Bay. The property has been in our family for generations and is so special to us. It was the perfect setting. Our theme of the week was “come to Murphy Bay and enjoy” – we definitely took that to heart!


Of course, none of this would have been possible without our incredible families. Anyone who has spent more than 2 minutes with my parents knows that they are the most giving, supportive, creative and crafty people you will ever meet. As we began planning, I honestly would hand my mom and dad sketches of ideas and they nailed it! My dad built our entire bar from old dock wood we had held on to, constructed our birch wood arbor from trees in our back property and rewired all of the antique chandeliers for my mom to begin working her magic. My mom built all 5 chandeliers out of twigs, paper-mached our moose-head above the bar, drew our incredible “guest book tree” and water-colored each individual place card with the help of my Grandmother. These are just a few of the amazing handcrafted touches they created.  Truly AMAZING!!


I have to also thank our incredible vendors that made this day even more special. What I love the most about this entire experience is that I was able to work with my friends. With roughly 500 weddings under my belt, it is incredible to think of the hours logged in with some of these people. We just felt so honored to share this day with all of them and continue to be blown away by their incredible work and artistry (see vendors below).


We are feeling so overjoyed and only wish we could do it all again!


Photography: Ifong Chen

All the SPECIAL Details: Pat & Patty Murphy (parents of the bride)

Photo Booth: Flat 4 Photography & Photo Booth

Catering/Dessert Bar: Beacon Hill Catering & Events

Florist: Evergreen Florist

D.J.: Ramsin

Videographer: Ferguson Films

Specialty Rentals (Farm Tables, Ceremony Benches, Couches, Dessert Table, Beverage Table): The Attic

Event Rentals (Tents, Chairs, Runners, Table Settings): Event Rents

Hair & Bridal Party Make-Up: Coco Noelle with BeLoved Salon

Bride’s Make-Up: Erika Snyder

Bride’s Gown: Vera Wang – Marcella’s Seattle

Groom’s Suit: Ben Sherman / Burberry

Guests’ Fascinators: Olive + Boone Custom Millinery

Invitations: Minted

Lodging: The Lodge at Sandpoint

Rehearsal Dinner/Welcome Reception: Forty-One South Restaurant

 Linds_B01 Linds_B02 Linds_B03 Linds_B04 Linds_B05 Linds_B06 Linds_B07 Linds_B08 Linds_B09 Linds_B10 Linds_B11 Linds_B12 Linds_B13 Linds_B14 Linds_B15 Linds_B16 Linds_B17 Linds_B18 Linds_B19 Linds_B20 Linds_B21 Linds_B22 Linds_B23 Linds_B24 Linds_B25 Linds_B26 Linds_B27 Linds_B28 Linds_B29 Linds_B30 Linds_B31 Linds_B32 Linds_B33 Linds_B34 Linds_B35 Linds_B36 Linds_B37 Linds_B38 Linds_B39 Linds_B40 Linds_B41 Linds_B42 Linds_B43 Linds_B44 Linds_B45 Linds_B46 Linds_B47 Linds_B48 Linds_B49 Linds_B50 Linds_B51 Linds_B52 Linds_B53 Linds_B54 Linds_B55 Linds_B56 Linds_B57 Linds_B58 Linds_B59 Linds_B60 Linds_B61 Linds_B62 Linds_B63 Linds_B64 Linds_B65 Linds_B66 Linds_B67 Linds_B68 Linds_B69 Linds_B70 Linds_B71 Linds_B72 Linds_B73 Linds_B74 Linds_B75 Linds_B76 Linds_B77 Linds_B78 Linds_B79 Linds_B80


Amy & Josh at Luna

Wedding & Reception: Luna Restaurant

Wedding dress: J Crew Design

Make up and hair: Jazz hair salon

Amy_B02 Amy_B03
Amy_B05 Amy_B04Amy_B06 Amy_B07 Amy_B08 Amy_B09 Amy_B10 Amy_B11 Amy_B12 Amy_B13 Amy_B14 Amy_B15 Amy_B16
Amy_B19 Amy_B20 Amy_B21 Amy_B22 Amy_B23

Jane & Joe at Barrister winery, Spokane WA

Our Story
Joe and Jane had met in seventh grade in Spokane, and reconnected under the fireworks many years later. The couple married in their neighborhood park and celebrated royally–complete with a bit of English flair, fedoras and fascinators.  They we’re thrilled to celebrate their wedding surrounded by so many loved ones.
Vendors (I hope I’m not forgetting anybody!)
Ifong Chen Photography!
Beacon Hill Catering
Venue: Barrister Winery
BeauK Florist
Wedding Cake: pastry chef Lynette Pflueger
Amp’d Entertainment DJ Som Jordan
Decoration: Mad Props (Seattle)
Wedding director: Raederle Swanson (Seattle)
Rings: Cheryl Burchell’s Jewelers (Coeur d’Alene)
Beer: NoLi Brewery
Sweets: Mrs Honeypeeps Sweet Shop (Coeur d’Alene)
Guest Buttons: homemade
Groom attire: Anderson and Emami
Groomsmen Fedoras: Banana Republic
Groomsmen ties:
Bridal party fascinators: Olive + Boone Custom Millinery
Getaway car-1947 Ford: Silver Collector Car Auctions
Lemonade stand: homemade
Bridal hair and make-up: Jaazz Salon
Bridesmaids attire:
Bridal gown: storybook bridal (Coeur d’Alene)
Invitations: Papermade Invites
Save The Date artist: Tiffany Patterson
Programs: Aesthetic Journey (Etsy Shop)
All local Spokane vendors unless noted otherwise

Jane_B01 Jane_B02 Jane_B03 Jane_B04 Jane_B05 Jane_B06 Jane_B07 Jane_B08 Jane_B09 Jane_B10 Jane_B11 Jane_B12 Jane_B13 Jane_B14 Jane_B15 Jane_B16 Jane_B17 Jane_B18 Jane_B19 Jane_B20 Jane_B21 Jane_B22 Jane_B23 Jane_B24 Jane_B25 Jane_B26 Jane_B27 Jane_B28 Jane_B29 Jane_B30 Jane_B31 Jane_B32 Jane_B33 Jane_B34 Jane_B35 Jane_B36 Jane_B37 Jane_B38 Jane_B39 Jane_B40 Jane_B41 Jane_B42 Jane_B43 Jane_B44 Jane_B45 Jane_B46 Jane_B47

Marci & Keane at Bozarth Mansion, Spokane WA

A blitz. A blur. The tacos went fast. The beer and wine, consumed by all with mounting enthusiasm, made for great hydration against a backdrop of pinatas and sombreros. Mexico was represented, but so too were our friends and family–surely the most lively, best-dressed, rhythm-making crowd to ever beset the Bozarth. Ole!

Wedding goers warned us: time would fly. It did. We enjoyed the company of people from all corners of this great nation. The love and support was a wellspring for communal laughs, chance meetings and the re-ignition of old friendships. Despite our best attempts, we were not able to visit with everyone. Blame the tight schedule or the pace of events. If that’s the case, please know that we truly appreciate that you came, saw and celebrated our wedding with us.

Great events are the result of great staff. Details, details, details. Special thanks to all of our vendors, who went above and beyond making this a uniquely memorable experience. In no particular order:

Soiree Event Design – Wedding planning
Batch Bake Shop – Dessert
Tacos El Sol – Food
Complete Music – MC and music
Whimsy Floral – Bouquets
Clearwater Summit Group – Grasses for aisle & transportation of supplies
Sonnenberg’s Market and Deli – Food
Mariachis – Live entertainment
Event Rents – Equipment and place settings
Olive and Boone – Marci’s Fascinator (headpiece)
Nordstrom (Joe Morris – The “Guru”) – Keane’s and groomsmen’ attire
The Davenport Hotel & Tower – Lodging and guest transportation
Bill’s Friendly Rides – Guest transportation

In addition, our parents were instrumental in the planning and creative development process. This would not have been as colorful or as fun without you. To Tim and Elaine Sweet and Dean and Diane Sonnenberg–thank you and we love you!

KM_B01 KM_B02 KM_B03 KM_B04 KM_B05 KM_B06 KM_B07 KM_B08 KM_B09 KM_B10 KM_B11 KM_B12 KM_B13 KM_B14 KM_B15 KM_B16 KM_B17 KM_B18 KM_B19 KM_B20 KM_B21 KM_B22 KM_B23 KM_B24 KM_B25 KM_B26 KM_B27 KM_B28 KM_B29 KM_B30 KM_B31 KM_B32 KM_B33 KM_B34 KM_B35 KM_B36 KM_B37 KM_B38 KM_B39 KM_B40 KM_B41 KM_B42 KM_B43 KM_B44 KM_B46 KM_B47 KM_B48 KM_B49 KM_B50 KM_B51 KM_B52 KM_B53 KM_B54 KM_B55 KM_B56 KM_B57 KM_B58 KM_B59

Kate & Joe at the Coeur D’ Alene Lake

Here is something from beautiful Kate:
Joe had been friends with my brother for over ten years before I met him on Coeur D’ Alene Lake.  After meeting, we snuck around and dated for about two months without telling friends and family.  Our relationship was revealed when Joe moved out of the Spokane area for work.  We commuted for one and a half years in a long-distance relationship before his career brought him back to Spokane (and to me).
I knew the proposal was going to happen on a family trip to Mexico, so I was very surprised when Joe proposed to me in our living room just weeks before the trip.  He could not wait any longer!  His charismatic personality, persistence, and wonderful sense of humor are the reasons I fell for, and continue to love him.  Joe makes me laugh every day, which is reason enough to spend the rest of my life with him.
 Kate_B01 Kate_B02 Kate_B03 Kate_B04 Kate_B05 Kate_B06 Kate_B07 Kate_B08 Kate_B09 Kate_B10 Kate_B11 Kate_B12 Kate_B13 Kate_B14 Kate_B15 Kate_B16 Kate_B17 Kate_B19

Jaime & Patrick at Beacon Hill, Spokane, WA

The insight from my lovely bride:

Like many other girls, I’d been picturing my wedding day for years. I would often cut out pictures and glue them in notebooks so I would remember exactly what type of dress, cake, flowers, and even ringlets I’d someday like to have. However, once I met the man of my dreams and he proposed, I found that my tastes had changed, and, notwithstanding the advent of Pinterest and online photo albums, the pasted pictures were horribly out of date. So, while I knew I still wanted our day to be a direct reflection of our personalities and (current) styles, I had a much different vision of the end product when we set out to plan now our wedding day..

As I quickly found out, we truly had the A-team of vendors. In addition to the amazing team at Beacon Hill, we met the most wonderful florist, Mrs. Amy Page of Caravan Floral, who has such similar taste to my own that she was able to quickly understand my flower vision (natural looking bouquets, peonies, wildflowers, etc). She has such attention to detail and works with her clients to make sure they are fully satisfied. Our DJ, Justin with Amped Entertainment, was fantastic. He worked with us before hand to determine exactly what songs we wanted played at which times. He also acted at the MC for the night and help things to run smoothly. Because music is so important to both Patrick and me, it was very important to us that we had songs that are meaningful to us played during those intimate times of the evening. Justin worked with us to make that happen, and it proved to create a very personal ceremony and memorable reception. Lastly, Ifong Chen, our photographer, couldn’t have been any more perfect to work with. Her incredible attention to detail, a constant desire to get the perfect shot, and a kind, humorous personality make her easy and fun to work with, looming thunderstorms or not.

Ultimately, the clippings past and present paid off, and our day was incredible. Although it began with unseasonal rain and thunder, the clouds miraculously parted and the sun shone brightly by the time of our ceremony. I think what made our day so perfect was that we have such wonderful friends and family that support our relationship. From the bridal cake my Aunt Sandy made and the cake topper my mom, Mimi, crafted, to the framed pictures of our relatives on their wedding days, so many people had a hand in making it exactly the personal day we wanted it to be. Our wedding went off without a hitch, and Patrick and I truly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.
Jamie_B01 Jamie_B02 Jamie_B03 Jamie_B04 Jamie_B05 Jamie_B06 Jamie_B07 Jamie_B08 Jamie_B09 Jamie_B10 Jamie_B11 Jamie_B12 Jamie_B13 Jamie_B14 Jamie_B15 Jamie_B16 Jamie_B17 Jamie_B18 Jamie_B19 Jamie_B20 Jamie_B21 Jamie_B22 Jamie_B23 Jamie_B24 Jamie_B25 Jamie_B26 Jamie_B27 Jamie_B28 Jamie_B29 Jamie_B30 Jamie_B31 Jamie_B32 Jamie_B34 Jamie_B35 Jamie_B36 Jamie_B37 Jamie_B38 Jamie_B39 Jamie_B40
Florist: Amy Page with Caravan Floral, Spokane, WA
Venue and food: Beacon Hill (Lindsay Murphy), Spokane, WA
Dress: Calla in Greenlake, Seattle, WA
Makeup: Julie Farley with The Makeup Studio, Spokane, WA
Bride’s Jewelry: Nordstrom
Hair: Haley Young with Josefine Salon Concepts, Spokane, WA
DJ: Justin with Amped Entertainment
Bridal Cake: Bride’s Aunt Sandy
Guest Cake: Just American Desserts, Spokane, WA
Photography: Ifong Chen, Spokane, WA
Groom/Groomsmen suits: Tuxedo Club, Kirkland, WA
Ceremony/Reception decorations: provided by bride and set up by friend Holly Nichols
Bridesmaid dresses: Nordstrom, Seattle, WA

Jessica & Aaron engagement

A little story of the engagement from my beautiful bride:

He swept me away on a weekend get-away in Malibu, California.   He poured the champagne and we toasted to how beautiful life was and how happy we both were.  We enjoyed the sounds of the ocean and some Ella Fitzgerald playing in the background.  He told me life can be even better.  Before I could ask what he meant, he had a shiny ring in his hand and asked me to marry him.  Of course I said yes!

0T3A2546 Jess_B01 Jess_B02 Jess_B04 Jess_B05 Jess_B06 Jess_B07 Jess_B08 Jess_B09 Jess_B11 Jessi_B1Jess_B12 Jess_B13


Alexia & Cory at Belle Victoria Garden, Deer Park, WA

I got to say Alexia is one of very special bride that I loved so much. She has been through a lot of hard times in life, but those life experiences did not beat her done, but made her the sweetest and sensible person. I felt so honored that I have chance to witness and capture such love and beautiful moments in this wedding. There were so much tears, laughter and joy. Thank you Alexia. You are incredible!

Vendor list form our lovely bride:

Our amazing photographer was the fabulous Ifong! Beautiful makeup by shasta Hankins and hair by zen hair studio. Amazing catering was provided by Satay Catering,  bouquets by Special Touch Florist, chalkboard by Coquille, and my cake by  my aunt Sandy Jacques. Our venue was of course Belle Victorian Gardens, Pam also made an stunning head piece for my reception. My dress was an allure bridal gown from Celestial Selections. The planning of our sream day was made possible by our amazing family members.  My aunts Kathi, Sandy, and Amy and my Dad Mike made every piece of our dream wedding come true. It was truly a fairytale wedding. And of course the day wouldn’t be possible without the love Cory and I share with each other.  We hope for many more incredible years to come.

Alex_B01 Alex_B02 Alex_B03 Alex_B04 Alex_B05 Alex_B06 Alex_B07 Alex_B08 Alex_B09 Alex_B10 Alex_B11 Alex_B12 Alex_B13 Alex_B15Alex_B14Alex_B16 Alex_B17 Alex_B18 Alex_B19 Alex_B20 Alex_B21 Alex_B22 Alex_B23 Alex_B24 Alex_B25 Alex_B26 Alex_B27 Alex_B28 Alex_B29 Alex_B30 Alex_B31 Alex_B32 Alex_B33 Alex_B34 Alex_B35 Alex_B36 Alex_B37 Alex_B38 Alex_B39 Alex_B40 Alex_B41ll

Deer Park Engagement-Hannah & Even

Love story from the sweet couple!!

Hannah emailed Evan in the fall of 2010, suggesting they catch up over Thanksgiving. Evan skipped classes in Seattle to be back in Spokane early in case she wanted to catch up over several days. Due to a recent storm, Hannah’s family all joined her in shovelling out a car so she could get to what looked to be a “real” first date.

It went swimingly. Your typical crushy gooey fun time getting to know each other after too long. Between the two nights, there was much laughter, a lot of smiling during billiards, snowball throwing competitions off a bridge, drawing chemistry on foggy windows, and an unforgettable first date movie featuring romantic plots of people cutting off their own arms to survive. Flawless.


Hanna_B01 Hanna_B02 Hanna_B03 Hanna_B04 Hanna_B05 Hanna_B06 Hanna_B07 Hanna_B08 Hanna_B09 Hanna_B10 Hanna_B11 Hanna_B12 Hanna_B13