Brenna & Justin at Camden Ranch in Elk WA

The Day I Gave My Heart Away.

It was a clear blue sky day, and now looking back it was very clear. It was one of those days where you wakeup and somthing feels different, magical, special and amazing. I didn’t know it at the time but this was going to be one of the best days of my life.
On this particular day I was already excited. My friend Big T and I were going to a Static X concert and naturally we were already pumped up. Finally half way through this special day it was time to head to the show. Pumped and ready we jumped into my car. Big T was driving and I was in the passenger seat playing DJ. As we pulled out of the driveway and were jamming the band Static X as loud as we could and started driving down the street. As we came to a stop we saw two girls walking down the road. “STOP!” I said to Big T, “pull up to these girls! I know one of them, let’s go talk”. So T and I rolled up to them, music pumping, dressed and acting as cool as we could be. The funny thing was as we were pulling up, it wasn’t the girl I knew that I was interested in; it was this cute little blonde haired girl that I didn’t know. So anyways as cool as we could be, music still jamming loud and the car parked half way in the street I rolled down my window. Confidence at a ten I looked at the girl I knew and said ” wassup girl? who’s your friend?” She replied that’s my friend Brenna. So I leaned out the window and tilted my sun glasses down a little bit and said “Daaaaang tell her I said hello and to gimme a call sometime”. Now you might be saying to yourself so? But the thing is when you roll up and have an instant crush on a girl, look at her freind and ask her what her friends name is, it’s going to get their attention; and maybe not in the right way, but you’re gonna get it. Not saying much more we said later, and sped off fast with the music blasting loud once more.
Now here’s where for me somthing was different. As the party ravished on, Static X on stage, sold out concert, mosh pit going crazy, kids flying over the crowd, girls everywhere music so loud you can’t even think and there I was alone in the middle of two thousand crazy kids thinking about this blonde haired angle I met earlier that day. As the night went on and even in the next couple days I could not stop thinking about this girl Brenna. I remembered her name too because I thought it was as beautiful as she was. I was hooked. I had to find out more about this girl and I was going to. So to start the process of finding this beauty I first went to her friends house of course. She wasn’t there so I wrote a flirtatious letter saying that if she saw Brenna to tell her I said hi and to come over sometime. So over the next week or so I would breifley run into to her and just couldn’t seem to be able to get a moment of her time. It was driving me nuts because I had still had that same butterfly feeling in my stomach as I did that first day I saw her!
Days have gone by now and I finally catch my first break! As I’m in my daily lazy clothes eating a jar of pickles standing in the kitchen with my hair not combed I get a knock at the door. So I nonchalantly walked over to the glass sliding door and pulled back the curtain and BOOM! There to my surprise was the Neibor girl and her cute friend Brenna. My heart raced as I opened the door. One because I was not in cool clothes and was also eating pickles out of the jar with my hands, and Two because it was the girl who I had been planning the rest of my life with without even knowing her. I calmed down and opened the door. I remember very well. She was wearing flip flops, blue cut off shorts with a little palm tree on them and a white shirt. She was so cute. I let them in and from there we just started talking. We talked for hours, and hours and then we started eating lol. We ate a lot. We ate pickles from the jar, yah from the jar I know, it was perfect. In Fact it was to perfect because she never left. I mean she never left, ever! Brenna over that first night had stole my heart. I was in love and I knew it, I really really knew it and yes if your wondering, I do believe in love at first site. So over the next few years we had so much fun. We traveled we ate good food, camped and just plain had fun.
Well that was 9 years ago. We recently got married after I wrote in a three acre grass field,”WILL U MARRY ME”50 feet wide by a 100 ft long and then flew her over in a helicopter to propose to her. She looked at me as we were flying above the field, crying she said YES. It was awesome.
We are now married and the wedding was the best day of my life. So you see, that day WAS magical, special and amazing. It was

The Day I Gave My Heart Away.

I love you Brenna Glenn always and forever.

Justin GlennπŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ’˜πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Brenna_B001 Brenna_B002 Brenna_B003 Brenna_B004 Brenna_B005 Brenna_B006 Brenna_B007 Brenna_B008 Brenna_B009 Brenna_B010 Brenna_B011 Brenna_B012 Brenna_B013 Brenna_B014 Brenna_B015 Brenna_B016 Brenna_B017 Brenna_B018 Brenna_B019 Brenna_B020 Brenna_B021 Brenna_B022 Brenna_B023 Brenna_B024 Brenna_B025 Brenna_B026 Brenna_B027 Brenna_B028 Brenna_B029 Brenna_B030 Brenna_B031 Brenna_B032 Brenna_B033 Brenna_B034 Brenna_B035 Brenna_B036 Brenna_B037 Brenna_B038 Brenna_B039 Brenna_B040 Brenna_B041 Brenna_B042 Brenna_B043 Brenna_B044 Brenna_B045 Brenna_B046 Brenna_B047 Brenna_B048 Brenna_B049 Brenna_B050 Brenna_B051 Brenna_B052 Brenna_B053 Brenna_B054


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