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January 5, 2017

Kelly & Ben Family

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November 6, 2015

O’Neill Family

It has been a treat to see those five again!! So much fun!

Gina_B01 Gina_B02 Gina_B03 Gina_B04 Gina_B05 Gina_B06 Gina_B07 Gina_B08 Gina_B09 Gina_B10 Gina_B11 Gina_B12 Gina_B13 Gina_B14

November 5, 2015

Baby Finn

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Such a fun session with baby Finn…Kel_1-copy Kelly077 Kelly125 Kelly131 Kelly157 Kelly172 Kelly177 Kelly181Kel_1

November 1, 2015

Sierra + Bruce +Baby Easton

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Sierra_B01 Sierra_B02 Sierra_B03 Sierra_B04 Sierra_B05 Sierra_B06 Sierra_B07 Sierra_B08 Sierra_B09 Sierra_B10 Sierra_B11

October 30, 2015

Gina & Jeff + five cutest little human beings

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Always always so fun to see those five!

Gina_B01 Gina_B02 Gina_B03 Gina_B04 Gina_B05 Gina_B06 Gina_B07 Gina_B08 Gina_B09 Gina_B10 Gina_B11 Gina_B12 Gina_B13 Gina_B14 Gina_B15 Gina_B16 Gina_B17 Gina_B18

August 25, 2015

Emily & Steve Family

Emily_B01 Emily_B02 Emily_B03 Emily_B04 Emily_B05 Emily_B06 Emily_B07 Emily_B08 Emily_B09 Emily_B10

April 28, 2015

Laura + Page + Victoria

Laura_FB01 Laura_FB02Untitled-1 Laura_FB03 Laura_FB04 Laura_FB05 Laura_FB06 Laura_FB07 Laura_FB08 Laura_FB09 Laura_FB10 Laura_FB11 Laura_FB12

April 22, 2015

Ahnaliese + Brooklyn + Steve

The cutest baby girl ever!! I am in loving with Ahnaliese!

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April 21, 2015

Stacey + Zoye +Nora

Spending a sunny morning with those beautiful people!!

Stacey_B01 Stacey_B02 Stacey_B03 Stacey_B04 Stacey_B05 Stacey_B06 Stacey_B07 Stacey_B08 Stacey_B09 Stacey_B10 Stacey_B11 Stacey_B12 Stacey_B13 Stacey_B14 Stacey_B15 Stacey_B16

April 16, 2015

Adelyn + Carly + Greg

Adelyn Mae came into this world three days past her due date, but when she decided to come she was good and ready! The night she was born she held up her own head and at that moment I knew she was going to live up to the framed picture of a Shakespeare quote her Auntie M bought her, “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” Throughout Addy’s first year she has proved that again and again! She knows what she wants and at the tender age of one is ready to take on the world. In the words of her daddy, “oh man those baby blues…we are in trouble!”

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