Ifong Chen Weddings

August 5, 2016

Christie & Jeff at Sunriver Resort Oregon

Title: Christie + Jeff Fore-Ever

A girls date to the driving range resulted in the most important introduction of their lives: “I think I know the perfect guy for you” Suedy said mid-swing. And she did.

A few weeks later, they were on their first date, paddleboarding on a sunny Sunday morning in Richardson Bay off Sausalito, CA. Paddleboarding turned into a picnic in the park, impressing each other with their arms throwing the football around, and then into watching the NBA finals at Christie’s “local watering hole”, and then eating pizza. On his drive home, Jeff said out-loud to himself “I’m going to marry that girl”, and Christie texted her girlfriends “he’s my penguin”.

The year that followed was filled with “bachelor-esque” dates, as Christie called them: Giants games, driving range dates, music festivals, camping, hiking, Seahawks games, going to the batting cage, Oktoberfest, romantic dinners, spa trips, picnics in the park, a trip to Kauai and, eventually, meeting the parents.

On the second visit with Christie’s parents, Jeff golfed with Christie’s dad John. After the 16 hole, he finally did what he came there to do: ask for her hand in marriage. “I was hoping you were going to ask that” John said. On the next hole, they were both so excited they hit massive drives down the fairway. And a few months later, Jeff proposed to Christie in the most epic and appropriate way possible: on beautiful overlook at the 2015 US Open at Chambers Bay in front of a group of their best friends…. and some random spectators.

And one year later they wed.

Venue: Sunriver Resort
Catering: Sunriver Resort
Coordinator: Kerry Bergler, Mint
Floral: Mint, Bend OR
Photography: Ifong Chen Photography
Videography: Amari Productions
DJ: Matt Ledford @ FlipFlop Sounds
Hair & Makeup: Makeup Mafia, Christine Colucci
Officiant: Suedy McKeeman
Dress: La Belle Elaine’s Bridal Salon, Seattle WA
Tuxes: The Black Tux

Jeff_B02 Jeff_B03 Jeff_B04 Jeff_B05 Jeff_B06 Jeff_B07 Jeff_B08 Jeff_B09 Jeff_B10 Jeff_B11 Jeff_B12 Jeff_B13 Jeff_B14 Jeff_B15 Jeff_B16 Jeff_B17 Jeff_B18 Jeff_B19 Jeff_B20 Jeff_B21 Jeff_B22 Jeff_B23 Jeff_B24 Jeff_B25 Jeff_B26 Jeff_B27 Jeff_B28 Jeff_B29 Jeff_B30 Jeff_B31 Jeff_B32 Jeff_B33 Jeff_B34 Jeff_B35 Jeff_B36 Jeff_B37 Jeff_B38 Jeff_B39 Jeff_B40 Jeff_B41 Jeff_B42 Jeff_B43 Jeff_B44 Jeff_B45 Jeff_B46 Jeff_B47 Jeff_B48 Jeff_B49 Jeff_B50 Jeff_B51 Jeff_B52 Jeff_B53 Jeff_B54 Jeff_B55 Jeff_B56 Jeff_B57 Jeff_B58 Jeff_B59 Jeff_B60 Jeff_B61 Jeff_B63 Jeff_B64 Jeff_B65 Jeff_B66


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