Ifong Chen Weddings

August 1, 2014

Charli & Spencer at Arbor Crest Winery



Catering-catered for you
Venue-arbor crest
DJ-audio affiliated
Flowers-just roses plus coeur d’alene
Cake-Dana Bellefeuille
Wedding dress-Marcella’s bridal
Tuxes-affordable elegance
Hair-Janet carpenter
Makeup-Evelyn Mauro
Officiant-Jake Wilson


Charli_B01 Charli_B02 Charli_B03 Charli_B04 Charli_B05 Charli_B06 Charli_B07 Charli_B08 Charli_B09 Charli_B10 Charli_B11 Charli_B12 Charli_B13 Charli_B14 Charli_B15 Charli_B16 Charli_B17 Charli_B18 Charli_B19 Charli_B20 Charli_B21 Charli_B22 Charli_B23 Charli_B24 Charli_B25 Charli_B26 Charli_B27 Charli_B28 Charli_B29 Charli_B30 Charli_B31 Charli_B32 Charli_B33 Charli_B34 Charli_B35 Charli_B36 Charli_B37 Charli_B38 Charli_B39 Charli_B40 Charli_B41 Charli_B42 Charli_B43 Charli_B44 Charli_B45 Charli_B46 Charli_B47 Charli_B48 Charli_B49 Charli_B50 Charli_B51 Charli_B52 Charli_B53 Charli_B54 Charli_B55 Charli_B56 Charli_B57 Charli_B58IMG_3211
Charli_B59 Charli_B60 Charli_B61


It’s difficult to tell a story about how two people fell in love, more difficult yet when you’re as close to those two as I am. The journey of wedding planning may have just started the moment Spencer put the ring on my sister, Charli’s, finger, but the relationship is one that I’ve been lucky enough to grow up watching.

Charli and Spencer weren’t just high school sweethearts. It began even before that, when Spencer sat kitty-corner to Charli in the sixth grade and started thinking of her as ‘that cute girl.’

Both bride and groom have a stubborn streak in them (okay, when it comes to the bride it may be a bit more than a streak) so of course it couldn’t be as simple as, “I like you, you like me.” Instead, we all endured years of the two of them dancing around one another, until high school when they finally decided to give a relationship a chance. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I’m pretty confident neither have regretted that decision.

Taking a groom as easy going as Spencer and adding a bride who’s always finding new projects and constantly ready to go and do makes for an incredibly adventurous relationship. From traveling together to help build water lines in Puebla, Mexico to cruising around the Caribbean, it’s hard to imagine two people better suited for each other’s personalities.

While most of us were still bumbling along trying to figure things out, Charli and Spencer were already buying their first house and settling into adulthood. Then came the question all of us were dying to know… When is he going to propose?

If I had it my way the two of them would already be married with a few babies, but luckily they’re both a bit more sensible than that and gave themselves a chance to grow together and start their lives together.

Needless to say, last winter when Spencer told me he’d been looking at rings I was on cloud nine. Then even more so when I watched him make my sister’s dream ring a reality. And true to Spencer’s nature, he wasn’t rushing himself into the proposal. Our conversations for the next few months revolved around me begging Spencer to propose already and Spencer giving me his signature, ‘don’t worry about it’ shrug.

Finally, on a morning in April I got the call. Well, multiple calls. My mom, my Grams, and of course the just proposed to bride. We spent the morning on numerous three way conversations while I grilledCharli for every detail about the Seattle proposal when Spencer pulled Charli on a stage during the Can-Can and made me the happiest sister in the world. And now, in July of 2014, I’ll get to stand next toCharli and play Maid of Honor to a wedding that I know I’ll never forget.



  1. These are so, so amazing! Thank you for documenting the best day ever, Ifong!

    Comment by Jami — August 6, 2014 @ 6:51 pm | Reply

  2. The pictures turned out absolutely gorgeous! What a perfect couple! Xoxo

    Comment by Sidney Wilson — August 6, 2014 @ 6:56 pm | Reply

  3. I am so in love with all of these photos. Such an amazing couple it’s no wonder these are all so beautiful. Love you both!

    Comment by Kayla Bobzien — August 6, 2014 @ 7:36 pm | Reply

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