Baby Sadie Lynn

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Little Hannah

This little girl is so incredibly funny and alive!!

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Adelyn + Carly + Greg

Adelyn Mae came into this world three days past her due date, but when she decided to come she was good and ready! The night she was born she held up her own head and at that moment I knew she was going to live up to the framed picture of a Shakespeare quote her Auntie M bought her, “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” Throughout Addy’s first year she has proved that again and again! She knows what she wants and at the tender age of one is ready to take on the world. In the words of her daddy, “oh man those baby blues…we are in trouble!”

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Miss Adelyn

Adelyn is a beautiful baby girl with incredible funky and fun personality.¬†At age one, she already master bossing her parents and me around ūüôā


Baby Milo

Photographed Emily & Jesse’s wedding back to 2008, and have always been one of my fevor couple. ¬†Now got to see that life have bring them two cutest kids ever‚Ķmakes me smile!

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Baby Ellis

Ellis Marie was born on June 21, the first full day of summer, on a sunny day that followed four days of rain and cold.¬† As her parents drove to the hospital in the dark, with raindrops splashing on their windshield, they had a¬†moment of quiet reflection and wondered what the future¬†might hold.¬† Just a week before, her father had opened a fortune cookie to find a message reading “You will soon witness a miracle.”¬† Upon Ellis’s birth, they saw their features reflected in the face of their daughter.¬† 7lbs. 9oz., 19 1/4 inches long, tiny fingernails, and light blonde hair.¬† Her parents had waited four years for her to arrive.¬† A miracle indeed.Ellis_b01 Ellis_b02 Ellis_b03 Ellis_b04 Ellis_b05

Baby Scarlett + Amy + Derek

Amy & Derek is one of my favor couple. When they got marry, I laughed hard and cried hard behind my camera. They are just beautiful inside out. When Amy asked me to photograph their beautiful baby girl. I almost cry agin with such joy. Then I got to spend time with the most beautiful little flower-Scarlett.  I really could not help, but falling for her.


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