Ifong Chen Weddings

February 24, 2014

Brooklyn-Spokane Maternity Session

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When Steve and I found out that I was pregnant, it came with all sorts of emotion. Excitement, joy, fear, nervousness. I didn’t know if I was “ready,” if I would be a good mom. This pregnancy has been a journey and it’s been fun. At our first appointment I was nine weeks pregnant. That’s when it became real. The nurse practitioner brought her up on the ultrasound screen and we could see the child we created. There is no feeling like seeing this little human in it’s early form, knowing that you and the love of your life created her. The nurse practitioner wanted her to move for us so she nudged her with the probe. I remember saying, “Come on Baby, move for mommy.” This little baby started moving her lower half of her body, like she was shaking her hips. I’m not sure who said it, Steve, me, or both of us, but we said, “Oh! A little Tiny Dancer!” The name stuck and she will probably always be known as Tiny Dancer. We have about six weeks to go and we are becoming more and more excited to meet her. I’m sure the journey of parenthood will be the hardest one we will ever take, but also the most rewarding. We can’t wait to meet you Tiny Dancer!


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