Kelly & Wylie Egaged!!

Story from my beautiful bride Kelly:


A date on New Year’s Eve? I was surprised when Wylie called and asked me to go out a second time. You see at the age of twenty nine, I had my guard up and my expectations low regarding the subject of men and love. The truth of the matter was I had never truly been head over heels in love and assumed that it wasn’t in the cards for me. Our first date had been a blind date and it had gone as well as a blind date can go, the awkward pauses didn’t last too long. Wylie was shy, very shy and I’m not much of an extrovert myself, so the fact that he called me again caught me off guard. But my cousin had wisely advised me to go out with him again if he asked and see if I could get past his bashful exterior.

As we wandered through the downtown crowds on New Year’s Eve, I over compensated for his quiet nature by talking too much. I couldn’t tell if he was having fun or not but on more than one occasion I found him glancing at my hands as we watched the different performances that evening. As we waited for the fireworks in the freezing night air, I thought I would give him a break waiting for the stroke of midnight. I told him I was freezing and instead of him moving a little closer, he proudly announced that he had hand warmer packets. Neat.

Regardless I had fun, as I did in the next two dates that followed but Wylie remained shy and reserved. I was confused as to why he kept calling. After the fourth date, I texted him inquiring, if he was having fun spending time with me, he texted back, “Yes”. And then followed with “I like you so much, I don’t know how to tell you”. With that and an invitation to dinner at his house, everything began to change. Over a long winter walk, homemade lasagna, and pie, I started to see Wylie clearly. The shyness melted away and I found a warm, loyal, kind, thoughtful, patient, and funny man. In the weeks that followed I remained a little skeptical but with every question, and every date, he gained my respect and trust.

On Valentine’s Day, we made it exclusive. Every day since then I realize how blessed I am to have him in my life. I can’t wait to marry him in May of 2014.

Kelly_B01 Kelly_B02 Kelly_B03 Kelly_B04 Kelly_B05 Kelly_B06 Kelly_B07 Kelly_B08 Kelly_B09 Kelly_B10 Kelly_B11 Kelly_B12 Kelly_B13


2 thoughts on “Kelly & Wylie Egaged!!

  1. OHHHH MYYYY GOSH Aunt Lesless and I were blown away with emotion!!!!!!!!!!! What AWESOME pictures and to see you two in soooo much LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless You Both on a Bright Future together forever!!!!!!!LOVE YOU TWO!!!!!

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