Ifong Chen Weddings

August 3, 2015

Keshia & Alyson At The golf club at Newcastle, Seattle Washington

Vendor List

Coordinator: Lisa Chambers
Officiant: Reverend Mary Calhoun
Florist: Flora Nova
DJ: Leslie Wheatley at Seattle Parties
Photography: Ifong Chen
Videographer: Benjamin with Magical Touch
Dresses: Calla Bridal & The Dress Theory
Bridesmen Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse
Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstrom
Venue & Food: The Golf Club at Newcastle
Cake: The Sweet Side
Hair & Makeup: Salon Maison

Love Story

Our love story is largely due to sharing a great friend.

Keshia, the brunette bride and a Spokane native, grew up with her best friend, Sam who lived across the cul de sac. The two were inseparable whether they were going on family trips together, playing sports, or relaxing with a good ol’ fashioned cartoon or videogame. Fast forward 15 years and Sam meets Alyson, the blonde bride and longtime Seattleite, during the first couple weeks of college at UW. To quote Sam, “meeting Alyson and becoming instant friends felt like I was hanging out with Keshia again.” Since Keshia went to Western for college, their paths crossed occasionally but not particularly often. After hearing so many stories about Keshia from Sam, Alyson, had a solid crush on her for years, however, the timing never seemed to be right. Though no matter the distance, a game of “words with friends” was an everyday occurrence with chat compliments of “ten points to Gryffindor” for high scoring words. Keshia had so much fun getting to know Alyson through witty word choices and constant humor that she started referring to Alyson as her “Words with Friends Crush” to her college roommates during her senior year.

Another fast forward to Sam’s going away party in Vegas with a handful of her closest friends – A&K’s paths cross yet again, but more significantly this time. Keshia got to know Sam’s friend group much better over the long weekend, and couldn’t wait to keep the fun rolling. As her mom likes to joke, all of a sudden, Keshia was driving down to Seattle all the time and there were fewer calls home.

After dating and living together for a while, Alyson and Keshia decided wedding bells were definitely in their future. Keshia, being the hopeless romantic, planned a week of different adventures each night of the “engagement week” in hopes of retaining a small element of surprise to the proposal. When she didn’t pop the question after an orange sunset on the space needle and an evening return trip on the Bainbridge ferry, Alyson had all but given up. That’s when Keshia asked with a simple picnic in Kerry Park (surprise completed!).

A Note from A&K:

Our family and friends are incredibly important to both of us, so it meant the world that they were not only on board with us getting married but they were ecstatic. We are dumbfounded by the outpouring of love and support, and we are finding it hard to articulate just how grateful and fortunate we feel.

Keshia, my wifey, I love you more than I can express. I’m honored and excited to get to spend my life with you. Alyson, I couldn’t have said it better myself! We have an amazing road ahead.


Keshia_B001 Keshia_B002 Keshia_B003 Keshia_B004 Keshia_B005 Keshia_B006 Keshia_B007 Keshia_B008 Keshia_B009 Keshia_B010 Keshia_B011 Keshia_B012 Keshia_B013 Keshia_B014 Keshia_B015 Keshia_B016 Keshia_B017 Keshia_B018 Keshia_B019 Keshia_B020 Keshia_B021 Keshia_B022 Keshia_B023 Keshia_B024 Keshia_B025 Keshia_B026 Keshia_B027 Keshia_B028 Keshia_B029 Keshia_B030 Keshia_B031 Keshia_B032 Keshia_B033 Keshia_B034 Keshia_B035 Keshia_B036 Keshia_B037 Keshia_B038 Keshia_B039 Keshia_B040 Keshia_B041 Keshia_B042 Keshia_B043 Keshia_B044 Keshia_B045 Keshia_B046 Keshia_B047 Keshia_B048 Keshia_B049 Keshia_B050 Keshia_B051 Keshia_B052 Keshia_B053 Keshia_B054 Keshia_B055 Keshia_B056 Keshia_B057 Keshia_B058 Keshia_B059 Keshia_B060 Keshia_B061 Keshia_B062 Keshia_B063 Keshia_B064 Keshia_B065 Keshia_B066 Keshia_B067 Keshia_B068 Keshia_B069 Keshia_B070 Keshia_B071 Keshia_B072 Keshia_B073 Keshia_B074 Keshia_B075 Keshia_B076 Keshia_B077 Keshia_B078 Keshia_B079 Keshia_B080 Keshia_B081 Keshia_B082 Keshia_B083 Keshia_B084 Keshia_B085 Keshia_B086 Keshia_B087 Keshia_B088 Keshia_B089 Keshia_B090 Keshia_B091 Keshia_B092 Keshia_B093 Keshia_B094 Keshia_B095 Keshia_B096 Keshia_B097 Keshia_B098 Keshia_B099 Keshia_B100 Keshia_B101 Keshia_B102 Keshia_B103 Keshia_B104 Keshia_B105 Keshia_B106 Keshia_B107 Keshia_B108 Keshia_B109 Keshia_B110 Keshia_B111 Keshia_B112 Keshia_B113 Keshia_B114 Keshia_B115 Keshia_B116 Keshia_B117 Keshia_B118 Keshia_B119 Keshia_B120 Keshia_B121 Keshia_B122 Keshia_B123


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