Ifong Chen Weddings

September 22, 2015

Kimmy & Michael at Beacon Hill Events

Ceremony/ Reception Venue & Catering: Beacon Hill
Celebrant: Lucinda Kay
Makeup: Makeup Studio & Alyssa Walsh
Hair: Erin Brittain & Tiffany Harrington
Bridal Dresses: Marcella’s Bridal
DJ: DJ Q (Matt Shuman)
Flowers: Rocket Market
Photographer: Ifong Chen
Cake & Cupcakes: Sweet Dreams Bakery
Limo Service: Spokane Limousine

Michael and Kimberley met in a small country pub in Western Australia when Kimberley was traveling in Australian. After four years of dating and thousands of frequent flier miles, Michael proposed to Kimberley on January 7, 2014. On August 15, 2015 Michael and Kimberley shared a beautiful wedding at Beacon Hill in Spokane, Washington in front of their closest family and friends from all over the world.

Kimmy_B001 Kimmy_B002 Kimmy_B003 Kimmy_B004 Kimmy_B005 Kimmy_B006 Kimmy_B007 Kimmy_B008 Kimmy_B009 Kimmy_B010 Kimmy_B011 Kimmy_B012 Kimmy_B013 Kimmy_B014 Kimmy_B015 Kimmy_B016 Kimmy_B017 Kimmy_B018 Kimmy_B019 Kimmy_B020 Kimmy_B021 Kimmy_B022 Kimmy_B023 Kimmy_B024 Kimmy_B025 Kimmy_B026 Kimmy_B027 Kimmy_B028 Kimmy_B029 Kimmy_B030 Kimmy_B031 Kimmy_B032 Kimmy_B033 Kimmy_B034 Kimmy_B035 Kimmy_B036 Kimmy_B037 Kimmy_B038 Kimmy_B039 Kimmy_B040 Kimmy_B041 Kimmy_B042 Kimmy_B043 Kimmy_B044 Kimmy_B045 Kimmy_B046 Kimmy_B047 Kimmy_B048 Kimmy_B049 Kimmy_B050 Kimmy_B051 Kimmy_B052 Kimmy_B053 Kimmy_B054 Kimmy_B055


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