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January 19, 2014

Wende & Mark Wedding

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Wedding: At bride and groom’s cozy home

Wedding planner: Cilia Hannig-Therens

Catering: Wilma Esteves Astudillo, Linda Gorden, all amazing Y girls

Flower: Cilia Hannig-Therens, Annie Murphy, Ifong Chen

Wedding Dress: Susan Renzini

WEdding Cake: Nikki Weikel

Make up: Shelley French LeMieux

Hair: Laura Vander Mey

First, I did not shot this wedding in the way I did in all my profession work. The bride Wende asked me to knock it off and quit being a wedding photographer! She made sure that I was drinking, eating, and having great time! So before you go through all the images from the wedding, understand that most of the time I was laughing my head off or with mouth fill full with food, and totally unprofessional.  Secondly, Wende was very unique, so it was very hard to get her to behave like a regular bride.

You know sometimes when you meet and get to know someone so incredible, and you just feel so amazed by that person. Wende, is like that. I have been working-out with Wende for three years. From a stranger to a friend to one of an awesome group women who workout together daliy and support each other–all because of Wende. She is sincere, compassionate, giving, trustworthy and strong. I am just honored to be there to cerebrated this heart warming event.  Thank you Wende, we LOVE you and thank you for being an inspiration every day of our lives. Cheers to the many many many happy days to come for you and Mark.

Wende_B01 Wende_B02 Wende_B03 Wende_B04 Wende_B05 Wende_B06 Wende_B07 Wende_B08 Wende_B09 Wende_B10 Wende_B11 Wende_B12 Wende_B13 Wende_B14 Wende_B15 Wende_B16 Wende_B17Wende_B18Wende_B19 Wende_B20 Wende_B21 Wende_B22 Wende_B23 Wende_B24 Wende_B25 Wende_B26 Wende_B27 Wende_B28 Wende_B29 Wende_B30 Wende_B31 Wende_B32 Wende_B33 Wende_B34 Wende_B35 Wende_B36 Wende_B37 Wende_B38 Wende_B39 Wende_B40 Wende_B41 Wende_B42 Wende_B43 Wende_B44 Wende_B45 Wende_B46 Wende_B47 Wende_B48 Wende_B49


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  1. We Love you! Wende & Mark!

    Comment by ifongphoto — January 19, 2014 @ 4:12 pm | Reply

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