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September 8, 2014


Rachel_b01 Rachel_b02 Rachel_b03 Rachel_b04 Rachel_b05 Rachel_b06 Rachel_b07 Rachel_b08 Rachel_b09 Rachel_b10

Senior 2014-Jack

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August 15, 2014

Senior 2014-Sophia

Make up-The Make up studio

Hair: 14 and grand Salon

Location: Belle Victorian Gardens-Big thanks to Pam and Larry from Belle to allow me using their fabulous venue.

Oh my goodness, Sophie is so beautiful to photograph and so fun to be around.


November 20, 2013

Senior 2013

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Young and beautiful people!

Senior13_B01 Senior13_B02 Senior13_B03 Senior13_B04 Senior13_B05 Senior13_B06 Senior13_B07 Senior13_B08 Senior13_B09 Senior13_B10 Senior13_B11 Senior13_B12 Senior13_B13 Senior13_B14 Senior13_B15 Senior13_B16 Senior13_B17 Senior13_B18 Senior13_B19 Senior13_B20 Senior13_B21 Senior13_B22 Senior13_B23 Senior13_B24 Senior13_B25 Senior13_B26 Senior13_B27 Senior13_B28 Senior13_B29 Senior13_B30 Senior13_B31 Senior13_B32 Senior13_B33 Senior13_B34 Senior13_B35 Senior13_B36 Senior13_B37 Senior13_B38 Senior13_B39 my busy weddings I had some chances to work with few beautiful young students. Just love how fresh and gorgeous they are!

October 24, 2013

Jacob-Senior 2013

Jacob_S019 Jacob_S076

September 4, 2013


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Steph_B01 Steph_B02 Steph_B03 Steph_B04 Steph_B05 Steph_B06 Steph_B07 Steph_B08 Steph_B09 Steph_B10 Steph_B11 Steph_B12

August 29, 2013


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Vic_B01 Vic_B02 Vic_B03 Vic_B04 Vic_B05 Vic_B06 Vic_B15Vic_B07 Vic_B08 Vic_B09 Vic_B10 Vic_B11 Vic_B12 Vic_B13

May 27, 2013

Senior session-Anais

Anais01Anais020T3A9661Anais04Anais05Anais03Anais06 Anais07 Anais08 Anais09 Anais10

September 20, 2012

Sterling-Senior 2012

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Emma-Senior 2012

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