Ifong Chen Weddings

September 20, 2013

Rachael & Andy Engaged

Story of these beautiful two:

While I was deployed in Kyrgyzstan, I had a conversation about EHarmony with one of my good friends from the squadron. He told me that he had met his fiancé on there and it really was worth a shot. So, taking his advice, I creatied a profile and was pleasantly surprised to see I had a “wink” the first day. I was amazed at how beautiful Rachael was and what her profile said. I loved her Christian faith and the fact that she was actively pursuing a master’s degree in counseling. After nearly two months of exchanging emails and getting to know one another it was finally time to meet. We both went home to see our families for Christmas so after I got back from Wisconsin, I picked her up from her parents’ house on December 27, 2011. It was a little nerve racking meeting the parents and was hoping to make a great first impression. We had dinner at Anthony’s which overlooks the falls in Downtown Spokane.  That was great except for the parking ticket I received! I was scheduled to fly the next evening and knew that I needed another date because I was definitely interested. I was able to get out of it and showed Rachael a KC-135 in our maintenance hangar followed by happy hour at the Davenport. We had coffee on the third day where I expressed my interest is continuing to get to know one another and we talked for the next few weeks. Finally, the time came to see her in Portland where the family she was living with was incredibly generous and allowed me to stay there. This was such a blessing and helped take much of the financial strain out a long distance relationship.

Not too much longer, it was off for another deployment again. This was a true test of our relationship and Rachael was an amazing support. Being apart is never fun but we were able to continue to grow despite being apart. I was also tasked for another deployment but this one was now six months instead of two. Honestly this is where we really grew a lot. We were able to do bible studies and discuss sermons weekly which really helped our spiritual growth. Being on a constant schedule allowed us to connect every day and we were able to quickly adjust once I got home. I knew while I was over there that she was the one and it was time to start thinking about engagement ideas.  I returned to the states in April, and after spending some time reconnecting, going on a family vacation to Disneyworld, ring shopping, and talking with her parents, I popped the question at Multnomah Falls near Portland.  She said yes! We can’t wait to start our life together as husband and wife!

 Rach_B01 Rach_B02 Rach_B03 Rach_B04 Rach_B05 Rach_B06 Rach_B07 Rach_B08 Rach_B09 Rach_B10 Rach_B11 Rach_B12 Rach_B13 Rach_B14


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