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August 31, 2015

Sonja & Kellen at Owsley Ranch, CDA

Vendors –
DJ: Rox MC
Tables & Benches: Spokane Farm Tables
Chairs, china, napkins, dance floor: Event Rents
Wine Barrels: Design Events
Bride’s Bouquet: Fleurtations Floral
Floral: Katie Owsley Design with help from the MOH and bridesmaids
Centerpieces & succulent flower boxes: myself
Catering: Cafe Carambola
Videography: ASM
Photobooth: Complete
Cake:Sweet Frostings / Cheesecake & pie: Costco
Restroom Trailer: All About You
Bus: CDA Limo
Decor: me
Arbor: built by Kellen and his brother Evan

Love Story –

Kellen and I met at a mutual friend’s going away party. We saw each other again the following day when the same mutual friend invited us both to lunch. He had me laughing the whole time and I was immediately drawn to him, although, I was freshly single and training for the Ironman Triathlon in Coeur d’Alene so I was focusing on myself and not interested in starting a relationship. Over the course of the next couple of months he reached out to me via Facebook on several occasions to make small talk and ask for my phone number, so that he could take me out. I genuinely looked forward to the Facebook messages he would send during my long workouts but I maintained that I would not give him my phone number or go out on a date with him. I believe I used the excuse that I was far too busy with training to have time for dating. He was persistent though and a couple months later we both happened to be out in downtown CDA one night and we bumped into each other. I remember being so excited to see him and talk to him that when we parted ways later that night we continued messaging each other, via Facebook of course, until the wee hours of the morning. We met up again the following day for lunch with a group of mutual friends and by a random turn of events ended up going off roading in his 4×4 van and shooting, just the two of us (stereotypical north Idaho date). On the way home that evening he offered to make me dinner. There were several things that stuck out to me that night – Kellen has an incredible sense of humor and the ability to make anyone in his presence feel comfortable, as if they’ve known him forever, and that is how he made me feel; the enchiladas he made me were AMAZING; and finally, he owned his home, which was clean and well decorated, which was impressive considering we had not originally planned to hang out at all. I could tell he was well put together, compassionate and loving. After that day we were practically inseparable. During Ironman a couple months later, he was beyond supportive and encouraging. I ended up getting injured 3 weeks before race day and was in an incredible amount of pain during the race so as the sun went down that night and I was on the last stretch of the run portion, only four miles from the finish line, I saw a shadow in the distance and thought it looked remarkably like my boyfriend. As I got closer I realized, it WAS my boyfriend. He had backtracked the last four miles of the course to find me and make sure that I was doing OK. He walked with me the rest of the way and then ran to the end to watch me cross the finish line.

Fast forward to just over a year later, I had decided to take Kellen home to Alaska with me, where I grew up, to visit my parents. He had been distant before the trip to the point that I wondered if he was going to break up with me. We spent the first day in Alaska exploring several new places and hiking with my little brother. That night we made the hour drive out to my parents house and woke up early the next morning to go hiking in Hatcher Pass, which I always refer to as my “happy place”. It is one of those perfect places that is beautiful beyond words and growing up in Alaska, I had spent much of my childhood and teenage years hiking, exploring, and picking blueberries there. Even my late older brother’s ashes are spread there. It is a place that holds an incredible amount of meaning to me. When we got there the next day we made a plan to explore an abandoned mine, hike up to a mountain peak that has a cross at the top, and then hike across that mountain ridge to an alpine lake. My little brother and his girlfriend were in much better shape than us and made it to the top of the peak much more quickly that we did. When we reached the top we sat down on the boulder that the large cross was attached to and just enjoyed the view for about 10 minutes. Since we hadn’t seen my little brother in a while we decided we better continue on to catch up with him and his girlfriend. As we stood up Kellen pulled me into his chest for a hug and said, “You know I love you more than anything in the world right?” I was pressed so firmly into his chest that I couldn’t even open my mouth to answer. He started to loosen his hug and as he did he got down on his knee and took a ring out of his pocket an asked me to be his wife. I was in such a state of disbelief that all I could mutter was, “Oh my god, are you being serious???” He finally said, “Sonja, I’m asking you to be my wife!?” I said yes, and the rest is history 🙂

He had set an alarm early that morning and had managed to get both of my parents outside. He asked them both for their blessing in asking me to marry him, which they gladly gave. It turns out that he was being distant prior to the trip on purpose to throw me off. He had already designed and purchased my ring and had been so excited that he had been showing it off to all of our friends and was worried that I would know something was up. It worked because I was completely shocked! It was the best surprise I could ever imagine!

Sonja01 Sonja02 Sonja03 Sonja04 Sonja05 Sonja06 Sonja07 Sonja08 Sonja09 Sonja10 Sonja11 Sonja12 Sonja13 Sonja14 Sonja15 Sonja16 Sonja17 Sonja18 Sonja19 Sonja20 Sonja21 Sonja22 Sonja23 Sonja24 Sonja25 Sonja26 Sonja27 Sonja28 Sonja29 Sonja30 Sonja31 Sonja32 Sonja33 Sonja34 Sonja35 Sonja36 Sonja37 Sonja38 Sonja39 Sonja40 Sonja41 Sonja42 Sonja43 Sonja44 Sonja45 Sonja46 Sonja47 Sonja48 Sonja49 Sonja50 Sonja51 Sonja52 Sonja53 Sonja54 Sonja55 Sonja56 Sonja57 Sonja58 Sonja59 Sonja60 Sonja61 Sonja62 Sonja63 Sonja64 Sonja65 Sonja66 Sonja67 Sonja68 Sonja69 Sonja70 Sonja71 Sonja72 Sonja73 Sonja74 Sonja75 Sonja76 Sonja77 Sonja78 Sonja79 Sonja80 Sonja81 Sonja82 Sonja83 Sonja84


August 28, 2015

Karol & Ralph at Davenport Hotel

The Ceremony:
Duncan Garden at Manito Park,
S Park Drive (between W 21st Ave & W 23rd Ave),
Spokane, Washington, 99203

Elizabethan Room at the Historic Davenport Hotel,
10 S Post St,
Spokane, Washington, 99201

Bride’s Dress:
One-Shoulder Jersey Gown from Ralph Lauren in Pixie Pink

How the couple met:
Ralph and Karol met through match.com. They met in person in June 2014 and began a year long courtship filled with lots of traveling around Washington state and Victoria Island (in Canada). Karol’s family jokes that she special ordered Ralph as he could not have been a better match.



Karol01 Karol02 Karol03 Karol04 Karol05 Karol06 Karol07 Karol08 Karol09 Karol10 Karol11 Karol12 Karol13 Karol14 Karol15 Karol16 Karol17 Karol18 Karol19 Karol20 Karol21 Karol22 Karol23 Karol24 Karol25 Karol26

Daniell & Craig At Coeur d’Alene Resort & Casino

Coordinator: Charyl Ragan
Venue: Coeur d’Alene Resort & Casino, Chinook Meadow
Caterer: Coeur d’Alene Resort & Casino, Smoke House
DJ: Memorable Events, Blake Miller
Cake: Karen’s Cake Shoppe, Karen Cook
Wedding Dress: Celestial Selections
Maid of Honor Dress: Azazie
Tuxes: Celestial Selections
Hair: Jamie Kassarjian
Make-up: Coeur d’Alene Resort & Casino Spa
Officiant: Sam Ragan
Flowers: Floral Design, Angela Austin
Photography: Ifong Chen

Our Love Story

Craig and Daniell met on a fluke one day at Ironman in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Daniell was to meet up with a high school friend who ended up bringing his friend Craig. They hit it off right away, talking well through the afternoon. Things started to blossom from there although there was a bump in the road. Daniell was starting to feel scared about how serious the relationship was becoming and wanted to spend time apart. Craig on the other hand left a note and a flower on her car “wishing her a great day”. He didn’t give up and Daniell is so thankful he was persistent. It was all uphill from there for 2 ½ years.
Craig for years had told Daniell that he would never propose on a Holiday, that it was too cliché. Daniell finally got it through her head that he would eventually propose in his own time but knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it wouldn’t be on a Holiday. Last Christmas Daniell told Craig “I just can’t wait to be an Alworth, that’s what I’m so excited about.” Then and there he decided he was going to propose that day. So last Christmas, December 25th, 2014 he asked my dad for my hand in marriage, picked up the family ring from his father’s safe and proposed in front of my family (all without Daniell knowing). The shock and surprise was amazing and of course she said yes. Less than a year later on August 1st, 2015 they were husband and wife (or wiff as Daniell likes to say).
The wedding was amazing and they ended up dancing the night away.
They are happily married now and are looking forward to the next chapter in their lives

Dani01 Dani02 Dani03 Dani04 Dani05 Dani06 Dani07 Dani08 Dani09 Dani10 Dani11 Dani12 Dani13 Dani14 Dani15 Dani16 Dani17 Dani18 Dani19 Dani20 Dani21 Dani22 Dani23 Dani24 Dani25 Dani26 Dani27 Dani28 Dani29 Dani30 Dani31 Dani32 Dani33 Dani34 Dani35 Dani36 Dani37 Dani38 Dani39 Dani40 Dani41 Dani42 Dani43 Dani44 Dani45 Dani46 Dani47

August 26, 2015

Kristana-Senior 2015

Kristiana01 Kristiana02 Kristiana03 Kristiana04 Kristiana05 Kristiana06 Kristiana07 Kristiana08 Kristiana09 Kristiana10 Kristiana11 Kristiana12

Marian-Senior 2015

Maian_B01 Maian_B02 Maian_B03 Maian_B04 Maian_B05 Maian_B06 Maian_B07 Maian_B08 Maian_B09 Maian_B10 Maian_B11

Carolyn-Senior 2015

Care01 Care02 Care03 Care04 Care05 Care06 Care07 Care08 Care09 Care10 Care11

August 25, 2015

Sophie-Senior 2015

sophie01 sophie02 sophie03 sophie04 sophie05 sophie06 sophie07 sophie08 sophie09

Ally-Senior 2015

Ally_B01 Ally_B02 Ally_B03 Ally_B04 Ally_B05 Ally_B06 Ally_B07 Ally_B08 Ally_B09

Emily & Steve Family

Emily_B01 Emily_B02 Emily_B03 Emily_B04 Emily_B05 Emily_B06 Emily_B07 Emily_B08 Emily_B09 Emily_B10

August 12, 2015

Courtney & Drew at Arbor Crest Winery

Venue: Arbor Crest Wine Cellars
Caterer: Catered 4 You
DJ: Kevin at Complete DJ
Cake: Just American Desserts
Dress: Marcellas Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Donna Morgan
Tuxes: Mens Warehouse
Donuts: Casual Friday Donuts
Hair: Heather Washburn
Make-up: The Make-Up Studio
Officiant: Darryl Jordan
Flowers: Rose & Blossom
Photography: Ifong Chen

Love Story:

Courtney and Drew met each other in the fall of 2010, when Drew started his first year of college at WSU and Courtney started her second. They were teammates on the cross country team so they were around each other every day. The years passed, and their relationship continued to grow. In November of 2014 Drew proposed to Courtney, and they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Courtney’s mom and sister immediately started planning, and the date was set for July 25, 2015. July 25th ended up being the most perfect day all thanks to the love and support from both of their families and friends.


Court01 Court02 Court03 Court04 Court05 Court06 Court07 Court08 Court09 Court10 Court11 Court12 Court13 Court14 Court15 Court16 Court17 Court18 Court19 Court20 Court21 Court22 Court23 Court24 Court25 Court26 Court27 Court28 Court29 Court30 Court31 Court32 Court33 Court34 Court35 Court36 Court37 Court38 Court39 Court40 Court41 Court42 Court43 Court44 Court45 Court46 Court47 Court48 Court49 Court50 Court51 Court52 Court53 Court54 Court55 Court56 Court57 Court58 Court59 Court60 Court61

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