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November 6, 2014

Sara + Jake + James

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September 8, 2014


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November 19, 2013

Kristin & Rick at St Aloysius & Barrist Winery

Our Story:
For Rick and Kristin, it was love at first sight.  Rick and Kristin fell in love at Gonzaga University, therefore they wanted to return to the place that meant so much to them.  Fall in Spokane was the perfect setting for their wedding and celebrating the beginning of their new life together.  Their wedding was the perfect reflection of their love.  Rick and Kristin wanted to have a romantic wedding with intimate details surrounded by family and friends.  It was a gorgeous wedding made even more special by the family and friends that surrounded the beautiful newlyweds.
Caterer – Beacon Hill Events
Ceremony – St. Aloysius Church
Florist – Caravan Floral
Hair – Mike at Bliss Salon
Makeup – The Makeup Studio
Music – Chris from Complete Music
Photographer – Ifong Chen Photographer
Reception – Barrister Winery
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October 3, 2013

Cat girl

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Cat girl

September 4, 2013


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June 7, 2013

Baby Noah

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We love you baby Noah!Noah08

November 5, 2012

Marci & Keane Engagement

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October 9, 2012

Vic-Senior 2012

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Janna & Pete family

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October 6, 2012

Mikayla and Andrew Wedding-Clayton WA

Our wedding story:
Andrew and I met a little over 8 years ago. We were friends out of a mutual friend and both of us were green right out of high school. After knowing Andrew for a couple of years I mustered up the courage to do more than just a little flirting and actually tell him I had a “crush” on him. He shut me down! I was floored. I had never been shut down before, in fact, to this day he’s still the only man to have ever shut me down. We were friends so we stayed in close contact throughout the years. I moved to Portland for school and he moved to Everett for work.

 After graduation I moved back to Spokane planning on staying here for a brief amount of time before heading out to find a career. The same mutual friend we had 6 years prior happened to call me up shortly after I moved back and mentioned that he was having a little get together… he also mentioned Andrew was going to be there. I was in! From that night on we didn’t leave each others sides.
Last December Andrew bought a house and I moved in. We knew things were pretty set at this point it was just a matter of timing. On January 20th of this year he surprised me with a trip to Portland and the Oregon coast. After 10 grueling hours in the car through  an outrageous ice storm we were finally there, little did I know he was about to propose. Without hesitation I said “yes!”
By the end of February I had my dream dress, a date, and no clue where to go from there with only 7 months to plan. The dress fit perfect so no alterations were needed and slowly but surely with the help of so many family members and friends the wedding started to fall into place.
The local Deer Park florist was happy to do just a few simple bouquets. A very generous farmer, who didn’t know me from Adam, offered up some of his crop for me to use as centerpieces. We decided on using the family farm for the venue, which couldn’t have turned out any better. From there people flocked to help with planning and setting up.
My mother-in-law, whose a master with a sewing machine, made our table runners and helped with decor. My dad found some amazing vintage items that we could use for decor and photos. A few family friends volunteered to cook an amazing meal. The best man and maid of honor couldn’t have done more to help out. And my mom was a saint! Without her I couldn’t have made this happen. She was on top of everything I was either too stressed to figure out or just kept putting off for a later time. It was truly my fairytale wedding. Eight years after Andrew had shut me down we’re married and embarking on an adventure that we can write together from here on out.
Looking back on it now it’s probably a good thing he shut me down. We wouldn’t have worked way back when. We were able to grow individually and experience other relationships that allow us to love and appreciate each other the way we do now. Andrew is everything this world means to me. He is a good leader, strong in faith, and overflowing with love. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I’ve heard a lot of love stories in my time, and although I’ve given you just a snippet of the beginning of ours, the love story I’m looking forward to the most is the rest of ours.

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