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April 28, 2015

Jessica & Zach Engaged!!

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To some, October 18th, 2014, is a holiday only familiar to residents in the midwest known as Sweetest Day. Little did Jessica and Zach know that on that day they would meet their sweetest!

Our first meeting was filled with adventure and romance, unbeknownst to Zach he had planned my dream date! When Zach walked up to my house and I opened the door I thought he has such pretty eyes. I also noticed something behind his back, he had a single red rose and a bottle of sweet wine for Sweetest Day. I thought to myself he is crazy, and that he made up a holiday, but I just went with it, and looked it up later. It is an actual holiday! After our adventurous hike, an amazingly delicious dinner, and a romantic star gazing venture, Zach asked me what I was doing next weekend and I replied “seeing you.”

Our romantic and adventurous excursions didn’t stop at our first date. Our next adventures included romantic dinners, concerts, the ballet, hiking, wine tasting, exploring Leavenworth, pumpkin carving, apple picking, cooking together, or even just spending hours talking. The more time I spent with Jessica, the greater my love grew for her. I first knew that she was “the one” after the third date, when I realized that she is different from everyone else I had met and that she is everything that I am looking for in someone and more! My love for her culminated on November 29th when I first told her that I loved her beneath the twinkling lights of the Christmas trees.

I knew that Zach was “the one” after our third date. The way that I knew, was that I could be myself around him, goofy, silly, and that I could tell him everything. My mother was right, when she said “that you just know,” as I knew when I knew.

Thursday, March 26th, 2015, started as any typical Thursday, work followed by Bible study at the end of the day. I didn’t have a meeting after work that day so I decided to get some shopping in. Unbeknownst to me, back at my house Zach was busily preparing for his marriage proposal. I finally got home, leaving myself 30 minutes to get to Bible study. I pulled into the driveway seeing his truck and thinking, “oh no, something is wrong, he is here in the middle of the week.” I ran around the outside of the house thinking he had to be out there since he doesn’t have a key. He wasn’t there. So I then decided to go inside. Upon walking inside, I found a path lined with candles covered with rose petals. I let out a squeal, and then it took me a second to realize that the path was leading me somewhere. I followed it quickly, as it led me to my bedroom, on my way I noticed that the table was set for dinner and that our song was playing in the background. I went in my room and didn’t see Zach at first, just a big card that said I love you on it. Then I turned, seeing him in his suit and tie. He then went down on one knee and asked me “Jessica Louise Dugger, will you marry me?” I said “yeah, yeah” and I was in such shock. Then he put the ring on my finger and I said a “million times yes, yes, I will marry you!” This was the beginning of our commitment to each other for the rest of our lives!


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