Jamie & Chris at Hagadone event center at CDA

Beau K florist- flowers, centerpieces and decor
The attic- dessert table and lounge area
Erin Blackburn- desserts
Hagadone event center- venue
Rox music- DJ
Event rents- linens, chairs, tables
Hair – Alexa Lugviel and Janet Carpenter
Our story:
After 7 years together, Chris and I were very excited to make it official. Our families joined us for a beautiful Catholic ceremony on September 20 at the Immaculate Heart Retreat Center. The next day we renewed our vows and celebrated with our family and friends at the Hagadone Event Center in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.  I have never smiled so much or danced so hard. Chris and I both agree it was the best day of our lives… so far! Thank you to all of our guests for making it such a special night.

Jamie_B01 Jamie_B02 Jamie_B03 Jamie_B04 Jamie_B05 Jamie_B06 Jamie_B07 Jamie_B08 Jamie_B09 Jamie_B10 Jamie_B11 Jamie_B12 Jamie_B13 Jamie_B14 Jamie_B15 Jamie_B16 Jamie_B17 Jamie_B18 Jamie_B19 Jamie_B20 Jamie_B21 Jamie_B22 Jamie_B23 Jamie_B24 Jamie_B25 Jamie_B26 Jamie_B27 Jamie_B28 Jamie_B29 Jamie_B30 Jamie_B31 Jamie_B32 Jamie_B33 Jamie_B34 Jamie_B35 Jamie_B36 Jamie_B37 Jamie_B38 Jamie_B39 Jamie_B40 Jamie_B41 Jamie_B42 Jamie_B43 Jamie_B44 Jamie_B45 Jamie_B46 Jamie_B47 Jamie_B48 Jamie_B49 Jamie_B50 Jamie_B51 Jamie_B52 Jamie_B53 Jamie_B54 Jamie_B55 Jamie_B56 Jamie_B57 Jamie_B58 Jamie_B59 Jamie_B60 Jamie_B61 Jamie_B62 Jamie_B63 Jamie_B64 Jamie_B65 Jamie_B66 Jamie_B67 Jamie_B68 Jamie_B69 Jamie_B70 Jamie_B71 Jamie_B72 Jamie_B73 Jamie_B74 Jamie_B75 Jamie_B76 Jamie_B77 Jamie_B78 Jamie_B79 Jamie_B80 Jamie_B81 Jamie_B82 Jamie_B83 Jamie_B84 Jamie_B85 Jamie_B86 Jamie_B87 Jamie_B88 Jamie_B89 Jamie_B90


Katie & Derek Engaged!

As your typical WSU college sweethearts, we don’t have an overly romantic or movie scripted love story.  Our whole story swings back to a date that I went on my Sophomore year of college.  This date, however, was not with Derek but with his best friend.  Anthony is your typical college athlete; loud, crazy, and good with the ladies.  I went on a date with Anthony and decided that we were better off as friends—this is now a friendship that I am forever grateful for.  It was the friendship with Anthony that lead to a summer in Pullman which is when I first caught notice of Derek.  In fact, I clearly remember sitting on the porch of what the boys called the “Palace” and looking in at Derek who was cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  He was shirtless, dancing around to some reggae, and throwing food around.  I had always thought Derek was cute and a really good guy (and that he looked really good in his baseball pants) but I had never seen him in that light.  Over some Bush light, I asked Anthony if he would hook me up with Derek.  Anthony laughed and told me that I wouldn’t want to get in anything with him as all he cared about is baseball.


Derek and I continued to hangout over the rest of summer session (mostly as friends) and then he took off to the Cape for the rest of the summer for baseball.  When we both returned to school in the fall, there was still some definite chemistry.  I finally got the courage to ask Derek “what we were” which I instantly regretted after Derek made it clear that he wanted nothing more than to be friends.  Sad and somewhat frustrated, I decided to move on with my life and go to a party without him and have some fun with my friends.  This may have been strategic, however, we went to a party right next door to the “palace”.  I believe I was flirting with another guy when Derek walked.  When he saw what was going on, he wisped me away and continued to tell me that he had made a mistake and that he wanted to be together.  Trying to play hard-to-get, I tried to play it off like it wouldn’t be that easy.  The rest is history from here…


The rest of college was spent together.  I forced Derek to sit through halftimes of basketball and football to watch me dance our newest dance and I spent snowy, cold spring days in the bleachers watching him play baseball.  Pullman will always be a special place for both of us—we not only share a mutual love for the Cougs but it is where we met and fell in love.  We both graduated and moved to Seattle in hopes of finding good jobs and pursuing our dreams.  Derek is currently climbing his way through the minor league system for the Colorado Rockies and I am working as a Product Specialist for Zillow.  We spend our free time with good friends and rarely miss a Cougar football Saturday.


This Spring, Derek decided to make things more official.  At spring training, Derek got down on a knee in front of both of our families and our closest mutual friend, Anthony (and his family).  We are both blessed to have each other, our families, and our friends who are all mutually supportive.  Derek just got back from 6 months of being away for baseball, and now we are anxiously awaiting the big day (February 1st)!

Katie_E01 Katie_E02 Katie_E03 Katie_E04 Katie_E05 Katie_E06 Katie_E07 Katie_E08 Katie_E09 Katie_E10 Katie_E11 Katie_E12 Katie_E13 Katie_E14

Beth & Matt at Port Townsend

Venue: Fort Worden St. Park

Brides Dress: Lena Medoyeff, Portland OR

Grooms Suit: Macy’s

Cake: Rebeca Johnson

Flowers: Bridal bouquets: Pike Place Market
table flowers: Wilderbee farms in Port Townsend WA
boutonnieres: Sofies florist in Sequim WA
Chapel flowers from Holly’s Floral in Port Townsend WA

Catering: Bon Appetit at Fort Worden

Rings: Tracy’s Jewelers, Spokane Wa

DJ: Pat Clark from Absolute Karaoke

Matt and I want to thank all of our family and friends who traveled from near and far to celebrate our wedding day with us.  Your love and support made this day possible.  A special thanks to my mom, for all of her time and creative energy in helping to plan this amazing day.
Everyone told us to enjoy every moment of the day as it will fly by all to quickly, and they were right.  I still get choked up thinking about standing in front of each other, our family and friends and reading the vows we wrote to each other. Those words we said that day to will forever remain in our hearts.

Matt and I met in May of 2011.  We had our first date at a Mexican restaurant and spent hours talking over spicy Mexican food and Negro Modelo beers.  And when I say hours I mean hours!  The night left both of us looking forward to the next time we’d see each other.  We discovered we shared a love of living an active life, good beer (no Bud Light for us), volunteerism and strong ties to our family and friends. Matt got down on one knee 16 months later on the beautiful island of Lanai in his home state of Hawaii, to ask me to be his wife and partner in life.    A year later we said “I DO” in beautiful Port Townsend in my home state of Washington.  We look forward to all the adventures our life together will bring.

Now that the cake has been cut, the toasts made, the champagne drank and the last song played all I can say is, Let’s do it again!

Beth_B01 Beth_B01a Beth_B02 Beth_B03 Beth_B04 Beth_B05 Beth_B06 Beth_B07 Beth_B08 Beth_B09 Beth_B10

IMG_7942 IMG_7962 IMG_7967 IMG_8020 IMG_8063 Beth_B11 Beth_B12 Beth_B13 Beth_B14 Beth_B15 Beth_B16 Beth_B17 Beth_B18 Beth_B19 Beth_B20 Beth_B21 Beth_B22 Beth_B23 Beth_B24 Beth_B25 Beth_B26 Beth_B27 Beth_B28 Beth_B29 Beth_B30 Beth_B31 Beth_B32 Beth_B33 Beth_B34 Beth_B35 Beth_B36 Beth_B37 Beth_B38 Beth_B39 Beth_B40 Beth_B41 Beth_B42 Beth_B43 Beth_B44 Beth_B45 Beth_B46 Beth_B47 Beth_B48 Beth_B49 Beth_B50 Beth_B51 Beth_B53 Beth_B54 Beth_B55 Beth_B56 Beth_B57 Beth_B58 Beth_B59 Beth_B60 Beth_B61 Beth_B62 Beth_B63 Beth_B64 Beth_B65 Beth_B66

Ashley & Luke Engaged!

  • Luke and I were introduced in 2006 at a WSU-Oregon football game in Pullman. At that time I was dating his friend, and he was engaged. We hit it off right away as friends and had always stayed in touch.The next year was nothing but a total whirl wind for me…in 2007, I had gotten married, had a baby and lost my husband in a tragic work accident. I was left to raise my 4 month old son Coltan alone.  Around that same time Luke’s engagement fell through weeks before the wedding. Luke was mourning the loss of his friend and would check in periodically and make sure Coltan & I were okay. Even before I was anywhere near ready to start dating again I was always so impressed with Luke and his loyalty to his friends and family.  Neither of us knew it yet but unexpected life events had brought new possibilities. As I went on with life as a single mom, I had literally no interest in dating. Luke and I communicated regularly and as time went on our friendship grew stronger and stronger. I had always gotten a kick out of Lukes adventures as a care free single guy and he always enjoyed updates and photos of Coltan. He was always protective and at times I could tell he was worried about how I was holding up.  The years passed and after a lot of long phone calls and many visits our friendship evolved into more. I began to realize how safe & comforted I felt with Luke. I also loved how I didn’t have to explain the long road Coltan & I had been on the past few years. Luke had always been there for us along the way. We share the same values and beliefs on what family and life are all about. I came to a point where we both knew we were ready to be together, everything about “us” felt right. Everything just fell perfectly into place.  Once we decided to be together there was no hesitation or looking back. We just became this little family right away and the three of us just fell completely in love. We had talked about it and we always knew we would get married eventually… but we never thought we’d end up getting pregnant before we were able to tie the knot. In November 2012, as we were welcoming our baby girl into the world Luke surprised me with a ring (I was shocked because I was not expecting it in between contractions) and asked if I’d make it official and marry him.  We are over the moon happy and so in love with our little family. We can not wait to share our love with our friends and family next summer!


Ash_E02 Ash_E03 Ash_E04 Ash_E05 Ash_E06 Ash_E07 Ash_E08 Ash_E09 Ash_E10 Ash_E11 Ash_E12

Ashley & Nick at Arbor Crest Winery

Wedding: Arbor Crest Winery

Cater: Catered for You

Make up: The Make-Up Studio

Hair: Kayla at Urbanna

Cake: Happy Cake Co

Florist:Just Roses Plus

D. J: Amp’D Entertainment

Oh the love story of those lovely two:

Our Engagement as told by Ashley: I had just gotten back from Canada and Nick told me he would have to go out of town on Sunday.  I was not thrilled and had been gone for two weeks and would only have a day with him, but I knew I was going to make the best of it.  So Sunday came and Nick kissed me goodbye, although I thought it was weird that Nick had on a collared shirt and my favorite cologne to go to the airport.  We said our goodbyes.   Nick told me that maintenance was coming to check an outlet. Nick’s parents were coming up and asked me to go to lunch, but not to leave before maintenance got there.  About an hour later I got a text from Nick saying he was at the airport about to go through security (this is the norm for us).  Then I got a knock on the door, which was maintenance, after playing with Wasabi (my dog) he got a call asking if he was in my apartment. He then told me that I had a package downstairs. I thought it was odd but I followed him.  Once downstairs Diane (our concierge) told me they were treating part of the grass area outside and didn’t want her love “Wasabi” to get in it.  She then asked me to follow her outside to show me the area. To my surprise there was no treated area just a horse and carriage. It was strange that the driver started talking to me and then told me she had something for me.  It was a scroll tied with a gold ribbon.  I opened the scroll to find a caricature of Nick on one knee asking me to marry him.  I then asked the driver where he was.  As I turned around Nick was behind me on one knee.  I wish I could tell you what he said but I don’t remember because I was in shock.  He can’t tell you either but I am sure if we ask the crowd of people that had gathered around us one of them would know.  We then took a carriage ride through the city to have a picnic at Millennium Park.

Ashley_B01 Ashley_B02 Ashley_B03 Ashley_B04 Ashley_B05 Ashley_B06 Ashley_B07 Ashley_B08 Ashley_B09 Ashley_B10 Ashley_B11 Ashley_B12 Ashley_B13 Ashley_B14 Ashley_B15 Ashley_B16 Ashley_B17 Ashley_B18 Ashley_B19 Ashley_B20 Ashley_B21 Ashley_B22 Ashley_B23 Ashley_B24 Ashley_B25 Ashley_B26 Ashley_B27 Ashley_B28 Ashley_B29 Ashley_B30 Ashley_B31 Ashley_B32 Ashley_B33 Ashley_B34 Ashley_B35 Ashley_B36 Ashley_B37 Ashley_B38 Ashley_B39 Ashley_B40 Ashley_B41 Ashley_B42 Ashley_B43 Ashley_B44 Ashley_B45 Ashley_B46 Ashley_B47

Rachael & Andy Engaged

Story of these beautiful two:

While I was deployed in Kyrgyzstan, I had a conversation about EHarmony with one of my good friends from the squadron. He told me that he had met his fiancé on there and it really was worth a shot. So, taking his advice, I creatied a profile and was pleasantly surprised to see I had a “wink” the first day. I was amazed at how beautiful Rachael was and what her profile said. I loved her Christian faith and the fact that she was actively pursuing a master’s degree in counseling. After nearly two months of exchanging emails and getting to know one another it was finally time to meet. We both went home to see our families for Christmas so after I got back from Wisconsin, I picked her up from her parents’ house on December 27, 2011. It was a little nerve racking meeting the parents and was hoping to make a great first impression. We had dinner at Anthony’s which overlooks the falls in Downtown Spokane.  That was great except for the parking ticket I received! I was scheduled to fly the next evening and knew that I needed another date because I was definitely interested. I was able to get out of it and showed Rachael a KC-135 in our maintenance hangar followed by happy hour at the Davenport. We had coffee on the third day where I expressed my interest is continuing to get to know one another and we talked for the next few weeks. Finally, the time came to see her in Portland where the family she was living with was incredibly generous and allowed me to stay there. This was such a blessing and helped take much of the financial strain out a long distance relationship.

Not too much longer, it was off for another deployment again. This was a true test of our relationship and Rachael was an amazing support. Being apart is never fun but we were able to continue to grow despite being apart. I was also tasked for another deployment but this one was now six months instead of two. Honestly this is where we really grew a lot. We were able to do bible studies and discuss sermons weekly which really helped our spiritual growth. Being on a constant schedule allowed us to connect every day and we were able to quickly adjust once I got home. I knew while I was over there that she was the one and it was time to start thinking about engagement ideas.  I returned to the states in April, and after spending some time reconnecting, going on a family vacation to Disneyworld, ring shopping, and talking with her parents, I popped the question at Multnomah Falls near Portland.  She said yes! We can’t wait to start our life together as husband and wife!

 Rach_B01 Rach_B02 Rach_B03 Rach_B04 Rach_B05 Rach_B06 Rach_B07 Rach_B08 Rach_B09 Rach_B10 Rach_B11 Rach_B12 Rach_B13 Rach_B14

Caitlin & Jon at Loon Lake

Design Events (tent/lanterns/cocktail tables)
Event Rents (dishes/linen/dancefloor)
Classic Vintage Rentals (tables)
Shasta Hankins (make up)
Lindsay Duvanich (hair)
Matt Green (videography)
Ifong Chen (photography)
Lance, Big Show Mobile Entertainment (DJ)
Beacon Hill Events (catering)
Diana, Agape Events (planning)
Special Touch Florist
Just American Dessert
Alright, I know this has got to be one of the longest posts, but I am head over heels for this wedding. It was pouring rain from noon to 5 p.m. during all the photo shoots. I thought there is no way I could pull it out with the weather. But we did it!!  We did it all together as a prefect team! Not only the setting is stunning, Caitlin and Jon are so much fun and Caitlin’s dad Mark had made everyone cry and laugh the whole day long. Diana from Agape Event did an incredible job running everything smoothly. Oh, don’t even forget about dancing. My goodness, it had the best dance ever…I could go on and on, but here are some images to show the amazing day!!
Cat_B01 Cat_B02 Cat_B03 Cat_B04 Cat_B05 Cat_B06 Cat_B07 Cat_B08 Cat_B09 Cat_B10 Cat_B11 Cat_B12 Cat_B13 Cat_B14 Cat_B15 Cat_B16 Cat_B17 Cat_B18 Cat_B19 Cat_B20 Cat_B21 Cat_B22 Cat_B23 Cat_B24 Cat_B25 Cat_B26 Cat_B27 Cat_B28 Cat_B29 Cat_B30 Cat_B31 Cat_B32 Cat_B33 Cat_B34 Cat_B35 Cat_B36 Cat_B37 Cat_B38 Cat_B39 Cat_B40 Cat_B41 Cat_B42 Cat_B43 Cat_B44 Cat_B45 Cat_B46 Cat_B47 Cat_B48 Cat_B49 Cat_B50 Cat_B51 Cat_B52 Cat_B53 Cat_B54 Cat_B55 Cat_B56 Cat_B57 Cat_B58 Cat_B59 Cat_B60 Cat_B61 Cat_B62 Cat_B63 Cat_B64 Cat_B65 Cat_B66 Cat_B67 Cat_B68 Cat_B69 Cat_B70 Cat_B71 Cat_B72 Cat_B73 Cat_B74 Cat_B75 Cat_B76 Cat_B77 Cat_B78 Cat_B79 Cat_B80 Cat_B81 Cat_B82 Cat_B83 Cat_B84 Cat_B85 Cat_B86 Cat_B87 Cat_B88 Cat_B89 Cat_B90edding

Sara & John at Arbor Crest Winery

Wedding: Arbor Crest Winery

Catering: Beacon Hilling Catering

Make up: The make up studio

Florist: Evergreen Florist

D.J : Amp’D Music

Sara_B01 Sara_B02 Sara_B03 Sara_B04 Sara_B05 Sara_B06 Sara_B07 Sara_B08 Sara_B09 Sara_B10 Sara_B11 Sara_B12 Sara_B13 Sara_B14 Sara_B15 Sara_B16 Sara_B17 Sara_B18 Sara_B19 Sara_B20 Sara_B21 Sara_B22 Sara_B23 Sara_B24 Sara_B25 Sara_B26 Sara_B27 Sara_B28 Sara_B29 Sara_B30 Sara_B31 Sara_B32 Sara_B33 Sara_B34 Sara_B35 Sara_B36 Sara_B37 Sara_B38 Sara_B39 Sara_B40 Sara_B41 Sara_B42 Sara_B43 Sara_B44 Sara_B45 Sara_B46 Sara_B47 Sara_B48 Sara_B49 Sara_B50 Sara_B51 Sara_B52 Sara_B53 Sara_B54 Sara_B55 Sara_B56 Sara_B57 Sara_B58 Sara_B59 Sara_B60

The story of Sara and John:

John proposed to Sara a mere two weeks before he deployed to Afghanistan. Sara and John kept in contact through love letters, packages, flowers, and Trans-Atlantic phone calls for seven months. John returned to America in April of 2013. He and Sara excitedly anticipated their August wedding and are more in love than ever.

John and Sara met one fateful night at bible study in 2011, and the sparks flew instantly! They, along with a group of their friends, decided to go to Coeur d’ Alene lake for New Year’s Eve, to ring in 2012. John and Sara stole away for a moment alone by taking a walk on the icy pier – it was all Sara could do to not slip and fall in her heels! John, being the gentleman he is, offered his arm, and they walked and talked – arms linked – for the duration of 2011. Chivalry isn’t dead, after all! Soon thereafter, John worked up the courage to ask Sara to the Marine Corps Ball in January of 2012, and she gladly accepted. The Marine Corps Ball in Vegas, will go down in history as the beginning of Sara and John.

John was home for his pre-deployment leave in September, and was staying in a cabin on Deer Lake. Since he couldn’t be home for Christmas that year (if only in his dreams), Sara surprised him with a Summer Christmas! She decorated his cabin with Christmas lights, and decked the halls with boughs of holly, silver bells, a Christmas tree – the works! They were watching their favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas, and quite enjoying the antics of Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby, when the fire started dying down into embers. It being a cold night on the lake that it was, John – always the gentleman – went over to the fireplace, and got down on one knee to stoke the fire. Sara stood up from her seat and wandered over to him. John, on bended knee, looked up and asked her if she would like to have her Christmas stocking present now. Surprised, Sara reached into one of the two stockings hanging on the mantel. John quipped that she had selected the wrong stocking, so she reached into the latter, pulled out a box, and opened it to find none other than a giant shiny princess-cut rock! John said some very sweet things, popped the question, and she said yes!