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September 26, 2013

Ashley & Luke Engaged!

  • Luke and I were introduced in 2006 at a WSU-Oregon football game in Pullman. At that time I was dating his friend, and he was engaged. We hit it off right away as friends and had always stayed in touch.The next year was nothing but a total whirl wind for me…in 2007, I had gotten married, had a baby and lost my husband in a tragic work accident. I was left to raise my 4 month old son Coltan alone.  Around that same time Luke’s engagement fell through weeks before the wedding. Luke was mourning the loss of his friend and would check in periodically and make sure Coltan & I were okay. Even before I was anywhere near ready to start dating again I was always so impressed with Luke and his loyalty to his friends and family.  Neither of us knew it yet but unexpected life events had brought new possibilities. As I went on with life as a single mom, I had literally no interest in dating. Luke and I communicated regularly and as time went on our friendship grew stronger and stronger. I had always gotten a kick out of Lukes adventures as a care free single guy and he always enjoyed updates and photos of Coltan. He was always protective and at times I could tell he was worried about how I was holding up.  The years passed and after a lot of long phone calls and many visits our friendship evolved into more. I began to realize how safe & comforted I felt with Luke. I also loved how I didn’t have to explain the long road Coltan & I had been on the past few years. Luke had always been there for us along the way. We share the same values and beliefs on what family and life are all about. I came to a point where we both knew we were ready to be together, everything about “us” felt right. Everything just fell perfectly into place.  Once we decided to be together there was no hesitation or looking back. We just became this little family right away and the three of us just fell completely in love. We had talked about it and we always knew we would get married eventually… but we never thought we’d end up getting pregnant before we were able to tie the knot. In November 2012, as we were welcoming our baby girl into the world Luke surprised me with a ring (I was shocked because I was not expecting it in between contractions) and asked if I’d make it official and marry him.  We are over the moon happy and so in love with our little family. We can not wait to share our love with our friends and family next summer!


Ash_E02 Ash_E03 Ash_E04 Ash_E05 Ash_E06 Ash_E07 Ash_E08 Ash_E09 Ash_E10 Ash_E11 Ash_E12


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  1. You are so gorgeous you are glowing and Luke looks so happy. Congratulations!

    Comment by Kandice Kelso — December 4, 2013 @ 11:13 pm | Reply

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