Marcy & Ross At Glover Mansion

Can  I say they are so fabulous that I am falling in love with them!

Our Story;
A motivated Salon owner and stylist, quite the mover and shaker, Marcy always wanted someone to share her life with but sometimes strong women are well, in part ….strong willed, funny, loving to laugh, and enjoy the successes that trying new things brings in life. Never a dull moment when she is around! Marcy holds her family very close to her heart and considers it to be the most important thing in life. She was holding out for the right one, the right way and even more important someone just as strong that wanted to be in love with her more than themselves. Having been divorced, a skeptic puts it lightly. Someone was going to have to be extraordinarily confident in their self, what they want, extremely patient and be able to prove it.
An easy-going, likeable, diligent guy, Ross always wanted someone to share his life with, but felt his expectations for what he truly wanted may be a bit too high. The bachelor life was enjoyable to him, but there was always something missing. He knew what to avoid, but had a difficult time finding what he wanted. He wanted someone to trust, admire, respect and strives to enhance their life and others lives. Someone who can be self-sufficient yet open to the love and sharing of a relationship. These expectations are high and typically describe a truly unique and remarkable person.
It was a slow start. Sam, a longtime friend of Ross’s, was hired by Marcy at her salon. Marcy started joining Sam at trivia nights and other activities as their friendship grew. Little did anyone know, love would be in the air. Ross and Marcy didn’t “hit it off” right away or even speak to each other after meeting the first time. (Though she did think he was VERY handsome, which made her clammy from the start.) A few months passed, as different group outings arose, Ross and Marcy began to converse with each other more often. At the end of each outing, one of them would drop each of the group off, as they were always the last two or first two on the route. They found that they love to laugh, talk, and just spend time in each other’s presence. As time went on they continued to form a relationship stronger than just friends. She truly felt lucky he spent his time with her, even if it always ended up just talking in the car for endless hours. They never truly went on a “first date”. They planned it but it ended up never leaving the drive way, blissfully caught up in conversation the night was over before it began and those were the wonderfully beautifully moments that made friendship grow into crushes and crushes into love. Marcy knew she loved him for his patience, steadfastness, and being deeply committed man that wanted the same things in life she did. Didn’t hurt that her family really liked him too! Ross knew he loved her because of her strength; he admired her loyalty, passion, love of family and personal drive. In April 2013, Ross proposed to Marcy in a way they knew very well. He picked her up from the airport, returning from yet another business trip and they once again got caught up in conversation. They had been talking for over an hour which wasn’t uncommon for them outside her house and he asked. Surprised, elated and in love, she said “Yes” and the rest, as they say, is history.
Vendor list

Both dresses; Custom made name unavailable
Alterations; Amazing Alterations
Suits; JC Pennys
Venue; Glover Mansion
Catering; Red Rock
Hair; Style and the City
Makeup; Style and the City
Photographer; Ifong Chen (BEST EVER)

Marcy_B001 Marcy_B002 Marcy_B003 Marcy_B004 Marcy_B005 Marcy_B006 Marcy_B007 Marcy_B008 Marcy_B009 Marcy_B010 Marcy_B011 Marcy_B012 Marcy_B013 Marcy_B014 Marcy_B015 Marcy_B016 Marcy_B017 Marcy_B018 Marcy_B019 Marcy_B020 Marcy_B021 Marcy_B022 Marcy_B023 Marcy_B024 Marcy_B025 Marcy_B026 Marcy_B027 Marcy_B028 Marcy_B029 Marcy_B030 Marcy_B031 Marcy_B032 Marcy_B033 Marcy_B034 Marcy_B035 Marcy_B036 Marcy_B037 Marcy_B038 Marcy_B039 Marcy_B040 Marcy_B041 Marcy_B042 Marcy_B043 Marcy_B044 Marcy_B045 Marcy_B046 Marcy_B047 Marcy_B048 Marcy_B049 Marcy_B050 Marcy_B051 Marcy_B052 Marcy_B053 Marcy_B054 Marcy_B055 Marcy_B056 Marcy_B057 Marcy_B058 Marcy_B059 Marcy_B060 Marcy_B061 Marcy_B062



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