Jaime & Patrick at Beacon Hill, Spokane, WA

The insight from my lovely bride:

Like many other girls, I’d been picturing my wedding day for years. I would often cut out pictures and glue them in notebooks so I would remember exactly what type of dress, cake, flowers, and even ringlets I’d someday like to have. However, once I met the man of my dreams and he proposed, I found that my tastes had changed, and, notwithstanding the advent of Pinterest and online photo albums, the pasted pictures were horribly out of date. So, while I knew I still wanted our day to be a direct reflection of our personalities and (current) styles, I had a much different vision of the end product when we set out to plan now our wedding day..

As I quickly found out, we truly had the A-team of vendors. In addition to the amazing team at Beacon Hill, we met the most wonderful florist, Mrs. Amy Page of Caravan Floral, who has such similar taste to my own that she was able to quickly understand my flower vision (natural looking bouquets, peonies, wildflowers, etc). She has such attention to detail and works with her clients to make sure they are fully satisfied. Our DJ, Justin with Amped Entertainment, was fantastic. He worked with us before hand to determine exactly what songs we wanted played at which times. He also acted at the MC for the night and help things to run smoothly. Because music is so important to both Patrick and me, it was very important to us that we had songs that are meaningful to us played during those intimate times of the evening. Justin worked with us to make that happen, and it proved to create a very personal ceremony and memorable reception. Lastly, Ifong Chen, our photographer, couldn’t have been any more perfect to work with. Her incredible attention to detail, a constant desire to get the perfect shot, and a kind, humorous personality make her easy and fun to work with, looming thunderstorms or not.

Ultimately, the clippings past and present paid off, and our day was incredible. Although it began with unseasonal rain and thunder, the clouds miraculously parted and the sun shone brightly by the time of our ceremony. I think what made our day so perfect was that we have such wonderful friends and family that support our relationship. From the bridal cake my Aunt Sandy made and the cake topper my mom, Mimi, crafted, to the framed pictures of our relatives on their wedding days, so many people had a hand in making it exactly the personal day we wanted it to be. Our wedding went off without a hitch, and Patrick and I truly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.
Jamie_B01 Jamie_B02 Jamie_B03 Jamie_B04 Jamie_B05 Jamie_B06 Jamie_B07 Jamie_B08 Jamie_B09 Jamie_B10 Jamie_B11 Jamie_B12 Jamie_B13 Jamie_B14 Jamie_B15 Jamie_B16 Jamie_B17 Jamie_B18 Jamie_B19 Jamie_B20 Jamie_B21 Jamie_B22 Jamie_B23 Jamie_B24 Jamie_B25 Jamie_B26 Jamie_B27 Jamie_B28 Jamie_B29 Jamie_B30 Jamie_B31 Jamie_B32 Jamie_B34 Jamie_B35 Jamie_B36 Jamie_B37 Jamie_B38 Jamie_B39 Jamie_B40
Florist: Amy Page with Caravan Floral, Spokane, WA
Venue and food: Beacon Hill (Lindsay Murphy), Spokane, WA
Dress: Calla in Greenlake, Seattle, WA
Makeup: Julie Farley with The Makeup Studio, Spokane, WA
Bride’s Jewelry: Nordstrom
Hair: Haley Young with Josefine Salon Concepts, Spokane, WA
DJ: Justin with Amped Entertainment
Bridal Cake: Bride’s Aunt Sandy
Guest Cake: Just American Desserts, Spokane, WA
Photography: Ifong Chen, Spokane, WA
Groom/Groomsmen suits: Tuxedo Club, Kirkland, WA
Ceremony/Reception decorations: provided by bride and set up by friend Holly Nichols
Bridesmaid dresses: Nordstrom, Seattle, WA

7 thoughts on “Jaime & Patrick at Beacon Hill, Spokane, WA

  1. Thank you so much Ifong! These pictures are truly incredible and perfectly capture our day for years to come! -Jaime and Patrick

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