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January 10, 2017

A few images to remind the beautiful year of 2016

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Thank you so much 2016-I loved so much of this beautiful year!! Here are few to remind how precious life could be!

bj_14 ch_b20 ch_b42 christie0163 christie0172 christie0401 ifong_126 ifong_127 jed0283 jed0300 jeff_b33 jenn_b01 kalsey_b04 kalsey_b13 kalsey_b20 kalsey_b32 kalsey_b41 kalsey_b48 kate_b18 lexie_b19 lexie_b20 meg23 meg47 meg55 megan140 michelle_b15 rachael_b15 rachel_b0007 rachel_b0019 rachel_b0031 rachel_b0032 rachel_b0042 rebe_b06 rebe_b13 rebe_b16 rebe_b17 rebe_b20 rebe_b47 rebe_b49 rebekah1153 roni_b32 roni_b35 roni_b46 roni_b47 roni_b77 stacie_b12 stacie_b13 stacie_b32 stacie_b34 stacie_b53 stacie_b54 stacie_b55 summer0162 summer0221


Kelsey & James at Barrister Winery

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kalsey_b01 kalsey_b02 kalsey_b03 kalsey_b04 kalsey_b05 kalsey_b06 kalsey_b07 kalsey_b08 kalsey_b09 kalsey_b10 kalsey_b11 kalsey_b12 kalsey_b13 kalsey_b14 kalsey_b15 kalsey_b16 kalsey_b17 kalsey_b18 kalsey_b19 kalsey_b20 kalsey_b21 kalsey_b22 kalsey_b23 kalsey_b24 kalsey_b25 kalsey_b26 kalsey_b27 kalsey_b28 kalsey_b29 kalsey_b30 kalsey_b31 kalsey_b32 kalsey_b33 kalsey_b34 kalsey_b35 kalsey_b36 kalsey_b37 kalsey_b38 kalsey_b39 kalsey_b40 kalsey_b41 kalsey_b42 kalsey_b43 kalsey_b44 kalsey_b45 kalsey_b46 kalsey_b47 kalsey_b48 kalsey_b49 kalsey_b50 kalsey_b51 kalsey_b52 kalsey_b53 kalsey_b54 kalsey_b55 kalsey_b56 kalsey_b57 kalsey_b58 kalsey_b59 kalsey_b60 kalsey_b61

Kate & Adam at Manito Park & Barrister Winery

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kate_b01 kate_b02 kate_b03 kate_b04 kate_b05 kate_b06 kate_b07 kate_b08 kate_b09 kate_b10 kate_b11 kate_b12 kate_b13 kate_b14 kate_b15 kate_b16 kate_b17 kate_b18 kate_b19 kate_b20 kate_b21 kate_b22 kate_b23 kate_b24 kate_b25 kate_b26 kate_b27 kate_b28 kate_b29 kate_b30 kate_b31 kate_b32 kate_b33 kate_b34 kate_b35 kate_b36 kate_b37 kate_b38 kate_b39 kate_b40 kate_b41 kate_b42 kate_b43 kate_b44 kate_b45 kate_b46 kate_b47 kate_b48 kate_b49 kate_b50 kate_b51 kate_b52 kate_b53 kate_b54 kate_b55 kate_b56 kate_b57 kate_b58

January 5, 2017

O’Neill Family

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gina1 gina2 gina3 gina4 gina5 gina6 gina7 gina8 gina9

Jennifer & Ron at Davenport Hotel

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jenn_b01 jenn_b02 jen03 jen05 jenn_b05 jenn_b06 jenn_b07 jenn_b10 jenn_b12 jenn_b13 jen22jen23jenn_b18 jenn_b19 jenn_b20 jenn_b21 jenn_b22 jenn_b23 jenn_b24 jenn_b25 jenn_b26 jenn_b27 jenn_b30 jen26 jenn_b34 jenn_b36 jenn_b37 jenn_b38 jenn_b39 jenn_b40 jenn_b41 jenn_b42 jenn_b43 jenn_b44 jenn_b45 jenn_b46 jenn_b47 jenn_b48 jenn_b50 jenn_b52

Annie + Aaron +little lady bug

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annie01 annie02 annie03 annie04 annie05 annie06 annie07 annie08 annie09 annie10

Rebekah & Matt at Barrister Winery

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rebe_b01 rebe_b02 rebe_b03 rebe_b04 rebe_b05 rebe_b06 rebe_b07 rebe_b08 rebe_b09 rebe_b10 rebe_b11 rebe_b12 rebe_b13 rebe_b14 rebe_b15 rebe_b16 rebe_b17 rebe_b18 rebe_b19 rebe_b20 rebe_b21 rebe_b22 rebe_b23 rebe_b24 rebe_b25 rebe_b26 rebe_b27 rebe_b28 rebe_b29 rebe_b30 rebe_b31 rebe_b32 rebe_b33 rebe_b34 rebe_b35 rebe_b36 rebe_b37 rebe_b38 rebe_b39 rebe_b40 rebe_b41 rebe_b42 rebe_b43 rebe_b44 rebe_b45 rebe_b46 rebe_b47 rebe_b48 rebe_b49 rebe_b50 rebe_b51 rebe_b52 rebe_b53 rebe_b54 rebe_b55 rebe_b56 rebe_b57 rebe_b58 rebe_b59 rebe_b60 rebe_b61 rebe_b62 rebe_b63 rebe_b64 rebe_b65

Stacie & Shane at Trezzi Farm, Green Bluff

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stacie_b01 stacie_b02 stacie_b03 stacie_b04 stacie_b05 stacie_b06 stacie_b07 stacie_b08 stacie_b09 stacie_b10 stacie_b11 stacie_b12 stacie_b13 stacie_b14 stacie_b15 stacie_b16 stacie_b17 stacie_b18 stacie_b19 stacie_b20 stacie_b21 stacie_b22 stacie_b23 stacie_b24 stacie_b25 stacie_b26 stacie_b27 stacie_b28 stacie_b29 stacie_b30 stacie_b31 stacie_b32 stacie_b33 stacie_b34 stacie_b35 stacie_b36 stacie_b37 stacie_b38 stacie_b39 stacie_b40 stacie_b41 stacie_b42 stacie_b43 stacie_b44 stacie_b45 stacie_b46 stacie_b47 stacie_b48 stacie_b49 stacie_b50 stacie_b51 stacie_b52 stacie_b53 stacie_b54 stacie_b55 stacie_b56

Roni & David at Farm, Harrington WA

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roni_b01 roni_b02 roni_b03 roni_b04 roni_b05 roni_b06 roni_b07 roni_b08 roni_b09 roni_b10 roni_b11 roni_b12 roni_b13 roni_b14 roni_b15 roni_b16 roni_b17 roni_b18 roni_b19 roni_b20 roni_b21 roni_b22 roni_b23 roni_b24 roni_b25 roni_b26 roni_b27 roni_b28 roni_b29 roni_b30 roni_b31 roni_b32 roni_b33 roni_b34 roni_b35 roni_b36 roni_b37 roni_b38 roni_b39 roni_b40 roni_b41 roni_b42 roni_b43 roni_b44 roni_b45 roni_b46 roni_b47 roni_b48 roni_b49 roni_b50 roni_b51 roni_b52 roni_b53 roni_b54 roni_b55 roni_b56 roni_b57 roni_b58 roni_b59 roni_b60 roni_b61 roni_b62 roni_b63 roni_b64 roni_b65 roni_b66 roni_b67 roni_b68 roni_b69 roni_b70 roni_b71 roni_b72 roni_b73 roni_b74 roni_b75 roni_b76 roni_b77 roni_b78 roni_b79 roni_b80 roni_b81 roni_b82 roni_b83 roni_b84 roni_b85 roni_b86 roni_b87 roni_b88 roni_b89 roni_b90 roni_b91 roni_b92 roni_b93 roni_b94 roni_b95

Jessica & Brian at Beacon Hill Event

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bj_01 bj_02 bj_03 bj_04 bj_05 bj_06 bj_07 bj_08 bj_09 bj_10 bj_11 bj_12 bj_13 bj_14 bj_15 bj_16 bj_17 bj_18 bj_19 bj_20 bj_21 bj_22 bj_23 bj_24 bj_25 bj_26 bj_27 bj_28 bj_29 bj_30 bj_31 bj_32 bj_33 bj_34 bj_35 bj_36 bj_37 bj_38 bj_39 bj_40 bj_41 bj_42 bj_43 bj_44 bj_45 bj_46 bj_47 bj_48 bj_49 bj_50 bj_51 bj_52 bj_53 bj_54 bj_55 bj_56 bj_57 bj_58 bj_59 bj_60 bj_61 bj_62 bj_63 bj_64 bj_65 bj_66 bj_67

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