Stacie & Andy Engaged! Long Beach CA

Story of a love-struck groom:

From across the country, Stacie traveled to New York pursuing an education in Speech-Language Pathology. However, little did she know, she would not only gain an education from the books she studied, but from the life she would live in Syracuse. All it took was her making some mutual friends for our paths to cross and in no time at all, she would walk right through my front door.

I knew meeting Stacie would add a new friend in my life, although, I could have never imagined that I was getting to know my future wife.  As she walked through my front door, her beauty instantly struck me. Although, she remained quiet, I could tell she was enjoying herself as we drank wine and laughed with our friends. After our initial meeting, I longed for another chance to get to know her.

Sure enough, I had the chance to get to know her better shortly after, on a trip to the mountains. Although separated at first on the big mountain, fate would bring us together by chance as she stumbled head over heels to me not just in her feelings (little did I know) but literally as she fell off the chair lift. Like a knight in shining armor, I swooped in to save the day as I joined her side by side on the next few runs. By the end of it all, I found out later that all I needed to get her attention was a quick snack at the waffle hut. I knew it was love when she said, “I knew I liked you.” after swallowing whole her entire waffle in what seemed like one bite.

As the months wore on, I knew that her and I would become inseparable once we made our feelings known to each other. At first both of us had trouble expressing how we felt, but after taking a chance, we found those words came effortlessly. And before I knew it, I told her I was ready to travel any distance to make sure she would always be by my side.  As fate would further have it, we traveled to California to embark on new adventures. I have loved every moment since and can’t wait to see what’s ahead for us with her by my side as my wife.


Stacie_B03 Stacie_B04 Stacie_E039 Stacie_E059
Stacie_B06 Stacie_B07 Stacie_B08 Stacie_B09 Stacie_B10 Stacie_B11 Stacie_B12 Stacie_B13 Stacie_B14 Stacie_B15 Stacie_B16 Stacie_B17 Stacie_B18 Stacie_B19 Stacie_B20


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