Beth & Matt at Port Townsend

Venue: Fort Worden St. Park

Brides Dress: Lena Medoyeff, Portland OR

Grooms Suit: Macy’s

Cake: Rebeca Johnson

Flowers: Bridal bouquets: Pike Place Market
table flowers: Wilderbee farms in Port Townsend WA
boutonnieres: Sofies florist in Sequim WA
Chapel flowers from Holly’s Floral in Port Townsend WA

Catering: Bon Appetit at Fort Worden

Rings: Tracy’s Jewelers, Spokane Wa

DJ: Pat Clark from Absolute Karaoke

Matt and I want to thank all of our family and friends who traveled from near and far to celebrate our wedding day with us.  Your love and support made this day possible.  A special thanks to my mom, for all of her time and creative energy in helping to plan this amazing day.
Everyone told us to enjoy every moment of the day as it will fly by all to quickly, and they were right.  I still get choked up thinking about standing in front of each other, our family and friends and reading the vows we wrote to each other. Those words we said that day to will forever remain in our hearts.

Matt and I met in May of 2011.  We had our first date at a Mexican restaurant and spent hours talking over spicy Mexican food and Negro Modelo beers.  And when I say hours I mean hours!  The night left both of us looking forward to the next time we’d see each other.  We discovered we shared a love of living an active life, good beer (no Bud Light for us), volunteerism and strong ties to our family and friends. Matt got down on one knee 16 months later on the beautiful island of Lanai in his home state of Hawaii, to ask me to be his wife and partner in life.    A year later we said “I DO” in beautiful Port Townsend in my home state of Washington.  We look forward to all the adventures our life together will bring.

Now that the cake has been cut, the toasts made, the champagne drank and the last song played all I can say is, Let’s do it again!

Beth_B01 Beth_B01a Beth_B02 Beth_B03 Beth_B04 Beth_B05 Beth_B06 Beth_B07 Beth_B08 Beth_B09 Beth_B10

IMG_7942 IMG_7962 IMG_7967 IMG_8020 IMG_8063 Beth_B11 Beth_B12 Beth_B13 Beth_B14 Beth_B15 Beth_B16 Beth_B17 Beth_B18 Beth_B19 Beth_B20 Beth_B21 Beth_B22 Beth_B23 Beth_B24 Beth_B25 Beth_B26 Beth_B27 Beth_B28 Beth_B29 Beth_B30 Beth_B31 Beth_B32 Beth_B33 Beth_B34 Beth_B35 Beth_B36 Beth_B37 Beth_B38 Beth_B39 Beth_B40 Beth_B41 Beth_B42 Beth_B43 Beth_B44 Beth_B45 Beth_B46 Beth_B47 Beth_B48 Beth_B49 Beth_B50 Beth_B51 Beth_B53 Beth_B54 Beth_B55 Beth_B56 Beth_B57 Beth_B58 Beth_B59 Beth_B60 Beth_B61 Beth_B62 Beth_B63 Beth_B64 Beth_B65 Beth_B66


20 thoughts on “Beth & Matt at Port Townsend

  1. Sorry we were unable to attend your wedding,but seeing these really made us feel like we were there. Great photos, but then they had to be…great looking couple & guess having an exceptional photographer made them perfect!

  2. Ifong you are fabulous. The photos are wonderful. Thank you so very much. It was a beautiful day and we have great photos to remember what a wonderful day it was. Jan Perrey

  3. Beautiful pictures to remember a beautiful day by. What a wonderful celebration of two loving people become one. Someone special in our lives always said” love is a wonderful thing”. And it is, he was with the love of his life for 64 years and I know in my heart Beth that you and Matt will have everlasting love. God bless you both on your journey. Love Aunt Ruth

  4. No other photographer could have captured the beautiful moments like you Ifong!!!! You are truly talented and I’m so glad Beth and Matt chose you for their special day!!!

  5. These photos are AMAZING-
    Very creative use of the grounds & the city of Port Townsend- I LOVE how you captured the moment!

  6. Lovely, lovely pictures of a very happy bride and groom. Wish we could have been there to enjoy the wonderful time you all were having.

  7. Beautiful pictures capturing all the important moments of the special day; emotions, joy, fun and craziness. I was thrilled to be a part of this grand event. Much love, Aunt Deb

  8. What wonderful photos, so great to take a journey thru pictures and feel that I was there. You are truely blessed to find each other and always be each others best friend!

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