Grace & Tyler Engagement

Grace: “I had gotten a hold of one of my girl friends and asked her what her plans were for the night, and she said ‘Come out, I’m already out!’ So I got dressed, and headed out. When I showed up, I was suddenly at a birthday party for someone I didn’t know- she’s one of my best friends now- and it was themed! They were all dressed up like ‘nerds.’ I nearly left at this point, because I felt so out of place. Then this super cute blonde guy came up to me and said in this friendly, peppy voice ‘Hi, I’m Tyler!’ and shook my hand. We talked all night, about how we each have a daughter we love dearly, and just got to know each other. We haven’t stopped talking since that night. The rest is really history, and now I get to marry my best friend.”

Tyler: “It was March 2015, and I was going out for a friend’s themed birthday party. Everyone else went to Goodwill to buy some stereotypically ‘nerdy’ clothes, but I was able to just slightly modify one of my normal outfits in order to fit in. At one point in the night a friend pointed out this cute, tiny girl with short, red hair, and told me she’s totally my type. He turned out to be right, because a year later she and her daughter moved in with me and my daughter, and another year after that we got engaged! It was the 4th of July, 2017, and I had asked all our friends and family to hold up signs on a footbridge in Riverfront Park, within view of the Anthony’s restaurant patio where we have dinner every year. The signs spelled out ‘GRACE, WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ As she nodded while holding back tears, I knew I was looking at the rest of my life right in front of me.”Grace_B9Grace_B8Grace_B7Grace_B6Grace_B5Grace_B4Grace_B3Grace_B2Grace_B1Grace_B0


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