Alyssa & Jordan at Bozarth Mansion

Venue: Bozarth Mansion
Catering: Groom’s uncle
Cake: Marcel’s Desserts
DJ: DJ Ramsin
Flowers: Doann Lovell
Bride’s Dress: Marcella’s Bridal
Hair: Katie Brown at Signatures Salon
Makeup: The Makeup Studio

First of all – we would like to thank both set of parents for making this the most incredbile day of our lives! Our parents were very instrumental in making this day so perfect and unbelievably fun. We also want to thank all of our friends and family who traveled from all parts of the country to spend this day with us.

Jordan and I met in high school and have been dating for 6 and a half years – so to say our wedding was a long time coming is an understatement! The day was just as magical as we had hoped it would be – full of laughs, happy tears and a lot of fun.

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Emily & Josh

I first met Josh while waitressing in high school. I worked at a local restaurant with Josh’s sister. As his sister and I became friends josh and my relationship started to develop. One night while having a game night at his sister house she decided to play match maker. The next day at work she told me that she thought we would be a “cute couple” and asked me if she could give Josh my number. We started talking outside of the usual friends group and dating over the next couple of years. We got engaged in 2008 and have had a very long engagement so we are very excited for our big day!

Emily_B01 Emily_B02 Emily_B03 Emily_B04 Emily_B05 Emily_B06 Emily_B07 Emily_B08 Emily_B09 Emily_B10 Emily_B11 Emily_B12 Emily_B13 Emily_B14 Emily_B15 Emily_B16 Emily_B17 Emily_B18 Emily_B19 Emily_B20 Emily_B21

Hillary & Billy at The Glover Mansion

Wedding: The glover mansion

Catering: The glover mansion

Make up: The make up studio

florist: Garden of eden

Cake: Europa

How We Met

Hillary and I first met at Huntington Beach, Ca during a Medical School mixer where she turned down my invitation to get Balboa Bars (ice cream). Shortly after, we hit it off at a dinner party at a mutual friend’s house when she discovered I had made a gourmet salad: one that wasn’t just iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots, and ranch dressing. Unfortunately I had to leave the festivities early and was not able to try the desert she made: Apple pie. Later that same week, a fortunate misunderstanding in an offer of apple pie led me to her apartment where we sat and talked for two hours. I asked her out on a date to Stell Coffee after several weeks of courting.

The Wonder Years

Most of the time in between our first date and our engagement was spent buried behind a textbook or on the units in the hospital. However, we did find the time to spend with friends, attend church, go snowboarding, tan (or burn, in Hillary’s case) at the beach, camp, and go on the occasional date.

The Engagement

On Saturday May 18th, between our OBGYN and Family Medicine rotation, I told Hillary we were going to spend the day in San Diego with our friends Ben and Sharon. Our morning started at the Children’s Pool in La Jolla watching (and smelling) the harbor seals. We then meandered along the coast and eventually drove to Balboa Park in downtown San Diego for a picnic lunch. There, I sat her down at a quiet tree, opened my basket where the ring box was sitting, and proposed.


Hillary_B01 Hillary_B02 Hillary_B03 Hillary_B04 Hillary_B05 Hillary_B06 Hillary_B07 Hillary_B08 Hillary_B09 Hillary_B10 Hillary_B11 Hillary_B12 Hillary_B13 Hillary_B14 Hillary_B15 Hillary_B16 Hillary_B17 Hillary_B18 Hillary_B19 Hillary_B20 Hillary_B21 Hillary_B22 Hillary_B23 Hillary_B24 Hillary_B25 Hillary_B26 Hillary_B27 Hillary_B28 Hillary_B29 Hillary_B30 Hillary_B31 Hillary_B32 Hillary_B33 Hillary_B34 Hillary_B35 Hillary_B36 Hillary_B37 Hillary_B38 Hillary_B39 Hillary_B40 Hillary_B41 Hillary_B42 Hillary_B43 Hillary_B44 Hillary_B45 Hillary_B46 Hillary_B47 Hillary_B48 Hillary_B49 Hillary_B50 Hillary_B51 Hillary_B52 Hillary_B53 Hillary_B54 Hillary_B55 Hillary_B56 Hillary_B57

Lauren and Tyler Engaged! Fun and Funky!

Tyler and I have an exceptionally cliché story. We first met at St. Aloysius Church in September of 2010, where he was the Organist and I was the Sunday School teacher. I knew immediately that we would wind up dating, but he was a bit oblivious at first.

We both studied in the Engineering school at Gonzaga University (class of 2014!), so we ran into each other quite frequently. He finally asked me out in November, after thinking that I was purposefully running into him around campus (a claim I will continue to refute).

Four years, 158 credit hours, a proposal, and a graduation later, here we are! We can’t wait to start the next chapter.

Lauren_B01 Lauren_B02 Lauren_B03 Lauren_B04 Lauren_B05 Lauren_B06 Lauren_B07 Lauren_B08 Lauren_B09 Lauren_B10 Lauren_B11 Lauren_B12 Lauren_B13 Lauren_B14 Lauren_B15 Lauren_B16 Lauren_B17 Lauren_B18 Lauren_B19 Lauren_B20 Lauren_B21